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Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th May 2022 Episode starts with Dhami telling Simar that today she might be very happy, but her happiness will not stay long. Simar asks if she is hiding her secret, which everyone shall know.

Dhami says you have won from me due to your cheap tricks, and became shameless, and tells that her next attack will be more dangerous. Simar says atleast you have accepted to attack in the name of love and says all your conspiracies will be against you. Dhami says she will snatch her elders’ love and blessings from her, and says this is my challenge. Simar says why are you challenging big.

Dhami goes. Later Simar comes to the in house temple and folds her hands. Dhami looks at her going somewhere and thinks to keep an eye on her. She calls someone and tells that Simar went out of house, I want every detail of her. Sandhya gets Simar’s call, who tells that she will come back soon.

Dhami falls on Sandhya’s feet, calling her Mummy. Sandhya asks what are you doing? Simar comes somewhere. Dhami’s goon is recording the video. Dhami apologizes to Sandhya. Sandhya says don’t waste my puja time. Dhami says if your daughter was on my place. Sandhya says you are not my daughter. Dhami asks if you will not give me any chance. Sandhya says I will not forgive you for hurting my Simar. She says you was wasting your time.

Dhami looks at the diyas, and keeps her hand on it. Sandhya stops her. Dhami says I am the bahu and knows what is bahu’s duty. She asks Sandhya to agree and says she will convince others too. Sandhya praises Simar and tells that she knows everyone’s birthdays, temper, moods etc.

She says she knows about everyone, as she loves everyone from heart and cares for everyone by heart. She says you will not understand so stop thinking about winning everyone’s hearts here, as their hearts beat for only Simar. She goes from there. Dhami smiles and says you had said so much, and gave me an idea while praising Simar. She thanks Sandhya and Mata Rani.

Simar comes to the cyper guy and asks him to download the mental hospital address. Dhami is watching everything on her mobile and asks the goon to attack. The goon switches off the lights. Simar says what happened to light. The cyber guy says he will check and gets up. Just then the goon hits on Simar’s head.

Aarav falls and gets the injury on his forehead. Simar looks at her blood and finds the phone missing. The cyber guy comes back and says you are bleeding. The goon talks to Dhami and says she is trying to enquire about your past. Dhami asks him to attack her 5 times next time.

She thinks to enquires about whose birthday is next, so that she plans against her. She says Gitanjali Devi’s birthday is next. Simar returns home while her phone is stolen. She thinks Aarav called her in secret room. He also thinks Simar might be waiting to meet him. Simar hides the injury with her hair, while he hides with his hat. He comes to the secret room first and thinks he came first.

Simar comes there and says sorry for making you wait for more time. He says it is husband’s destiny to wait for wife. Simar asks what are you saying, did you get injury on your head? He says no. Simar asks him to take off his hat. He says it is his new style. He asks Simar, why her hair is covering her half face.

Simar says it is my new style. He asks about the purse. Just then it falls, they bend down to take it and their heads collide with each other. He asks how did she get the injury? She says 10 mins back. He says even he got 10 mins back. She blows on his injury and takes bandage from her purse. She says she has just 1. He says they shall divide into two halves. They apply it on each other’s forehead. Ranjhana plays…..He kisses her injury. She also kisses on his injury.

Simar tells that circumstances are such. Aarav says just few more days. Simar says yes, even I will not let you stay away from me for more days. They come out of secret room. Aarav asks her not to do anything until he says and says you are very important to me. Simar thinks Dhami shall stop and not me.

They see Dhami coming there, looking in her mobile. Dhami sees Aarav and says I remember this fragrance, it is your favorite. He asks about her happiness. She says she will say, and will bring coffee for them. Simar is seen hiding and shows thumbs up to Aarav. She turns and sees Dhami standing infront of her.

Dhami says she shall not spy on husband and wife and says she has her eyes everywhere, as she is habitual to stay alone. She says I have given you injury in darkness, next time I will attack you openly. Reema comes and shares Dhami. Dhami says you are disgusting and goes. Reema asks Simar about her injury. Simar tells her that Dhami is very dangerous. Reema says we will overpower her always.

Later Reema talks to the hospital receptionist of Los Angeles, and tells that she is her niece and wants to consult the doctor who had treated her previously. She says firangi Dhami will drown in tsunami and do hi five with Simar. They go. Dhami hears them.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Badi maa goes to Simar and hugs her, ignoring Dhami. Simar wishes her happy birthday. They celebrate Badi Maa’s birthday. Dhami says your time is over here. Yamini Devi comes there.

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Telecast Date:16th May 2022
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