Sasural Genda Phool 2 23rd December 2021 Written Episode Update


Sasural Genda Phool 2 23rd December 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sasural Genda Phool 2 23rd December 2021 Ishna calls Titli to discuss his plan to stop his family pressure for marriage. Titli says once his family starts believing that she is his girlfriend, they will stop forcing him to marry Anvi. He says its not that easy as his family will not accept a girl like him to be his girlfriend. She gets angry, describes her beauty and talent. He says she is very talent and can steal anything, he has to think something else. She thinks if he doesn’t agree, she cannot grab money from him and repay Deva bhai’s loan.

At home, Ishan’s family searches clue of his girlfriend on social media and in his whole room and doesn’t find any. They finally think if the girl whom Ishan wanted to get arrested is his girlfriend, their love story must have started with a fight and nok jhok. Badimaa calls everyone to come and have tea as Ishan has already returned home and is having tea. They all rush to Ishan and ask if he is having an imaginary girlfriend as they never saw any on his social media.

Ishan says if a person is not on social media doesn’t mean, he/she is not in the world. They continue pestering him. He promises to call his girlfriend home in the evening. They all get excited hearing that.

Inder gets romantic with Disha and praises that she is a perfect wife, mother, and bahu. She feels elated. He says she funded his business from her PF money, which nobody can. She thinks she lied to him. After sometime, family prepares lots of snacks to welcome Ishan’s girlfriend.

Titli thinks how to convince Ishan and get 25 lakhs from him. Her friend informs her that Deva bhai kidnapped her father. She rushes there and sees Deva toturing her father. She sends father home and challenges Deva to return his money in 3 months as promised. Deva agrees and thinks if she doesn’t, he will teach her a lesson.

Ishan meets her and describes each family members’ qualities to her and warns to make sure they all hate her. She says he informed their good qualities and she needs their weakness to pester them. He says they don’t have any bad qualities. She demands 25 lakhs as fees. He jokes on her. She acts as leaving fearing he may reject the offer. He agrees to pay 10 lakhs.

She agrees thinking at least it will solve her some problem. He names her Tania. In the evening, family eagerly waits for Ishan’s girlfriend. Ishan reaches. They ask about his girlfriend. He says she is a bit shy and is coming alone. They all eagerly wait at door. Title gets out of a rickshaw. They think she doesn’t look shy at all. She greets them in different languages and tries to confuse them.


Sasural Genda Phool 2 24th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Titli misbehaves with Ishan’s family.Daadi says she has seen her somewhere.

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Telecast Date:23rd December 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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