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Sasural Simar Ka 2 15th September 2021 Episode starts with Badi Maa looking at the mud on Aditi’s sandals and asking Gajendra to search alliance for Aditi and says this girl shall leave from our house within a week. Aditi is shocked. Reema sees Simar standing. Simar comes to her. Reema takes her to side. Simar thanks her for bringing Aditi back home. Reema asks how do you know? Simar says just like you know me, I also knows Aditi, sisters’ relation is as such.

Reema keeps hand on her cheeks nodding her head. Aarav comes to Vivaan’s room. Vivaan is looking at Reema’s pic and crying. He says it is good that Aditi is found, I was scared and thought…He says love can make a person do anything. Aarav asks if you are talking about Aditi or about yourself. He says what will you do, by lying to me, I know how much sad you are, and says you will get your true love surely, I am sure and believes this. He asks him not to feel bad. Vivaan smiles. Simar asks Reema, why don’t you tell your feelings to Dewar ji, neither of you are happy now and asks her to go and confess, and says he is broken. Reema says no, I can’t do this, becoming the perfect bahus and doing wife’s duties is can’t done by me. Simar says you can lie to others, but not with me. She says it is clear in your eyes, how much you loves Vivaan.

Reema says just like Narayans and Oswals are different, even Vivaan and I can’t unite or Aarav and you. She sees Aarav coming and asks Simar to stop him, and says she will go. Reema comes to Vivaan’s room and looks at him as he is sleeping. She says I have done wrong with you and hopes you forgives me one day. She says I am so sorry. She covers him with blanket and looks at her pic in his hand. She sits down near the bed. She looks at him with tears in her eyes. He holds her hand while he is still sleeping. She feels mixed emotions altogether and asks if this is love, if Simar was telling right.

She looks at him. Gagan waits for Reema and hopes nothing wrong has happened there, thinks Vivaan convinced her to stay and hopes they get back together. He prays to Mata Rani to help them. Simar thinks of Reema’s words that Narayan and Oswal’s worlds are different and they can never unite. Simar thinks Di was right, my few days are left here, and 2 days were deducted. Aarav says it is good that Aditi is found and says it is important for all love stories to remain incomplete.

He says my younger brother Vivaan loves Reema so much, Aditi loves Gagan so much and Badi Maa wants to get her married to someone else. He says look at me, even I…he says one day is gone. He says Aditi will be separated from Gagan for forever, her true love is leaving from her and the heart breaks 1000 times, and all the life goes on to gather those pieces, but can’t join it again, tells that it hurts a lot. He says everyone is losing their love, Aditi, vivaan and we. Simar says if the love is truthful then will never lose. Aarav asks how can you be so sure? Simar says if God wills, then never.

In the morning, Reema wakes up and apologizes to Vivaan, holding her ears. Vivaan is still sleeping. Reema says I love you vivaan, I love you so much. She gets tears in her eyes and goes out covering her head with dupatta. She manages to come out of Oswal Mansion. Devesh is standing outside. Reema is about to sit in the car. Devesh stops her and asks where is she going early morning. Reema asks how dare you, you came behind me. Devesh says you are hiding and going someone secretly, so even you are not clear. Reema says you have ruined my life and came again to trouble me.

She asks him to stay away from her and her family. He asks her to calm down and asks which family you are talking about, so called family who kicked you out from there. Reema says nobody threw me, I left myself. Devesh says it is clear that the girl who doesn’t stay in sasural, can’t stay anywhere. Reema says it is between me and my husband. Devesh says which husband, with whom you got married by cheat, so that you can get his elder brother. He says what was his name? Vivaan Oswal. Reema raises her hand to slap him, asking him not to take her Vivaan’s hands.

Devesh holds his hands and says you are crying, but doesn’t love him. Devesh says you don’t love him. Reema asks him to be quiet and confesses that she doesn’t love him and used him, so that she married him to get Aarav back, I manipulated him so that I can take revenge for my family and to make Gitanjali Devi feel the humiliation which my parents went through, but I love Vivaan now, he is my life and my world. Devesh records everything. Reema says I love Vivaan and love my husband. She says I left him as I promised my Saas. She says if the situation was good, then Vivaan and my sasural would have talked to you, and praises her sasural saying they unite when some trouble comes. She says everyone is individual and independent, but when the times comes, then they are closed hand and nobody can save him from her sasural.

Simar plays music while moving spoons on the glasses. Aarav looks at her. Maharaj ji says you made such a nice tune. Simar says shall I play again and plays again. Aarav thinks Simar is so talented and wakes up early to uplift everyone’s mood. He wishes they would stay together always. He imagines coming to her and dancing with her. He imagines eating sandwich with her. Just then his phone rings. Simar asks Maharaj if the bread is ready. Maharaj says yes. Aarav picks the call. Yamini says today is Simar’s riyaaz day and asks him to bring her there within an hour. Aarav thinks how to take her, sasural duties will not leave her. Devesh says if I tell you truth then you will be shocked. He says whatever Ms. India wild card entry drama was there, it was your loving saas Chitra’s idea and you got married to her son. He says Chitra Oswal threw you out, just as she got the chance and called him in your service to throw you out of the city.

He says until Chitra Oswal is here, she will not let you come inside the house, so do what I says. Reema thinks this is done by Mummy ji, now I will teach her a lesson which she deserves. Devesh asks if she is shocked and says do you want sasural or modeling. Reema says it is none of my business, move from my way and says if I see you again, then you will be in jail. She walks towards her car.

Aarav comes inside the kitchen and says today I will make breakfast, I mean will help in making breakfast. Maharaj ji says today Aarav Baba will work in kitchen. Other Servant says will increase our work. Simar asks Aarav if he is fine and checks him. He holds her hand. yeh prem rog hai kaisa plays….Aarav says he is fine now. Simar says if Badi Maa sees you. Aarav says then you handle the situation like always. He asks for the apron. Maharaj ji gives apron. Simar makes Aarav wear it tight. He says it is tied tight. Simar smiles. He takes the spinach.

Simar takes it and chops it. Aarav then spreads the cheese on the sandwiches. Simar asks why are you so eager? Aarav says we have to go, as Yamini Devi called us. Simar says I have so much work in the morning, and I can’t let you be hungry. She asks him to eat the sandwich. Aarav thinks morning dream comes true, as they eat sandwich. He asks her to hurry up and says he has meetings in the evening. Devesh comes behind Reema and hits rod on her head. Reema looks at him as she is about to faint.

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