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Sasural Simar Ka 2 11th September 2021 Episode starts with Sandhya asking Simar if she wants to say something. Simar says she got the job at radio station as a singer and she has first recording in a few days. Sandhya is shocked.

Sometime back:

Vivaan recalls Reema’s words and gets lost in thoughts. Simar comes there and calls him. He is still lost in thoughts. She offers him plate and asks how is the smell. Vivaan says no Bhabhi. Simar says you are hungry since yesterday and asks him to eat paneer paratha. Vivaan says no, I am not hungry. Simar says you had called me Bhabhi first and says she is saying with that right, and asks him to atleast taste the paratha.

She makes him have it with her hand. Vivaan signs her to stop and asks did you talk to Reema, how is she? He says she has given me promise not to come behind her, I love her so much and she hurts me. Simar says Di is at home and is fine. She asks how was the paratha? Vivaan says different from Mom’s paratha. Simar says just like the taste can’t be same, the two persons can’t be same. She asks him to give some time to Reema. She asks you just felt the paratha different and not good. He says it is good. She asks him to have it. He says he will eat. Simar gets Roma’s call and goes to attend it.

Chitra comes in her car. Devesh comes and knocks on the car window. Chitra says welcome back. Devesh says yes, Devesh is back and this time he will bang. Chitra asks do you want to do mistake. Devesh says last time it happened, but this time I will not do any mistake. Chitra gives him money. He says I wouldn’t have taken it this time, but my condition is worsen due to Reema. Chitra says Reema will pay for this. He says he will make Reema pay for his condition.

Roma calls Simar. Simar asks how is she? Roma says she got minor injury. She says she is thinking of the business, which she told, but Lalit shall get job. She asks her to talk to Aarav about Lalit’s job in his company. Lalit comes there and scolds her for talking about his job in his brother’s company. Roma tells that Vivek’s would be wife and Shobha treat her as Servant. Lalit gets angry and says you are talking bad about Vivek’s would be wife, she didn’t come here until here.

Divya tells Vivek to tell his family about their plan. Vivek says he is waiting for the right time. Divya says I don’t want to become servant like your bhabhi. Vivek says I treat you like queen and says it is Bhabhi’s work to do all that. He says you will get luxurious services. She says separate house would be better. He says we have to stay here until the partition happens, else everything will go to my useless brother. She says she will not bear any insult. Vivek asks her to take her anger on him and also insult Roma whenever she likes, nobody will stop her. He hugs her.

Aditi calls Gagan and asks when you will come and take me.Gagan says we have to wait, once everyone’s anger lowers. Aditi says badi Maa’s anger will never get over. Gagan promises to meet her. Reema comes there and scolds Gagan, asking if he is made to go to Oswal Mansion, says they have spared you last time, but now this time. She says you have broken Gitanjali Devi’s ego, but even our family is effected. She asks him not to add ghee in the fire and says if he loves Aditi. Gagan says no, as she was just the way to get revenge. Reema asks him to go away from that girl. She says we have moved on in our revenge and ruined Aditi and Vivaan’s lives.

She says both are crying and sad, just because of us. She says Aditi and Vivaan, we have used them for our aim and haven’t thought how they will feel. She says Aditi loves you and Vivaan loves me, they didn’t do any mistake, they are lovely and helpless and we are…She recalls Vivaan telling her I love you. She says Vivaan always loved me, but I couldn’t loved him and loved myself and my career, which also I couldn’t fulfilled. Gagan asks if everything is fine between Vivaan and you. He asks if you are going? Reema says no, why will I go? I have ended everything, may be I can fulfill my dream and asks if she can step on her dream.. She says Vivaan is good and loves me a lot, but I don’t love him. She says I used Vivaan to take revenge from Aarav and Simar.

Gagan asks why Simar, why with our sister. Reema says that’s why I am suffering and is standing empty handed, where my parents are praying for me to return to my sasural. She says even this house is not mine and is about to fall. He holds her and makes her sit. Gagan asks will you leave Vivaan? Reema says I have to leave him, if he stays with me then his life will be ruined. He deserves the girl who will love her. She says I am selfish and insensitive, but then also he loves me a lot. She says I am very bad and cries.

Giriraj and Chitra come to Vivaan. Vivaan says he is going to Reema. She gave me promise, but I am breaking it and going to bring her back. Giriraj says yesterday, she spoke badly with Maa. Vivaan says didn’t we misbehave with you all in our childhood, and then also you have forgiven us. He says why they can’t forgive Reema, just because she is bahu.

Sandhya calls Aditi for Gajendra’s medicine. Simar comes there and gives her medicines. Sandhya says you will not forget about taking care of us and asks if she talked to Reema. Simar says she talked to Bhai and Di is at home. Sandhya asks do you want to say something. Simar says yes. Sandhya asks her not to be hesitant infront of a mother. Simar says I can’t hide anything from you as you are a mother and tells that she got job at radio station and has first recording in few days.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 11th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Reema is kept and captive by Devesh. Simar says I will save Reema and bring her back. She comes to Devesh with the Police and misses seeing Reema. They leave.

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