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Sasural Simar Ka 2 10th September 2021 Episode starts with Simar telling Aarav that she will sleep on the floor and asks him to sleep on the bed. Aarav says you will sleep on the bed. She says you will sleep on the bed. He says you will sleep on the bed. They argue and fall down on the bed while trying to snatch the pillow. They have an eye lock. Song plays….

Few mins before: Simar asks Reema not to leave the house. Aarav stops Simar and says there is no need of pleading infront of her, whoever wants to go will go. Reema thinks of promising Chitra and swearing on her father that she will leave. She steps out of the house. Simar cries. Chitra and Giriraj shake their hand and says finally Reema went. Sandhya comes there and tells Chitra that Badi Maa is very angry, don’t know what is happening in the house. Badi Maa tries to take out the drawer angrily. Gajendra says shall I do? Badi Maa asks him to be there. Sandhya says Reema said so much and asks Badi Maa to forgive her mistake. Chitra says it is misbehavior with elders. Giriraj says that girl doesn’t listen to her parents, so will she listen to us. Badi Maa tells that she don’t need any clarifications and says she is not affected by her talks. She says today this runaway girl left, and now other trouble will leave in 12 days. She tells Chitra and Giriraj that she hopes that Vivaan gets some intelligence now.

Simar tells Aarav that Reema can do anything in anger and says she doesn’t think before doing. Aarav says you knows that she has broken Vivaan’s heart and insulted Badi Maa. Simar says I understand Vivaan’s peace, but what is Di’s mistake and tells that few people couldn’t bear. Aarav says he don’t want to argue with her and goes.

Reema comes to Avinash’s house. Indu looks at her and says you have come. Reema walks inside and sits to have chole batura with them. She says I came at the right time and serves the chole puri in her plate and starts eating. She looks at Indu and Avinash and then asks her to make Raita for her, as it is finished, and she likes it very much. She says she doesn’t like the food made in that house as everyone eats food as if they are in the meeting. Indu says you are crying. Reema says this is happy tears as she is eating food made by her. She takes another puri and tells that she got tired of eating, and will meet them in the morning. She runs to her room. Indu, Avinash and Gagan looks on.

Vivaan recalls Reema’s words and gets teary eyes. Aarav comes there. Vivaan asks if she came? Aarav says you knows her well, but still hopes. Vivaan says she is like us, like we are not perfect. He says Reema couldn’t bear when Badi Maa insulted Bhabhi and always made her feel down. He says he is affected as she left. Aarav thinks she doesn’t deserve you. He asks him to sleep. Vivaan says he can’t sleep in his room. Aarav takes him to his room. Vivaan thinks of Reema’s words and rests on Aarav’s lap. He says if you wouldn’t have been with me then don’t know what I would have done. Aarav says you would have slept. Simar comes there and thinks who gives importance to relations like Aarav ji. She hopes Reema realizes her mistake and comes back in the morning.

Reema and Gagan sit on the terrace. Gagan says after Roma di’s marriage, we three came more closer and were carefree. They recall their moments. Gagan says your icecream is still due. They recall Gagan’s icecream falling down and he takes Reema’s icecream, but keeps it down. Simar makes him taste her icecream and also makes Reema taste. Reema and Gagan make Simar eat it. fb ends. Reema recalls everything and laughs. She then gets sad and says my one wrong step ruined everything. He says you was following your passion and dream and says may be the way was wrong and asks her not to stop dreaming. He says I will never judge you, question or lecture you. He says I am on your side. Reema says everywhere is the broken hearts. Gagan says Maa and Papa are in tension, that you have to stay here. Reema says every parents gets worried for their married daughter. Gagan asks if Aditi is fine. Reema says Aditi loves you and those who love is always sad, but don’t take tension, as everything will be fine with time. She tells herself that everything will be fine.

Indu tells Avinash that she has a feeling that Reema fought with Vivaan and came here. Avinash says troubles are not less in Gitanjali devi’s house. Indu asks shall I ask Simar? Avinash says Simar will never tell about her sasural and asks her not to worry as Gagan went to Reema. Simar asks Gagan to make Reema sleep and ends the call. Aarav lifts Vivaan’s leg. Simar comes there and takes out blanket and they cover him. Aarav says I am sorry that I made Vivaan sleep in room and asks where you will sleep. Simar says no problem, I will sleep in guest room. He asks can I come with you and we will have a talk. He brings coffee and gives to her.

She says I am sorry, I shouldn’t have talked to you like that. Aarav says I had forgotten what you are going through as Reema is your sister. Simar feels bad for Vivaan and says I wish I could talk to him and share his pain. Aarav asks her to talk to him tomorrow. Simar says I wish I could make the circumstances fine. Aarav says how much you will handle the circumstances, Badi Maa made your 2 days less, and then also you worries for your sister and my brother and says you are worried which a bahu does. Simar says I want to see everyone happy before going. Aarav says there is one person who is very happy with you, and you are the only reason for his smile. He holds her hand. Mahiya song plays….Simar says this moment is so good, having coffee with you and talking to you. Main tum me umar guzarna plays……

He says if I go back to room, then chote will wake up as I made him sleep with much difficulty. He says I will come with you to the guest room. Shobha clicks the pics of the gifts to make Oswals jealous. Lalit says who competes with own family members. Shobha says I do, my rich bahu brought so much. Roma comes there and gives tea. Shobha taunts her and asks her if she added poison in it. Roma goes from there crying.

Simar is changing the bedsheet. Aarav offers help and says even he knows to cover the bedsheet. They keep the blanket on the bed. Simar says I will bring water. Aarav asks her to sit and give her leg first. He then applies ointment to her foot and says you are hurt, then also you don’t move back from sharing my family’s pain. She says I am still this house bahu and it is my duty. He says Simar Oswal, how much you will impress me. Simar asks him to leave her. He says I am still your husband and it is my duty. He says good night and asks her to sleep. Simar says I will sleep on floor and you shall sleep on bed. Aarav says you are hurt and asks her to sleep on the bed. They argue and fall down on the bed together.

Main tum me umar guzarungi plays…..Simar asks him to sleep on the bed itself and says I trust you. She keeps the pillows on the bed. They lie down on the bed and look at each other. Song continues to play….

In the morning, Vivaan calls Reema and thinks pick the call. Chitra comes there and asks him to have morning coffee, you wouldn’t have slept at night. He says Aarav Bhai made me slept. Chitra says my happiness lies in your happiness, but this girl is strange and leaves house for a small thing, asks if you can stay with her, she has mood swings too. Vivaan says Reema will also be there in my life, she got angry and I will convince her. He says I love her and can’t live without her, please don’t suggest me anything. Chitra says I am just saying that. Vivaan asks her to leave him alone. Chitra thinks I will not let Reema return and will convince Gupta, his daughter and business will be ours.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 11th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Reema is tied and kept in Devesh’s vanity van. Simar says I will bring Reema di back. They come to Devesh with the Police. Simar misses seeing Reema and goes. Reema looks on helplessly.

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