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Sasural Simar Ka 2 10th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 10th January 2022 Episode starts with Aarav asking Simar what has happened to her, and says he had lost his life, seeing her. Simar says nothing can happen to me, you are there to protect me. They have a hug.

Mohit comes near them and says you got saved from this fire, but who will save you both from me. Simar and Aarav get up. Simar says did you forget whatever I have done with you that day, I had made you understand and you still didn’t understand.

Aarav asks which day. Simar tells him about Mohit calling her at secluded place and tried to molest her, and she fighting with him and suffocating him with the rope. Aarav gets angry and tells Mohit that he won’t be saved for keeping his eyes on his respect. Mohit attacks Aarav. Aarav holds the rod. They have a fight.

Aarav fights with Mohit and his goons. Mohit attacks him on his back. Simar shouts Aarav ji. Aarav beats Mohit. Goons holds Aarav. Aarav beats them still. Mohit aims gun at Aarav. Simar picks a rod and throws on Mohit’s hand so that the gun falls down. Goon attacks Aarav. Mohit goes to the gun running. Simar picks the rod again and hits Mohit.

Mata Rani bhajan plays…..Mohit ties to snatch the rod from her hand. Aarav lifts the goon and beats another goon. He throws the goon down on the floor.

Simar tells Mohit that he came to show his cheapness today, and tells that he has no place in this world. Mohit says I will not get scared, but will make others scared. He pushes Simar. Aarav holds Mohit’s neck with his one hand and holds Simar with his other hand. He signs Simar.

Simar slaps him and asks Aarav not to leave him, as he is a devil and thinks of a girl as his property. Aarav asks Mohit to shout and says today I will not leave you, my Simar is having tears because of you. Aarav is about to throw a stone on Mohit. Simar stops him and says let law decide what shall happen to him.

Aarav says I will not stop today. Simar gives her promise. Aarav stops and throws the stone. Simar hugs Aarav. Mohit sees a car coming and runs away from there. Aarav and Simar look at the car stopping there.

Reema thinking of Vivaan’s words and gets upset. Chitra calls her. Reema says hello. Chitra says what happened, you didn’t call me mummy ji for formality sake also. Reema calls her mummy ji. Chitra tells that Vivaan will be the CEO of the company and asks her to make him sign on the proposal.

Reema says Vivaan is a devotee of brother and will never sign on the papers. She tells that we have to forget our differences and get together. She asks her to shower love on Vivaan and come back home somehow.

Yamini gets down the car and asks who was the attackers? Simar says Mohit and his goon attacked her. Aarav says I wouldn’t have left them. Yamini congrats them and asks them not to question them and come to her house silently. Aarav holds her hand and says you have understood our love when nobody did.

He says I can’t accept your invitation choti maa. Simar says we want to go to our house now. Yamini says I am very worried about you both, your families have made you both homeless, without thinking where you will go. She says your badi maa has crossed all limits today. Simar says they are upset with us, but they are our family.

She says I am sure, if we apologize to them then they will forgive us, or atleast their pain will be less. Yamini asks what kind of mud you are made of? Aarav tells that she is made of morals and ethics, refused to elope with me, though she loves me a lot. Simar asks yamini to bless them so that she can win her sasural.

Yamini blesses them for their unconditional love and says all the hurdles coming your way, shall be destroyed. She asks them to come to her, whenever they want. Aarav and Simar thank her. yamini walks towards her car and sits. Simar asks where, Aarav ji? Aarav says first your mayka and then your sasural, sasural Simar ka. He kisses on her forehead. Mahiya plays…..

Jogi asks yamini, why you are not happy. Yamini says my victory is incomplete, and tells that Simar has love and affection for her sasural family. She says I thought Aarav will be separated from Gitanjali Devi, bit Simar won’t let this happen. Jogi asks if Gitanjali Devi will forgive them.

Yamini says their love is brahmastra for us, and tells that Gitanjali devi will never forgive them and they will return to us. She says we will win. Badi Maa tells Gajendra that she is losing the life race. Gajendra says I won’t let you defeated. Chitra and Giriraj come there. Chitra says even we can’t see you defeated. They sit on their knees and apologize. Chitra says don’t snatch our home from us.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 11th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : Simar tells Aarav that she will try until she succeeds and make her house as sasural simar ka. They come to Oswal Mansion, but gets pushed down on the ground by the guards.

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Telecast Date:10th January 2022
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