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Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th May 2022 Episode starts with Simar asking Vivaan to tell her everything whatever he knew about Dhami. Vivaan says Dhami used to study with them in college, was very stubborn and was always behind Bhai. A fb is shown, Dhami comes to Aarav and Vivaan’s room and asks can I stay here,

as my room mates are noisy. Aarav says ok. Dhami thanks him. fb ends. Vivaan tells that one day Bhai went with his friends and came late. Fb again. Aarav comes home and asks Dhami what happened? Dhami gets angry for coming home in 3 hours. fb ends.

Vivaan says Bhai then asked her to leave after that incident and then we came to know that she went to commit suicide. He says we came to know that she is having an illness, to get stubborn. He says Therapist asks Aarav to give her love and care. He says Therapist felt Bhai loves her. Reema asks if she lied to even the therapist.

Vivaan nods yes. Reema asks after that….Aarav comes and says nothing. He scolds Vivaan for telling them and asks him to think about the consequences. Vivaan goes. Simar tells Reema that they are near the truth and once they come to know everything, mystery will be solved.

Simar tries to bandage her hand and thinks how to tie it. Aarav feels helpless and thinks he couldn’t bandaged her hand. Simar looks for Aarav. Aarav hides. He goes to Badi maa’s room and calls her in Servant’s voice, saying Simar is calling her to change her bandage.

Dhami looks on upset. Badi Maa comes to Simar and says she will change her bandage. She says Maharaj ji must have called me. Simar thinks Aarav must have informed her, and says she had asked Maharaj ji. She thanks Badi Maa. Badi Maa asks her to trust Mata Rani, and tells that everything will be fine.

Simar sees Dhami going somewhere. She follows her and comes out of the house. Someone pulls her out. Dhami smiles seeing someone pulling Simar. She takes Simar’s mobile and messages Aarav. Aarav is on call and then reads Simar’s message asking him to meet her.

It is Samar who pulled Simar out. He asks her why she can’t see Aarav’s truth. Simar says you are saying who have kidnapped me from my wedding. She asks him to say if he has to say anything about the recording. Samar says I am trying to save you from Aarav. Simar says my family doesn’t have any problem if I meet someone and asks him to come inside and talk to her, rather than coming secretly.

Samar holds her hand and says how to tell you, that I love you. Simar gets upset and asks him to leave her hand. Samar hugs her and smiles. Dhami records their video and smirks. Samar says I love you so much, Simar. Aarav comes there and sees Samar hugging Simar. Samar says I feel for you and says I love you.

Aarav shouts Simar. Samar leaves Simar. Aarav gets angry and looks at Samar. He asks how dare you touch my wife. Dhami stops him and says we have seen that Simar’s character is bad. Samar asks her not to say anything against Simar. Aarav says don’t take Simar’s name with your bad tongue. He says even if God says that Simar’s character is bad, then I will fight with him. He says I know her soul,

and says there is no stain on her character, and asks how dare you to touch my Simar. He slaps Samar. He says women are also pressurized not to do many times, and tells that there shall be prohibitions for the men. He says I can see the devil in you and says you come here often. Samar says Simar has called me.

Aarav says liars can’t see in the eyes while talking and shows trust in Simar. Simar gets teary eyes. Dhami says truth is the one, which is infront of everyone. Aarav says it is none of your business and asks her to stay away.

Dhami says it is my business and says she cant bear to see her husband holding her hand. Simar tells Aarav that she came here, following Dhami. Dhami says it is a limit to lie. Aarav stops her. Simar tells Aarav that that day, when she went to get ready, someone attacked her on her head and when she opened her eyes, she was in Samar’s car. She tells that their lives changed due to Samar, he had kidnapped her.

Aarav asks her not to cry. He takes off his watch and gives to Simar. He beats up Samar. Dhami stops Aarav and asks him to think about Simar. She blackmails him to think about Simar. Aarav stops beating Samar and asks him to leave, before he do anything wrong. Simar asks Samar to leave and asks didn’t you hear what Aarav ji had said. She says don’t try to cross the lakshman rekha and asks him to go.

Aarav holds her hand and asks her to come. Samar tells that he couldn’t separate aarav and Simar. Dhami says Samar. Samar says they get together amidst the conspiracies and their bond gets strengthen.

Dhami says they will go far away from each other, and says Simar must be thinking that Dhami has failed, but she didn’t know that I never learnt to fail. She says my next attack is ready and says we couldn’t make Aarav get against Simar, but I know his family. She says they are conservative and I don’t think that I have to work hard to provoke them against Simar. Samar looks shocked.

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Telecast Date:13th May 2022
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