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Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th October 2021 Episode starts with Simar giving aarti in the house. She sees Aarav standing. Gajendra comes to Simar, keeps his hand on her head and blesses her. He goes. Sandhya looks at them. Aarav calls Simar. Simar says I will be back from kitchen. Aarav thinks she is ignoring him by keep himself busy in house hold work.

Sandhya comes to Aarav. Just then Servant informs that someone came from office. The employee tells that there is a fault by the other person, and tells that there is still 6 days left, and you shall be strict. Aarav says 6 days, and tells that you was relaxed thinking 6 days are left, and says it is snatched and you can’t do anything, shall move on with smile on your face with no complains. Employee says sorry Sir.

Aarav says do you have an idea or trick to hold the slipping time. Sandhya hears his pain. Simar comes to him and gives him water. Aarav asks the employee to leave. He sees Simar walking away and recalls Badi Maa’s words that this will be Simar’s last 24 hours, and once the time period completes, she shall leave from here.

He eats chillies being angry at himself. Simar comes there and stops him from having chillies and asks him to have water. He refuses. Simar asks him to sit and goes to bring honey. Aarav again eats chilly and coughs. Simar tries to make him take honey, but he refuses. Simar forcibly makes him taste honey with the spoon. Badi Maa comes there talking on the phone and sees Simar feeding honey in Aarav’s mouth.

She gets shocked, and goes from there. Simar says hiccups are not stopping and tries to divert his attention asking him to see the cockroach there. but he gets hiccups still. She starts the countdown. His hiccups ends. She asks him to relax and says hiccups have stopped, you also calm down. Aarav gets up and asks her to go and do the work, anyone can call you at anytime, you go, I am fine. She keeps hand on her chest and asks herself to relax.

Roma calls Lalit and finds his phone switched off. She sees Mata Rani’s procession going on from there and prays to Mata Rani to send Lalit back. Just then she sees Lalit coming there. She runs to him and hugs him, says that she missed him so much. She asks where did you go, leaving me alone. Lalit says now I am returned. Roma says do you love like this, that you left me. He says I love you and that’s why returned, and promises not to leave.

Sandhya comes to Badi Maa and touches her feet. She asks her to take back her order, and apologizes to her. She says don’t make me guilty of my son. She says my Aarav is breaking. Badi Maa asks don’t you think that his pain is not reaching me. She says when the organ gets rotten, we shall cut and throw it, so save the life.

Sandhya asks if this way. Badi Maa says if Aarav loses his patience and crosses the limits, then they can’t throw that girl out of the house. Then he can’t look in my eyes or face himself. She says she can’t bear his pain. Sandhya says Badi Maa. Badi Maa says I have accepted your apology, but can’t take back my orders.

Simar looks at the slipping sand in the timer and comes running to her room. Aarav asks you seems to be in a hurry and asks if she has 5 mins for her. Simar says she has 20 hours to spend with him, nobody can disturb them now, just you and me. She says when I had signed the divorce papers, I knew that I have to leave from here, but didn’t know that it would be so difficult, like I am losing something. She says I didn’t see you properly, your eyes, nose and hair. Its reflection is in my heart, but my fingers needs to experience the touch. He makes her touch his hair, eyes and nose. He says no, Simar.

I can’t do this. it seems that someone has taken my life and asking me to live. He says he has not felt emotional vulnerable before, this is not Aarav Oswal. He asks her to answer why? He says why can’t we make a world, where we just live, where there is love ways, sky of love and land of love. He asks why? Simar says this is happening due to me, I don’t know this will happen. I can’t see you in pain. She says how to separate yourself from me. When you are with me, I feel that I am alive, have some identity.

She says if you are not with me, then there is no mission of my life, how to separate myself from you. Aarav says we don’t need to separate. It is your helplessness to leave the house, but I am not helpless to stay here. I have packed my bags and will come with you, I can’t live without you. Simar says if you have decided, lets go and meet everyone, and say bye, and you tell everyone that you are leaving the house. She asks him to come, but he couldn’t go. She smiles and says you can’t do this, but I am not sad, and is happy that you can’t walk with me till the door, with the thought of leaving the family.

She says do you what matters to me, your thoughts about me, you have packs your bags, what else I want. I don’t want to separate you from your family, but I will always remember that you have packed your bags and got ready to leave with me for a second, this is enough for me. Aarav says what kind of sand you are made, you have explained so complicated thing so easily. How I will stay without this sweet and simple Simar. Mahiya song plays…..

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Telecast Date:16th October 2021
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