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Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th January 2022 Episode starts with Aarav and Simar coming to the Oswal Mansion. Aarav sets Simar’s maang tika properly. He asks are you sure, you wanted to do this, and says you are well aware of everyone’s behavior, they will not do your aarti, and will taunt you. Simar says whatever she gets from them,

is acceptable by her. She says lets go. She recalls her marriage with Aarav and then their reverse rounds. Badi Maa tells Vivaan that they all have decided, and tells that she has disowning Aarav from her “will”. She says who is having nothing to do with the house, he is not Gajendra and Sandhya’s son anymore, and has no relation with us. Vivaan is shocked and says you are saying this in anger,

and says Aarav is not social media friend, but our family member and we are talking about the “will”. He says we shall not take decision in anger. Badi maa asks Sandhya to tell, who is Aarav? Sandhya asks who is Aarav? Vivaan is shocked. Badi Maa says I am giving you this position as you deserve it. Vivaan says Aarav Bhai is more superior than me. Badi Maa gets angry and tells that she has only one grand son.

Chitra says Vivaan will take the company to new heights. Badi maa says our company will work as per your wish. He says I can’t accept these responsibilities and says he can’t match with Aarav’s capability. Reema asks him not to underestimate himself. Vivaan says don’t know where is Aarav Bhai, where he is roaming on the road and you all are talking about “will”. Badi Maa tells that she is the head of the family and has responsibility of all family members, company and the employees.

She says if you can’t handle the responsibility then tell me. Giriraj and Chitra tries to convince Vivaan. Vivaan says the talk is about Aarav Bhai, my elder brother and your elder grand son, and this house son. He says I can’t take his place, never. Reema thinks everything will be ruined.

Sandhya tells Vivaan that she has one son and that is him. Chitra smiles. Aditi hears them and gets shocked. Sandhya says whatever Aarav has done with our family, I can’t forgive him. She says he has lost his right to call Oswal and my son. She says we have no relation with Aarav. Vivaan says don’t say this.

Gajendra says we have many hopes from you, Vivaan. Badi Maa says everyone had said enough, nobody shall pressurize him, first let his loyalty towards his brother calm down. She tells Chitra that she gives 30 mins to Vivaan to agree, else he will not get this chance again. She says we will meet after 30 mins.

The guards stop Aarav. Aarav asks if they are new? Guard says yes, Gitanjali Devi has changed the security. Chitra tries to convince Vivaan. Reema says you love Aarav so much, but other family members are also important for you, and says you can’t turn your face from all of them like Aarav. She says until when you will be small child, once you become CEO, you will have power and position.

She says if you agree to become CEO, then you can do what you want. Vivaan thinks he can use this for his benefit. Chitra says you can take the decision, you want, think about it. Giriraj asks Chitra to think about it, and says we want your betterment, you are getting a big opportunity, don’t let it go from your hands. Vivaan says you all have point and says you want benefit of family and business. He says if I become the CEO, then I will be the decision maker of the family and company.

Vivaan comes to Badi Maa and tells that everything is clear now. He is ready to take up the CEO position. Chitra signs thumbs up to Reema. Badi Maa asks if he has any doubt in his mind. Vivaan says I am ready to take up the responsibility of Aarav Bhai. Aarav tells that he is Aarav Oswal and asks them to open the gate.

The guard tells that they have a list and there is no Aarav Oswal written here. Aarav says I don’t care about the list. Simar asks them to go inside and tell them. Aarav says I don’t need anyone’s permission and going inside. The guard push Aarav and Simar on the ground.

Badi Maa does Vivaan’s aarti. Aarav and Simar gets up. He asks Simar if she is fine? He asks the guard, how dare he? Simar asks him to calm down. He says I told you that we shall not come here, and says you are seeing what is happening. He says this is all done by Badi Maa. Simar requests Guard to go inside and tell them once. The guard says ok and goes inside. Badi Maa gives the file to Vivaan.

Vivaan says I know it is not that easy, but I will give my 100 percent according to my capability. Badi maa congratulates him and asks him to sign. She says Gajendra and I will sign and you can handle CEO position from now itself. Vivaan says ok and is about to sign. He asks can I ask a question if you don’t feel bad. He asks do you trust my decisions. Badi Maa asks do you think that I will use you as a puppet. She says company’s last decision will be taken by the board of directors.

He asks what decisions, I can take. Badi Maa says you can take your personal decisions. Vivaan asks Badi Maa to give him promise that his room will be his. Badi Maa promises him and says your room will be yours, and you can decorate it, the way you want. Vivaan promises to do what is right. Badi Maa asks him to sign. Vivaan signs on the papers.

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