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Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 1st April 2021 Eklawya comes running, Appu asks if Chedilal has left, however Eklawya says that he is stil packing then Appu says that he is not going and says to Asha that if father doesnot leave then they would be getting in a lot of trouble because of him, Asha says that they should not say such things because when father leaves, all of them would get the commission.

Alukik mentions that according to his vibes, the guests would be coming in fifteen minutes which worries Eklawya who says that if he doesnot leave then it would cause a lot of problems for them all, Asha asks them to make sure that Sargam knows about their plan because of she is not aware then it would cause a lot of problem, Appu mentions that he has been waiting for her mood to lighten so he can inform that they are going to make a blunder, Eklawya says that Sargam would immediately send the customer away, Alukik seeks permission to say anything, then advises them to follow the plan, Appu says that he should call the customer to the shop and receive him there.

Chedilal is packing his bag, Appu signals Asha for the time, he tries to hurry Chedilal but Sargam asks if he has taken the tiffin and water, she also asks about the food however Asha says that he can buy it but Chedilal says that who would pay for it, Chedilal asks his father for the feet but he hands Chedilal money to bring the powder, Asha says that he would not be able to attend the bathroom even then, Appu gets a call from Alukik who asks if he can bring the customer, Appu asks what is the hurry because the time of arrival was eleven, Alukik explains that it is eleven which worries Appu, he rushes to open the door however the lock gets stuck, he thrashes it in anger which shocks everyone, he says that it is because they might get late for the train.

Chedilal and Asha come to the taxi, Grandfather sneezes after which Chedilal si about to sit in however Sargam stops him, Asha sneezes forcing his father to sit, he instructs the taxi driver to drop their father at the train station even if the tyre of his taxi gets punctured, Chedilal and Sargam look at him, he answers that it is because Chedilal is going for an important meeting.
Alukik asks the customer to buy sweets for everyone, he then sees Chedilal going away so pulls him without even letting him pay for the sweets, when they reach the house Appu and Eklawya greet him as if it is a reputed hotel, they talk in such a manner that the customer is impressed, Sargam is in the kitchen, Appu signals Eklawya to go and take care of her while he shows the hotel to the customer.

Eklawya running to Sargam explains that he is the father of Asha’s friend and came to Ghaziabad for some legal work but was not able to find any hotel, they allowed him to stay with them, he asks Sargam to make a tomato sandwich along with some chips and snacks as they promised refreshments after check in, Sargam asks why did he say check in as if their house is some hotel, Eklawya says that it is a joke and can they not take care of their guests.

Appu mentions that their hotel is a reputed hotel as during the famous cricket match a lot of cricket stars came to stay however Alukik mentions that he is wrong as the youngsters came to watch the match. Appu then also says that a lot of singing stars have also come to perform in Ghaziabad, Alukik says that there is a long list of people who have come to stay because of their concerts, Asha then dressed as a customer comes down the stairs, calling room service so Alukik goes to him, Asha asks who made the food which was served, Alukik responds that it was their cook so Asha says that he is really satisfied with their service and he should give fifty rupees as a tip, Appu gets worried but then explains to the customer how he mentioned about their splendid room service.
Asha then after talking on the mobile says that he heard there is someone who gives a good foot massage, the customer happily walks upstairs mentioning how their hotel has given a good package.

Sargam after coming to them asks what is happening because she heard the person saying something about a package, Asha asks if someone told Sargam about the plan.

Sargam asks Appu why he had to give their house as the hotel, she is adamant to inform Chedilal because it is not right, Appu calls her for being loyal to their father only, Sargam looks angrily at him, he asks if she wants to be called with this name because no one ahs called her like this but would start however Sargam doesnot have any problem with being called with such a name. Asthik also says to Asha that they are wrong so he would not let it happen, Asha explains that he really needs seven thousand rupees which their father would not give them so he has made a deal of twelve thousand with the customer, they can have the five thousand however Asthik is still not convinced.

Appu explains to Sargam that Asha borrowed seventeen thousand and has collected ten thousand but is not able to arrange the remainder which is why they have given the room on rent, he revels that the person has even threatened him to throw pamphlets in the village of his ex-wife saying that her husband Asha Amar Awasthi was not able to return his money, causing a lot of embarrassment for them as a family, Sargam asks if they would be able to take care of the room service, Appu is convinced that they would be able to take care of everything.

Asthik is adamant to inform Chedilal and doesnot even care about what happens to his elder brother, Alukik brings a book covered in a cloth asking Asthik if it is something important, Asthik says that it contains the entire teachings of his guru so demands Alukik to return it however he threatens to flush it in the bathroom.

Asha demands Alukik to give back the fifty rupees however he keeps on running, then Asha is able to catch him and demands the money however Alukik says that he is forced to lift the bags while he is chilling, the customer comes back and is shocked to see Appu beating Alukik who signals Asha, he hands Alukik another fifty rupees seeing which the customer leaves then Asha demands it back however Alukik takes another fifty rupees, Asha then runs after him.

Sargam mentions that she cannot lie and they should say the truth but Asha says that she should not worry as father is not in the house, Alukik however says that he is getting the vibes of their father, Appu an Eklawya say that he needs physical help, Chedilal actually comes back saying that the train was cancelled once again and now he would lose his deal.

Chedilal asks Sargam to make tea and also put back his belongings, Sargam in her nervousness says it wrong.

Chedilal then says that she should not make tea as he is going to the bathroom however the customer is still inside, he knocks on the door but is not ale to get the name then Sargam presents as if the beater has become faulty which worries Chedilal who comes to check providing time to the brothers to hide the guest.

Chedilal is standing when the brothers come one by one asking if the train was cancelled and then act as if they are sympathetic for him. Sargam says that she warned them to not lie and they should now hand back the money however Asha says that he cannot as he has used the money.


Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 2nd April 2021 1st April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Appu says that they would have to kill Chedilal, so they hang a malla on his photo, they say to the customer that the ghost of their father resides in their house and also say to Chedilal that Harbhajan Singh has also died, both of them scream after seeing each other.

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Telecast Date:1st April 2021
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