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Sasural Simar Ka 2 10th May 2021 Episode starts with Aarav looking at the book in Simran’s hand, but doesn’t see her face. She walks away from there. He looks for her. Sharma ji shows the model’s pics and then he shows Reeema’s pic on the laptop. Vivaan thanks him and asks why didn’t you show her pic before. Sharma ji says she wants to do just international modeling. Vivaan says my Mumtaz can have such tantrums. He takes her number from Sharma ji. Aarav comes to the restaurant and sees Reema applying lipsticks. He asks may I sit. She says yes, when you came to meet me. He sits and it sounds strange, that we met yesterday.

She says you are nervous or acting to be nervous. He says he don’t know acting. She says you are that type, who acts too macho, or too shy? He smiles and asks what does she do? She says she do planning in life so that her dream gets fulfilled. He says it is good, if there is no planning that target can’t be completed in life. She says you talk less but good. Aarav looks at the couple at the nearest couple, fighting casually. He goes to bring coffee. Reema thinks there are good guys in the donkey race too…Vivaan calls her and say poetry completing her. Reema asks who are you? He says I am the one, who is having your pendrive. She asks him to meet in the sadar bazaar and leaves from there. Simar arrives at the restaurant and thinks Reema told her about this café. She thinks to drink coffee and sees Aarav taking coffee and telling his name when asked. She thinks it might be his imagination. Aarav keeps the coffee on the table and goes out of restaurant to see her. Vivaan sees him and hides. Reema calls him and says if he don’t meet her then she will beat him. He asks her to meet him on the exit and goes. Aarav calls someone. Simar goes outside and wonders where is Reema di? Aarav comes inside and offers their coffee to the fighting couple and advices them. Simar comes back and sees him, thinks who made the two hearts meet, his own heart must be very beautiful, thinks if she shall meet him. She wonders if she is seeing day dreaming or if something is mixed in the coffee.

Vivaan comes to meet Reema at the exit of Sadar bazaar. Reema asks him to give pendrive…Vivaan gives her pendrive. Reema tells about the badwords. Vivaan says excuse me. Reema says now I will show the photographer who am I? Vivaan says I have seen all your pics and tells that she is so beautiful, charming, gorgeous etc and introduces himself as Vivaan, who works for Oswal group, tells that his company is searching a model and asks if she will become model of their company. Reema says Oswal group is a big company.

Simar reaches the temple and rings the bell. She tells God that if the guy collides with her again, then she will take it as his sign. She comes out of the temple, thinking of Aarav. Aarav comes in the car and rings the horn so that she goes to side, but she falls down on the road. He gets down from the car and walks towards her. Mahiya song plays…..She gets up holding her broken slipper. Aarav asks if you don’t see a big car, if Agra girls like to fall on the car. He says you are the one whom I saw in Sadar bazaar yesterday. Simar thinks of God’s sign. Aarav takes her slipper in his hand and repairs it for the time being, asks her to buy a new one. Simar smiles. Mahiya song plays….He goes and sits in the car, rings the horn and signs her to move to side. She moves to side. He drives off. Simar looks at him adorably and wonders what is happening to her. Reema dances happily thinking she got the photos and also modeling contract. She dances happily. Vivaan looks at her and smiles falling in love with her more. Reema stops dancing seeing him admiring her. She goes.

Lalit asks Roma to do puja of him too sometimes. Roma asks him to come home early and tells that they will have food in her house. He says ok and goes. Roma asks God if she thought right about Simar and Reema, that family is good for her or not. She asks God to sign her. A flower falls down on the ground. Roma thanks Mata Rani and thinks my sisters’ destiny rang.

Simar and Reema have golgappa. She tells that she will buy expensive car and tells that she got their first modeling assignment. She tells that he said that he is from Oswal group and liked my face among the whole Agra. Simar says if Papa comes to know then he will take our life. Reema says he will bless us if he sees my pic in the newspaper, says his daughter will become a model. She tells that she got her professional pics too and dances with her happily, says everything will be fine. Simar smiles.

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Telecast Date:10th May 2021
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