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Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 26th March 2021 Appu is recording the ad for the powder to increase the memory and advises one o eat it and also give it to his family, Asha asks Appu why did he say to Lalita jee that his supply chain is not going to work and because of his words, Lalita jee has refused to work with him, Appu mentions that Lalita je is the friend of Sargam’s mother and if his supply chain doesnot work then it would cause a lot of problems for his relation with Sargam. Asha asks him to clear the mess which he has created saying that he earns throw his video but what should they do. Appu rushes to his room, Asha asks where is he going when Appu explains that he is going to change his clothes.

Appu sits on the chair but hurts his leg with a needle, Asha mentions that it is the bad omen for his actions, Sargam brings a thali of green vegetables, Asha asks what is the cause so Sargam mentions that it is their vegetables anniversary as on this day two years ago Appu started eating the vegetables, Akki explains that he did not start but was forced to, Appu scolds him ordering that he focus on his eating, Appu immediately understands what Sargam is about to say then blames it on his brothers saying that they cannot even remember the dates and they both are the only ones in their family who remember each and every date, Sargam leaves happily after which Asha looks angrily at Appu while Alukik says he will be back after eating the leaves from the trees.

Asha takes out the water bottle then exclaims Sargam is really honest and simple which is why she cannot understand how clever Appu is because he always makes a fool of her, Sargam doesnot understand so questions him, Asha asks if Appu has once made her remember any of the anniversary, she herself is the one to always give a hint and he picks it up from there, Sargam starts wondering and remembers that she indeed gives Appu a clue after which he guesses the anniversary, Asha advises Sargam to test Appu as he is just playing with her and indeed doesnot know anything, Sargam wonders if Asha is really telling the truth.

Sargam is combing her hairs, Appu enters the room asking if she really thinks the memory powder is going to work, Sargam asks what does he need the powder because he always remembers their wedding anniversary, she asks if he really remembers the anniversary which is due tomorrow, Appu starts to get nervous however he exclaims how can he forget such an important day, Sargam also says that the vegetable anniversary is nothing as compared to what is about to happen tomorrow, Sargam mentions that they are going to have a blast before leaving while Appu wonders what is the anniversary about.

Appu along with Alukik and Eklawya are searching the diary for the anniversary however are not able to find anything, Alukik consoles him saying that it is not his fault as Sargam has an anniversary 364 days of the year, Asthik is being teased by the neighbour so requests his brothers to come and discuss the matter at some other place which is a little more suitable however they refuse to listen to his desire saying that it is nothing to worry about, Asha says that he has got an idea, Eklawya says that he has got an idea about how to get a clue about the anniversary, Appu says that he has got an idea on how to lose his memory.

In the morning Appu acts as if he is getting a shock but Alukik starts beating him seriously, Appu after stopping him says that he should not get serious because they are just acting, Alukik asks when he should get serious an if Appu is about to act then should also correct the hairstyle, Appu explains that it is the hairstyle of the shock, Appu takes the wires and starts trembling, Eklawya calls everyone meanwhile Alukik constantly seeks permission from Appu but doesnot get a signal then he is finally ordered by the family members, Appu falls to the ground.

Appu is unconscious, Chedilal asks what has happened about the doctor, Eklawya explains that they are refusing to come because he always starts bargaining with them, Asha says this would happen if he starts getting discounts of five rupees even from them.

Eklawya explains that they should let him rest as he would regain consciousness after some time, Appu opens his eyes, sitting up he acts as if he has forgotten everything and doesnot even recognize Sargam and Chedilal, they both try to mention who they are but Appu doesnot pay any heed, Eklawya asks Sargam what anniversary is it because that might jog his memory however Appu acts as if his head hurts so they all leave his room so that he can rest.

Alukik along with Asthik and Eklawya enter the room, Alukik wonders if he is dead when Appu sits up saying that they have done a great job, Alukik asks about their payment but Appu doesnot respond, they threaten to call Sargam however he stops them.

Asthik brings Appu downstairs when Sargam comes questioning if he needs anything, Appu signals him to take him away from her, they try to make him remember however he doesnot respond and keeps on acting when grandfather comes from the bathroom, Alukik reveals how in order to make his pressure they have to act, but still Appu keeps on acting.

Alukik takes him to the dining table where Asha also comes, he seeing the chair decides to test so asks Appu to sit on it however he very cleverly turns the needle and sits down, Sargam brings chickpeas mentioning how much he loves them, Alukik asks why is she going so far away and should try to say something of the present day, Sargam is finally about to reveal the truth when Asha asks her to bring the soup of the vegetables, Sargam asks why would she make it when Appu doesnot like it, he explains that it might jog his memory, Asha tries very hard to make Appu confess however he doesnot then Asha reveals he has made a plan by which he would reveal his identity within the next two hours.


Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 27th March 2021 26th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sargam narrates a researcher who has said that the memory might come back after recreating the incident, they take Appu to the pole meanwhile Alukik and Asthik along with Eklawya open the circuit box however are shocked to see the fuse, Alukik prays that the fuse which they have turned off is the correct one.

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Telecast Date:26th March 2021
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