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Sasural Simar Ka 2 11th May 2022 Episode starts with Simar telling Sandhya that she will give aarti in the house. She asks Sandhya if she applied new perfume today. Sandhya says no. Simar takes aarti and goes, thinking the smell seems to be similar, from where it is coming. She thinks it is Jasmine fragrance.

She recalls Dhami telling that the sanitizer is having jasmine fragrance. Simar recalls Dhami’s threat and runs to Sandhya. She sees Sandhya’s pallu caught on fire. Dhami smiles watching Sandhya. Simar starts setting off the fire with her hand. Sandhya asks her to leave it, and says your hand will be burnt. She calls badi maa. Badi maa and others come there. Gajendra asks what has happened?

Sandhya asks them to see Simar, as her is burnt, while she tried to set off the fire. They make Simar sit on the sofa. Badi maa says someone bring the ice. Aarav brings the ice and applies on her hand, keeping it in the cloth. He asks if she is feeling pain. Simar says not anymore. Reema blames Dhami for it.

Dhami asks if you are in your senses. Simar says yes, dhami has poured sanitizer on Maa’s clothes so that it catches fire. Dhami says she doesn’t have sanitizer. Reema checks her, but couldn’t find it. Dhami says whatever I do, will do opening and says it was an accident. Simar asks really, and asks her to stop her cheap tricks. She says yesterday you told that some accident will happen in the house.

She says you have scattered the pearls on the stairs and then acted to save Badi Maa. Dhami says Simar is doing this, as she couldn’t get Aarav. Badi Maa asks Simar to come and get ice on her hand applied. Simar goes to her and says we have to save this house. Badi Maa says yes, we have to save our house.

Dhami takes off the sanitizer from under her hair and smirks. Aarav is standing in his room. Dhami comes there and says I didn’t do anything really. He asks really? He takes the scissor in his hand. Dhami asks what are you doing? Aarav says Simar is hurt and must be feeling pain in her hand. He says even I shall feel the same pain, we are not different. He injures his hand with the scissor.

He says first my Maa got hurt and now Simar, and says if anything happens to Simar then I will harm myself double. Dhami says she will be back and goes. Maharaj ji sees Aarav’s hand bleeding and shouts Badi Maa. He goes to inform her. Dhami brings a cloth and says you would have punished me, why did you slit your hand. She says we shall go to doctor. Aarav says I don’t want to go anywhere. Dhami says I will harm myself and takes the scissor. Aarav asks her to keep it back.

Maharaj ji informs everyone that Aarav is hurt and bleeding. Simar shouts Aarav ji and runs. Others run to his room. Simar tells Aarav that she is fine and asks him to get his first aid done. Doctor comes there. Dhami asks him to do the first aid. Reema says since you have come here, so much is happening with him.

Doctor asks how did this happen? Aarav says it was a small accident and asks Dhami to say. Sandhya says accident. Aarav looks at Simar. Dhami asks Aarav not to go anywhere and rest in the room. She asks Badi Maa, Sandhya and Gajendra to understand. They leave. Dhami then asks Simar to leave. Badi Maa takes Simar from there. Dhami comes to Aarav.

Badi Maa and Simar are getting down the stairs. Simar stumbles. Badi maa holds her and asks where is your concentration? She says Aarav will be fine, and asks her to get her hands bandaged? Simar says I can see worry in your eyes for Aarav ji. Badi maa asks how can Aarav do this? Simar says whatever we are seeing, is not truth, Aarav ji needs our trust, everything will be fine soon.

Badi Maa asks her to get fine first. Doctor bandages Simar’s hand and asks her to rest. Simar asks Doctor if Aarav can take painkiller. Doctor says he will prescribe. He gives the prescription and goes. Sandhya tells that she will bring turmeric milk. Simar asks her to make two glasses. Reema asks her not to do any work and take proper rest.

Dhami asks Aarav why did he start working? She asks him to rest. Aarav asks her to leave him alone and says I had warned you that if anything happens to Simar or my family, then I will harm myself. He asks her to stay away from Simar and his family. Dhami promises that she will not do anything as such and goes.

Reema asks Simar what blackmail? Simar says she couldn’t talk fully and tells that she don’t understand why she is blackmailing him. Reema says she wants to pour itching powder on her. Simar says Dhami is very dangerous, we have to get her info. She asks her to use her magic and get info from Vivaan. Reema says ok and goes.

Dhami comes to the kitchen. Maharaj ji asks if you need anything. Dhami scolds him and asks him to walk four back steps, else next time she will slap him. Simar comes there and asks Dhami to mind her tongue. She comes inside the kitchen and says this is not your America and they are not your slave.

She says here, we give respect to everyone and we treat everyone as the family member in Oswal Mansion. She asks her not to misbehave. Dhami asks her to go to school and give lecture there. She says I have come here to make food for family, and asks her not to dare to stop her. Simar says I will not stop you, as your intentions will be revealed through food. She asks her not to misbehave with Maharaj ji again, else she will slap her. Dhami shouts Simar. Simar shouts asking her to be in limits.

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