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Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 30th March 2021 Alukik is making a video of Asthik dancing, he starts promoting his agenda of not marrying and even asks Alukik to see how many new members have joined their group, he explains that there is no one forcing him and he must join their group and it would provide him with the right direction then he should focus on not marrying. Alukik asks what would happen when Asthik mentions that he would get a limited time offer whereby he would get a towel and shampoo along with a big bottle of oil, Asha advises him to join the group asking what he got after marrying Seema because she left him then rushes to get the thing which he forgot, Asthik says that he should join their group otherwise would be like Asha.

Sargam in anger comes with Appu into the hopuse, he asks what has happened because he even bought her snacks, she inquires if he only bought them for her because he also asked her friend to accompany her, she says that he should have listened to her actions because she tried to say that she doesnot like her because she used to say bad things to her teacher regarding her, Appu is confused, Sargam leaves in anger saying that she doesnot want to talk with him so Appu sits on the chair, Asthik forces Alukik to see them fighting, Sargam asks if he would not say anything, Appu reveals that he is quiet because she did not wanted to talk with him, Sargam explains how one can listen to the desires of the person whom they love MR Aparshakti which he cannot, Alukik explains that she has taken his full name which is a sign that she is really angry with him, Appu asks what can he do now, Alukik advises him to join the bachelor group of Asthik, Appu leaves in anger, Asthik however rejoices in happiness that one of his younger brother has accepted his proposal, he starts to show him the book when Chedilal coming from behind him places his hand on Ashik’s shoulder, he asks him to wait but then is shocked realizing that the person is actually his father.

Chedilal gets furious asking why he tries to convince his younger brothers to follow in his footsteps even when he has ordered him to never do such an act, Asthik tries to reason with him but runs away when Chedilal threatens to hit him, Alukik thanks his father for helping him because he thinks that he can actually be married, Chedilal however jokes saying that who would marry someone like him.

Chedilal in the shop asks Appu why did he order a tea for the chicken customer, Appu doesnot understand then Chedilal mentions that the customer who Alukik is dealing would not buy any sarree so he should not have ordered tea for her, he must only listen to his signal, Appu asks how does he know which customer would buy any sarree, Chedilal asks him to not think and just follow his orders, the waiter after bringing the tea hands one of it to the customer, Alukik also tries to get a cup but places it back when Chedilal snores in anger, Sargam comes with the lunch for them and also the pen and diary of Papa jee. Sargam answers Appu sometimes actions have to be judged which he cannot and should not even try.

The customers ask Alukik to take out the other sarree, Alukik says that she has already seen it, the customer mentions that her mood gets better after having tea so who knows she might like it, however when he opens it, she doesnot feel so and then coming near to him asks to take out the two sarree behind him, she however leaves after mentioning that she would come on Monday when the new collection arrives. Sargam sees how the customer was looking at Alukik and gets nervous, Chedilal asks them to witness that she did not bought any saree, Sargam explains that she knew the customer was not interested in any sarree as it is just a way by which she can meet Alukik, he is the actual reason she comes to their shop.

Sargam in the house reveals how she knows for sure that the girl is interested in Alukik and desires to make him her boyfriend, Chedilal is not able to believe asking if she is sure, Sargam mentions that she can judge the way a girl looks at someone as she is herself a girl, Asthik, Asha and Eklawya are hitting their feet, Chedilal asks why are they doing it, they all explain that it is to make Grandfather attend the bathroom, he is not even able to go the bathroom.

Asthik and Asha come to the discussion where they are all worried if the customer would actually give him her contact number, Asthik says that he should never do this because it would ruin his life, Chedilal however warns him to never listen to Asthik and Asha and only follow the instructions of Sargam because he desires that there should another girl in their house after Sargam, he even advises Asthik to marry any girl whom he likes but Asthik seeks forgiveness from god. Sargam orders Alukik to ask the girl for her contact number, Alukik getting up exclaims that he has decided and would surely ask the girl for her contact the next time when she arrives.

Alukik is trying to sell the saree however she as usual doesnot like any, Alukik asks what does she desires, she explains that she will not get what she ahs come for and will come back, she leaves when Sargam immediately sends him after her, the entire Awasthi family is looking from the entrance of the shop, Asha exclaims that he would get a slap however Eklawya reveals that it is a thing of past as now girls immediately use pepper spray, Asthik asks what it is, Asha advises him to look Infront and he would come to know, Asha questions Eklawya, asking how does he know about it, Eklawya also asks him to look in the front.

Alukik rushes after the girl, he with hesitation asks if she has a mobile, she inquires if he has to call someone however Alukik then clarifies if he can get her contact number, she reaches in her purse, everyone guess that she is going to take out the pepper spray. The customer takes out her mobile, asking Alukik to say his number as she would give him a missed call however her mobile is turned off, she then asks him to take out his mobile, so he says that it is in the shop, the girl then writes the number on his hand, he starts shivering but calms when she asks him to stand still.

Sargam asks Alukik if he believes her now because the girl gave her contact number to him, Alukik asks what he should do now, Appu says that he must get her contact recharged, Alukik agrees however Appu says that he must chat with her on the mobile, Sargam asks that he is getting really embarrass then how would he chat, Alukik replies that he would use his fingers, Asthik coming asks him to join his group because there is still time, he should fill the form, Alukik asks for the pen which worries Sargam and Appu however they are happy when he says that he I going to write down the contact of Mitthu because it can be wiped off from the hand, Asthik gets mad then taking the cup of tea he takes a sip however throws it because there is no sugar, Sargam offers him some however he leaves.

Sargam and Appu are sleeping in the night, Alukik knocks on their door explaining how he texted Mitthu just like they told him and he even joked with her when she send him a picture of the food but then when he asked if they can meet she did not reply, so he is wondering if there is a problem and he can go to her house, Sargam and Appu stop him saying that it might be because of poor network so he must not go anywhere, Alukik goes to the terrace and starts waiting for the network.

In the morning Chedilal wakes him up asking why was he sleeping on the terrace, Alukik reveals that Mitthu reply was about to come so he was waiting for the network, he is amazed because there is no reply, everyone turns when he gets a text message and Mitthu accepts the invitation to have dinner with him.


Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 31st March 2021 30th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sargam says that she would get Alukik dressed as he is going to meet a girl for the first time, she advises him to make her sit however he causes her to fall, Sargam asks what is happening, Appu reveals that he has made a hanging rope, they all open the door however are shocked to see what has happened.

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