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Sasural Simar Ka 2 12th August 2022 Episode starts with Simar telling Reyansh that she will prove that Kavya had come to the auditorium, and says it will be seen in the CCTV footage. Rudra tells Reema that he has sent her PPT and says if you sign this deal, then you will have your 100 hoardings in Mumbai and all the metro cities,

plus advertisement on TV and says you will be their model for 1 year. He says this is the fast route for your career and asks her to come to him. Reema asks what? He says I want you to come to Mumbai.

Reema says she needs to talk to Vivaan and make him understand. Rudra asks her to come to Mumbai first, and do the work in 1-2 days. He says you can head back and Vivaan will not come to know anything. Reema says but. Vivaan comes there and calls Reema. He says matter is getting worse, you shall be with Simar bhabhi, she might need you. Vivaan and Reema go back.

Badimaa says I don’t understand what to say and what to do? She says new generation doesn’t care for family’s respect and prestige and asks Reyansh to tell if Simar is saying truth or not. Reyansh says this is truth, she had come and met me there,

as she wanted to blackmail me. He says she has understood that Simar bhabs is doubtful on me, and her name is related to my name because of a misunderstanding and she wants to take advantage due to this. He tells Simar that Kavya wants to get some money from him. He says he is a good values guy of Oswals and that’s why hid this thing from everyone, for her respect.

He says you forced me to say this. Simar says I don’t think Kavya has done anything wrong. Ishita asks Simar to stop it and don’t have enmity with them.

She says a big happiness has come in the house, I am going to be Mom and Reyansh going to be dad. She asks if all happy moment shall be ruined, let us celebrate one moment of happiness. Reyansh says it is a big misunderstanding, it is good that this thing came out now. He says he will make everything fine.

He says my Bindu has accepted Ishita and my baby, let us celebrate this moment. Simar says Badimaa. Badimaa tells Simar that she wants to talk to her. Later in room, Badimaa asks Simar, if she thinks that Ishita is pregnant. Simar says she can’t say about Ishita’s pregnancy, but there is something wrong.

badimaa says Reyansh is childish and mischievous, and Ishita is clever to understand that she will be caught if she acts to be pregnant. She tells Simar that she is giving her responsibility of the 4th generation. She says whoever sees their 4th generation and die, that person’s life is successful.

Simar asks why are you talking like this, you have to live 100 years, and says about the responsibility, I will do it happily. Badimaa says I hope this from you. She goes. Simar thinks she will expose Reyansh infront of everyone.

Next day, Reema, Roma and Simar tie Rakhi to Gagan in Oswal Mansion and make him have the sweets. Gagan is about to get up. Reema says we want only one gift this time from you. Roma says it might be costly, but we want this. Reema says yes. Simar says yes, you have to give us.

They ask him to stop bothering Aditi. He says he can’t fulfill their demand and asks them to stop teasing him. He gives them gifts. Aditi ties Rakhi to Aarav, Vivaan and Reyansh happily. Badimaa looks at something in her hand and calls Ishita. She says she wants to tie something to her hand today.

She shows the thread and says it is raksha sutra, which will protect you and your baby. Ishita thanks badimaa and says you might look strict, but your heart is soft like wax.

Pallavi tells Chitra that she made them land in trouble because of her lie. Chitra says she lied as Ishita was drunk. Reyansh comes there and asks Ishita how she got pregnant. He says he is not ready to become a father. Ishita asks until when baby bump will come? Chitra says 4-5 months.

Ishita says till then she will make everyone emotional for 4-5 months, and says Badimaa and others dance on her tune and she will throw Simar out of the house. Chitra says my head is shaking up and goes with Pallavi. Ishita asks Reyansh why he had gone to hospital and says you lied that you went to talk about my abortion.

Reema gives a rose to Vivaan. Vivaan asks what is the matter today. Reema hugs him. He says I will go and close the door. He imagines dancing with her. She asks if our romance is limited to this room and asks him to take her to exotic holiday. Vivaan says I don’t believe this. I can’t digest this. Reema smiles.

Ishita asks Reyansh to say. Reyansh says gynaec is a good friend of him. Ishita says sorry. Reyansh says thank god, you are not pregnant and says we have fooled everyone. Gagan hears and asks really, do you know what you both are doing.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Aditi tells Ishita that she shall consult a good doctor. Ishita says no. Simar says I have called the doctor. Doctor comes and checks Ishita. Badimaa asks him to say. Doctor says your bahu Ishita is not pregnant.

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Telecast Date:12th August 2022
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