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Sasural Simar Ka 2 14th October 2021 Episode starts with Badi Maa telling Sandhya that her one slap costs 12 crores. Gajendra says I enquired about that guy, he is not a good person and whatever Sandhya had done…Gajendra says you have changed sides, and talking like your wife, who is ready to leave you and your family, but is not ready to apologize to your mother. Gajendra says Maa…

Badi Maa asks him to be silent and says if she had known about Mohit’s character then she would have told me, I would have stopped that alliance right there, and tells that everyone has become head of the family here. She says Sandhya’s one mistake made all our orders stuck, all our trucks are stuck on state borders, and we are becoming joke everywhere, due to your carelessness, but you will not apologize.

Sandhya says matter is not about apologizing,but. Badi Maa says you are cutting my words and tells that muskmelon changes color seeing other muskmelon. She says when your father requested me to accept you, he didn’t ask me about my son’s character. She says you was about to become a small school teacher, but became Oswal family bahu. She says you became Sandhya Oswal from Sandhya Agarwal.

She says after your marriage, your parents got rid of her, and never came to ask about you. She says I gave you a wide thinking and gave you all this world, but still you are not thankful. She says if you want to go from here, then you know the door for the way out. She is about to leave. Sandhya sits down shattered.

Simar couldn’t see her shattered and recalls her promise made to Aarav. She shouts and says Maa will not go. Badi Maa stops seeing her shouting. She makes Sandhya get up and tells Badi Maa that even you can’t refuse, that Maa gave so much respect to you. She says we can ignore the fact that mistakes do happen with humans only. She says in this house, someone has done a big mistake and that person is you. Giriraj shouts oh girl, asks her to mind her language and asks Aarav to handle his wife.

Aarav asks Simar what is she saying? Badi Maa says nobody shall tell between us. Simar walks towards Badi Maa and says you said right that Maa got lucky to become bahu of this mansion, but if you have seen from Maa’s sight then you would have known that Maa has always seen this Mansion as her house, and she never cared if it is small or big. She says you might be thinking how I came to know about this.

She says I have seen old pics and plays Sandhya’s pics with all the family members on the projector screen. She says when Maa got married, Shobha bua was married and you was busy in work, so Maa has taken up all the responsibilities. She says there was temple in the house before, but Maa gave the life in the temple’s idol.

The house has bricks and stones, but Maa made it stronger, and the house which made her bahu, she made it as kutumb. She tells Badi Maa that if she knows why her parents never called her, as Maa never looked back at her mayka. She says Maa haven’t broken relation with them, but has build such a relation with this house that everyone was left behind. She says you used to run the business, get big orders and deals, by which hefty money came in the house. She says everyone knows that you set up this empire, and you could have done this, as you knew that someone is at home, to take care of everyone, get unwell, but don’t forget to pack tiffins, she tells that there is no Sunday or Monday for her.

She says she is not just talking about Sandhya Maa, but about every house wife. She says they do work, without any complains and appreciation. She says though she gets masala on her hands, but her kids and family wear clean ironed clothes. She says she knows that if she gets tired, then nobody can go to office and school. She says if a house wife is asked to leave then how she will feel.

She says if someone tell you that this business empire is not yours and asks you to leave, then will your identity will be shaken up and you will feel as your world is snatched from you. She asks her to think what Maa would be feeling now. She says a working woman can take off, but Maa never gets off, and asks if they remember when she got unwell, and complained about anything like headache, stomach pain etc. She says Maa didn’t have time to get unwell, sometimes woman, wife, bhabhi and a mother.

She says today she is getting kicked out like a furniture, just because the doll used to run by a key, opened her mouth today. She raised her voice today, what crime did she do? Why she will apologize and for what, to save her daughter and to protect her. She says we all shall apologize to her. She says I will apologize to Maa. Badi Maa hears her shockingly.

Simar comes to Sandhya and apologizes to her for setting up this home and they made her as stranger today. She says everyone knows that you are head of the family, and asks Badi Maa why she is not showing her authority today, if Maa is just wife of your son, not your bahu. She says why a bahu can’t become a beti, and asks what bahu shall do to become a beti? She asks if your sons or grand sons have done this, then would you have given the same punishment to them as well, would have taunted and insulted them too.

She says if not, then why are you discriminating her. She says why only woman are expected to be silent, why her identity is her surname, and asks why her only name is not enough for her identity. She holds Sandhya’s hand and says I am so proud of you Maa, I have seen all the avatars of Mata Rani in you today, from motherly love to anger, all. She says only a mother can have all the avatar, can look calm. She says whatever you have done for Aditi, you have give hope to every child. She says you haven’t done anything wrong.

Simar says that slap was necessary for such cheap man like Mohit and the cost for it was Aditi’s safe future, and asks can you tell the price of her happiness and safety. Can anyone place a price tag on her happiness and safety. She says you all are silent. She says when that guy told something vulgar to Aditi, and also misbehaved with me. She says Maa couldn’t be keep quiet and a woman shall not be quiet as she knows what is the value of respect for her. She says vulgar thing done by eyes or talks, is a violation. She says Maa couldn’t tolerated that, no mother can do. Badi Maa is shocked and taken back. Simar goes to Sandhya and tells her that she is so proud of her, thanks her, says you don’t need to apologize, never. Badi Maa looks at Sandhya.

Sandhya and Aditi are about to leave and walk towards the door. Simar says if this mother leave the house, then this house will become a mansion again. She says big walls and big rooms, but nobody can splash love and care in the house. She calls Sandhya. Aarav, Vivaan, Simar and Reema cry. Sandhya looks back and sees Simar crying. She also cries. Sandhya says Maa. Sandhya is about to step out of house with Aditi, just then Badi Maa shouts Aditi. She asks her to take her Maa to her room.

Simar cries happily. Sasural simar ka plays…..Badi Maa asks Aditi to take her Maa to her room, says this is Gitanjali Devi Oswal’s decision and Badi Maa’s order. Aditi holds Sandhya’s shoulder. Aarav looks at Simar and smiles. Simar sits down on the floor and cries. Aditi brings Sandhya back to the hall. Sandhya keeps hand on Simar’s head. Reema looks on. Aarav smiles recalling Simar’s promise and thinks thank you Simar.

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