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Sasural Simar Ka 2 14th July 2022 Episode starts with Badimaa slapping Reyansh. Reyansh and others gets shocked. Pallavi asks what is going on here, if someone will tell us or not. Badimaa says I am talking to my grand son and will not bear anyone’s interference.

Reema goes to Rudra and asks him not to cover whatever happening now and says this thing shall not go out, it is matter of my family respect. Rudra assures her. Chitra asks badimaa what did he do, that she slapped him.

Badimaa asks her to ask her son. She asks if he will tell or shall I tell? Chitra and Giriraj to say what had happened? Reyansh says actually. Karan says you was stuck in traffic and for this, you don’t need to give explanation.

Badimaa says nobody will say, only Reyansh will speak up. She asks what is your relation with that girl Kavya? Reyansh says I can just say that I haven’t done anything wrong. Simar asks until when you will lie, you know Kavya well.

Ishita says she started again, if anyone will tell me what is this Madam problem, and says if you don’t want me to marry here then tell it clearly. She says you have provoked me against Reyansh, then provoked Aarav bhaiyya and now Badimaa. She asks her to say what is in her heart?

Badimaa asks Ishita not to forget that she is talking to the elder bahu of house and says they don’t talk to the younger ones in this tone. She asks Reyansh to say. Reyansh says I know Kavya as Simar bhabs student, once I asked her something, she is behind me and looks for chance to come in my room. He says when it was too much, I have to explain to her. Badimaa is shocked.

Simar says when you don’t know her, then why did you go to meet Kavya at the coffee shop. She says you can’t lie now, as I can proof. Karan says today is his tilak rasam and asks what is this drama? Pallavi says I told from day 1 that no function can happen here without any drama.

Ishita says Simar bhabhi is a pro in dramas. Badimaa asks her to learn to talk with manners if she wants to become their bahu. She says I can see self confidence in Simar’s face clearly.

Karan asks who is Kavya? Ishita says she is Simar bhabhi’s dear friend whom she wants to force on Reyansh and give my place to her. Ishita’s Dadi asks her to marry only after a thought, else don’t do. Ishita says Reyansh has told me everything, I trust him. Reyansh asks Badimaa to trust him. Chitra says I trust you.

Giriraj tells that he is childish and tells Simar that she might be having a misunderstanding. Chitra asks how can you talk to Simar so lovingly. Ishita says we trust Reyansh. Reema says our Simar has one weakness, she just speak the truth. Chitra says she is neither with me nor with his dewar.

Vivaan says Narayan sisters are always with truth. Chitra and Reema begin to argue. Badimaa gets upset and turns her face. Ishita’s Dadi asks can I say you something? Badimaa says I want to take your advice and asks what we shall do now?

Dadi says the truth shall come out now itself. Badimaa says you are saying right. Badimaa asks Simar to call Kavya and asks her to reach Oswal Mansion now itself.

Reyansh looks at Chitra. Chitra asks Badimaa why to call outsiders, it is matter of my son’s life. Badimaa says he is my lalla, but the matter is about someone’s daughter too.

Reema goes to Rudra and says I hope you are not awkward. Rudra says this is every house story and says you are beauty with brain, but I didn’t know your this side. Simar calls Kavya and asks her to come to Oswal Mansion.

Ishita says if anything happens then Ishi and Rishi’s trending marriage will be at risk. Pallavi says if Reyansh and you are truthful then nothing can harm you. Maddy says he is getting mad thinking about the drama. Kavya comes there and asks Simar, if she has any work about music class.

Simar says the matter is about your life and asks her to come. She holds her hand and takes her to Badimaa. Kavya looks at Reyansh. Ishita says I will take her life, she is taking advantage of Reyansh’s innocence, and calls her gold digger. Badimaa asks Kavya to come and holds her hand. She says I know you are getting scared seeing everyone here.

Kavya says yes. Badimaa says don’t worry, I want to ask you something. Aarav asks Kavya if she knows Reyansh. Kavya says yes, Badimaa. I know him. Badimaa asks her what is her relation with Reyansh.

Kavya recalls their moments and hotel room incident. Simar asks her to say the truth and says tell what is the relation between you both. Kavya says you all have relation with him, I know him as Simar’s dewar. Simar asks what are you saying, you know him this much only. Kavya says you have a misunderstanding.

She says he is your dewar and Aarav and Vivaan’s younger brother. Badimaa asks how deep is your relation with Reyansh. She says don’t be scared, I am with you and asks her to say the truth without any fear.

Kavya asks her to believe her and says I don’t have any relation with Reyansh. Reyansh looks on. She says we had talked in this house, but not special. Ishita says I had told that my Reyansh haven’t done anything and says this is all done by so called badi bahu. Badimaa asks her to calm down.

Chitra asks why ishita shall be calm down and says it is our house custom that wives support their husbands when they are truthful. Simar again asks Kavya to tell the truth and asks didn’t you both love each other. Kavya asks what are you saying, I have said that I have no relation with Reyansh.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 15th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ishita apologizes to Badimaa and tells her that Simar shall not attend her wedding. She says you are not invited Simar bhabhi. Badimaa says it will be her decision who will attend the wedding or not, tells Simar you are the life of this house and family and asks her to attend the wedding happily.

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Telecast Date:14th July 2022
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