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Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th September 2021 Episode starts with Simar telling Sandhya about getting job in radio station and she has recording in few days. Sandhya says it is a great news and you are telling it sadly. She wishes her dream to sing fulfills soon and hugs her. She then recalls badi maa’s words and looks out. She asks Simar if she told anyone else in the house. Simar nods no. Sandhya says if Badi maa comes to know that she will send you before 12 days complete and she will get angry on Aarav too. Simar says I have to think about myself after 12 days and have to get this habit change.

Sandhya asks are you sure? Simar says she got ganda tied and tells that it was her dream to become a singer. Sandhya says I know and asks her not to tell anyone. She says it is good, you have to think about your future, but don’t tell this to anyone. Simar promises her. She says I got this ganda due to Aarav ji. Aarav comes there and asks did you remember the promise made to me. He asks what is my files and bag? He says Simar keeps everything clean that I don’t find my stuff, asks her to come and give his bag. Sandhya thinks she is so good and trying to move on, although so much happened with her. She prays for her.

Vivaan says I am going to bring Reema. Chitra pretends to fall. Vivaan holds her. Chitra says you was good as a child. Giriraj asks her to take care of herself after yesterday. Vivaan asks what happened last night. Giriraj says Maa called us to her room and scolded and insulted us, as Reema is our bahu. He says when we reached our home, Chitra fell unconscious and fell down. She says her leg was sprained.

Chitra says when I came to give you coffee, I couldn’t walk properly, you couldn’t see. She says if you bring Reema, Badi Maa’s anger will be on us too. She asks Giriraj to take her from there. Vivaan looks helpless. Chitra calls Devesh and tells that they have stopped Reema, and asks him to make his plan in action. Devesh says Reema left your house, then why are you doing it? Chitra says I want permanent solution and says Reema’s dreams and career can keep her away from Vivaan and asks him to do as she said.

In the room, Aarav asks Simar to concentrate on music rather than sharing with anyone. Simar says I have shared with just Maa. Aarav says if Badi Maa comes to know, then I don’t want same thing happened to you, which happened with Reema. He says Yamini Devi became your Guru with much difficulty. He says if Badi Maa deducts your days from your 12 days. She says if Badi Maa comes to know then we may not get the entry again. He holds her hand and says you will be very successful singer, I know, please be careful. Simar says I am understanding, and will not tell anyone. He says good. She gets tears in her eyes. song plays….bahon me lena.

Vivaan calls Reema. Reema rejects his calls. Vivaan says you makes me stranger when you are in trouble, what kind of love is this? Indu comes to room and asks her to pick the call. Reema says it is spam call. Indu says your eyes are swollen. Reema says which bahu can sleep peacefully in Gitanjali Devi’s house, I didn’t get sleep. Indu says you shall not say that as she is Vivaan’s grand mother and says one gets loss of sleep, when he/she is in love and wishes she doesn’t lose her love. She asks her to have food.

Simar folds the clothes. Aarav comes to the room. Simar says I will bring water for you. She takes his tiffin box and asks why it is cold. Aarav says it is cold as I brought icecream in it. She says I will bring another spoon for us. He says it will melt. We will eat with one spoon, I brush daily. He opens the tiffin. Simar says it is chocolate icecream, my favorite. Aarav says I didn’t know. Song plays…..dekhke tumko kho jaawun. He makes her eat the icecream and wipes it from her lips. She then makes him have icecream. Song continues to play. Icecream falls on her shoulder. He tries to clean it and pours much icecream on her shoulder. He tries to wipe it. Simar says I will go and clean it.

She rushes to the wash room to clean it. Aarav looks at his hand. Simar tries to wash the stain and the mug falls on her clothes. She gets drenched fully. She covers herself with towel and calls Aarav for help. She asks him to give her clothes, as she is drenched fully. She asks him to hurry up as she is drenched fully. He takes out her clothes and then gets an idea. He sits to have icecream and says your clothes are not in the cupboard. She asks what are you eating? He says what I will eat. She says give me one salwar kurta just. She thinks he is thinking that he only knows how to do prank.

She comes out of the bathroom. Aarav says you came really and asks her to go back to washroom, and turns his face. She is seen wearing her kurta. Aarav says sorry and says I was doing prank. Simar asks him to open his eyes. He asks are you sure? She says yes. He looks at Simar wearing his kurta. Mahiya song plays…….He drops the icecream box while looking at her. They bend down to pick it. Simar falls in his embrace. Mahiya plays…..Aarav says sorry, I was doing prank. Simar says but I pulled your leg, now tell who is prank’s winner.

Just then they hear someone knocking on the door. Aarav opens the door. Simar hides behind the door. Aditi asks where is Simar Bhabhi? Aarav says she is not here. Aditi says she is disturbed so thought to go to garden. She asks for his permission. Simar asks Aarav to say yes and says if she sees me in this condition then what she will feel. Aarav asks Aditi to tell what is her problem and why she is in tension. Aditi says you are tired and goes. Simar asks Aarav to let Aditi go and talk to her later, I am feeling ashamed. Aarav pretends to talk to Aditi and says I know what is the feeling of saying good bye to your true loss, why it is like loose sand, why it slips from our hands.

He says we are hesitant to tell that it is love, which is between us. He says sometimes we are right, what we will do by confessing, when heart knows that it has to break and has to say good bye to our love. He says this world can snatch that person from you, but not the feelings and love, which will always be with us and nobody can separate that, but memories hurt much, says I hope love is like memories. She says once this heart gives place to anyone, it will be for that person also and can’t be taken by someone else. He says the person whom you want to make your world, but that person makes your life vacant and left. He says you want to stop that person, want to call her and hold her hand, but she doesn’t stop.

He says I wish I could stop that person, I wish I could hold the moments spent with her, could hold the time in my arms and life gets spent like this. Aditi hears him standing from far. Aarav cries. Simar also cries hearing everything. Simar comes near the door and finds Aditi not there. She comes infront of Aarav and stops herself from wiping his tears. She wipes her tears and calls Aarav. Aarav opens his eyes and asks where Aditi went. Simar says she left long back. Aarav says I will keep this kurta safely also, it has become my favorite.

Vivaan calls Reema. She picks the call and cries. Vivaan says its you, I understand even your silence, say something, I want to hear you. Reema recalls her promise made to Chitra and ends the call.

She again gets a call. She excitedly says hello, thinking it to be Vivaan’s call. Devesh asks do you identify me? Reema recalls everything and says I don’t want to identify you, tell your name and end the call. Devesh says you have ruined my life and getting angry on me. Devesh says I want to end the game which you started. He says your husband Vivaan Oswal has snatched all my assignments and blacklisted me in my photography circle. He says he wants to take revenge from Vivaan.

Reema asks what you can do? Devesh says whatever I will do, I need less hardwork as you left him. She looks out of the window and sees Devesh sitting in his car outside Narayan Nivas. He says your husband has ruined my life and I will ruin his life. Reema asks him to talk in his limits and says whatever Vivaan did is for me, and that he loves me. She says whatever revenge you want to take me, take from me. Devesh says when your plan is fulfilled, let me take my revenge from your husband.

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