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Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th September 2021 Episode starts with Devesh hitting Reema on her head. Reema turns to him shocked. Devesh keeps her in the car. Reema takes Vivaan’s name. Devesh sits in the car and calls someone. Simar asks Sandhya to have breakfast. Aarav says everything will be fine, I know you are worried about Aditi. Sandhya says when you both are with me, how can I be worried. Simar asks her to have breakfast. Aarav says today I made the breakfast. Sandhya asks really. Simar says sorry Maa, I tried to stop him, but he didn’t agree. Sandhya says it is men’s responsibility too.

Aarav says we should be equal partner in everything we do. Simar looks at him. Aarav asks Sandhya to handle the kitchen today as today is Simar’s riyaaz. Simar says I shall be with Maa, there is so much today in kitchen. Sandhya says ups and downs are part of life and life shall not stop due to this and says if you go to fulfill your dreams then I will be very happy. She asks her to go and leave kitchen responsibility. Simar touches her feet. Aarav asks her to get ready soon.

Badi Maa tells Gajendra that she talked about Aditi’s alliance with Harsh vardhan Rana’s son. She asks Gajendra, Giriraj and Aarav to be there. She says I have speed up bhojnalaya launch. She says I have arranged Aarav’s meeting with Delhi’s famous architect. She asks Bhairav to call Aarav. Aarav brings Simar and makes her sit in the car. Simar says she has some work in kitchen. Aarav sees Bhairav coming. Simar hides in the car. Bhairav says Badi Maa called you for the meeting. Aarav says I will make an important call and come. Bhairav goes. Aarav comes back to Simar and tells that he will attend the meeting and come. Simar says I will do the kitchen work. He asks her to be there.

Aarav talks to the architect and gives his suggestions. He says Agra’s culture, heritage, etc shall reflect with the bhojnalaya. The guy says ok. Aarav says I will send you some references. Badi Maa asks where is he going in a hurry? He says he has to send references. She asks him to attend the meetings on time. He goes out and sees Simar coming, asks where was she? Simar says kitchen and smiles.

Roma tries to wake up Lalit and says it is 10 am. Lalit asks what to do after waking up? Roma asks him to do what others do. Shobha comes there and scolds Roma, says you need to work more than my son, you can’t do any work. Roma says you don’t know…Shobha says don’t argue with me, today Vivek’s marriage invitation card will be coming and I had done mannat to distribute prasad to 50 people. She says she is going out for shopping and asks her to make prasad until she returns.

Lalit wakes up and asks Roma to make tea. Roma looks on. Chitra comes to the car and sees Reema unconscious. She goes to talk to Devesh. Devesh says she is unconscious now and shows the video in which she accepts her intentions. Chitra asks him to edit the video until she confessed and send her. She appreciates him. Simar looks at her Papa’s car parked there. She gets worried and goes there. Aarav looks at Simar going. He gets down from the car. Devesh says I will do just as you said. Chitra says you shall get a big reward for your work and gives him money. She says this girl wants to be famous and popular. She asks him to take her bad pictures and circulates it everywhere in the market, so that she couldn’t show her face to anyone. Devesh says he will do her work with extra effort.

Simar looks at the car from far and sees Reema’s dupatta stuck in the door. She thinks Di had worn similar like this. Chitra hides seeing Simar. Aarav comes to Simar and takes her from there, before she could see Reema. Aarav says we are getting late. Simar says it is Papa’s car. Aarav asks do you remember its number. He says there are many cars with same color. They sit in the car. Chitra thinks Devesh shall leave before they see them. They don’t see Devesh or Reema and leave. Chitra takes a sigh of relief.

Vivaan looks at Reema’s pic and says I am looking handsome for you my beauty queen. He says they can’t stay away from each other, he is coming to take her. He looks at the bouquet and thinks his Mumtaz will be happy, everything will be good from now.

Aarav and Simar reach Yamini Devi’s house. Yamini welcomes Simar for her Riyaaz and asks Kajal to bring aarti thaali. She does her tilak and aarti. She says today is your first riyaaz and asks her not to divert her intention. Aarav and Simar touch Yamini Devi’s feet. Yamini Devi blesses them. Jogi takes the pic and smiles. Aarav tells Simar that he has to go and attend the meeting, as Badi Maa asked him to attend. He says he can’t come to pick her. Yamini Devi says I will not stop you. She says she talked to someone about the album and searching for the producer.

Devesh sends message from Reema’s phone and tells that he will make her famous, until they read the message. He comes to her and throws her dupatta. He touches her and moves her hair. He stares her. Gagan reads message and comes to know that she is going to Mumbai to become star. He thinks why di takes big step.

Indu is rolling rotis in the kitchen, when door bell rings. She comes to open the door. Vivaan sees her holding roller and asks if she is going for war. She says no and asks him to come inside. Gagan sees Vivaan there. Aarav comes out and gets mesmerized hearing Simar singing. He thinks of his moments with Simar and smiles. He gets badi maa’s call. Badi Maa asks him where is he, and reminds him of the meeting. Aarav says he will reach there in 5 mins. Badi Maa says I am hearing song. Aarav says I am on the way and the voice is coming from the way. Badi Maa asks him to come fast and says something important is going to happen in the house.

He hears Simar asking if he was hearing her song. Aarav says don’t know what you will make me to do, I lied to Badi Maa due to you. Simar asks her to turn and says you are on the way and you heard the song standing on the road. He says smart and says I love your voice, today happiness was reflecting in your voice. He says I have to fulfill my promise made to Badi Maa and wants to fulfill even your dream. He says I want you to become a successful singer. He wishes Badi Maa hears her singing and loves her for this. He touches her face and realizes he is imagining her. He thinks he has gone crazy.

Indu asks Vivaan if Reema fought with him and come. She says I am sure she will melt down seeing your flowers. Vivaan says you are smart and goes to meet Reema. Gagan stops him and says Reema di is not at home. Vivaan asks where is she then? Gagan says I thought she is with you, but just 2 mins back I got this message. Vivaan reads and says how can Reema do this. Gagan calls Reema and says her phone is not reachable.

Badi Maa asks if all arrangements are done. Bhairav says yes. Rana ji comes there. Badi Maa, Gajendra and Giriraj welcome him. Badi Maa asks what he would like to take? He says nothing. Badi Maa says she wants to get the marriage done in a hurry. Rana ji says I have only one son and I have seen his marriage dream since childhood. Badi Maa says the marriage will be grand like it happens in our house. Rana ji says he wants simple bahu, as mostly girls are arrogant who comes from rich house. Badi Maa praises Aditi’s values and says she will not give chance to complain. Aarav comes there. Badi Maa introduces Rana ji to him and says he brought his son’s alliance. She says they are partners in business. Rana ji says I can bear loss in partnership, but can’t bear anything wrong in the relationship.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Simar shows the message to Aarav and says Di is in some problem surely. Aarav says this is your sister’s truth, she ran seeing the opportunity. Devesh slips Reema’s dress lace while she is still unconscious. Vivaan tells Simar that he can’t hear any more lie. Simar says I will save Reema di and will bring her back.

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