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Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 13th April 2021 Chedilal asks Sargam to bring out the bottle, she is about to take it out when Appu stops him explaining that what if someone would pay him eight thousand rupees for the same bottle, explaining that there is a friend of Asha’s friend who would give him the money and so they should send the alcoholic away, Chedilal sits down and Appu explains that it would be the best ideas as they would get the profit, Asha also says that this is the best idea but then Chedilal is thinking what he would say to the person standing in front of their house, Chedilal bumps into Asthik who sneezes then Chedilal says that he cannot go out however Alukik says he would take him but then Ashtik once again sneezes and they are left startled, Chedilal requests Asthik to seek some medical treatment however he is adamant to follow the orders of his Guru je, Sargam reveals that she also tried to give him some herbal treatment which he refused to take, explaining that eh did the same on 24th march two years ago after which he fainted, Asthik asks if he still remembers the date, Sargam exclaims that on that date is their sneakers anniversary because two years ago she bought her first sneaker, saying such small incidents cause big happiness.

Chedilal asks Sargam to hit Asthik in the head with those same sneakers he lies down on the bed and so Chedilal exclaims that he should to say to his Guru je that he is a fraud and not a right person as he is deceiving the young generation by forcing them to take a path which is not suitable for anyone. Asthik is not able to believe what his father is saying, Chedilal gets a call from the alvoholic who is standing outside the house.

Sargam after handing Grandfather the glass exclaims how she still feels they should tell the turht to Chedilal, Appu however tries to reason with her, Grandfather exclaims that once Chedilal brought two kilograms of pure ghee which he accidentally dropped, Sargam laughs saying that he would then have gotten really mad and scolded him, Grandfather reveals that he then made a hole in the pack so when Chedilal came back, he told him that it leaked from the hole, saving himself, Appu gets an idea so asks what if they also make a hole in the bottle.

Asha is with Appu in the kitchen with the bottle, Appu takes the knife to make the hole, Appu responds they would need the tool kit, Sargam is asked to go and get it, Asha says there is still some alcohol so what if they drank it, Appu makes him remember the promise which they made to Sargam, he then plans to fill some other bottle, Appu brings the pressure cooker however Asha rejects it, he then takes the bottle in which Sargam made the herbal treatment and fills it after which they go to make a hole in the bottle.
Asthik walking down the sitars is not feeling good so sees the message from the Guru jee that the test is fulfilled so now all the participants can take any medicine which they like, Asthik thinks that this means he can drink the herbal treatment, so he walks in the kitchen and drinks form the bottle which Asha had filled with the alcohol.

Asthik after coming asks what kind of a syrup it was because it was really swore, Asha is not able believe it and then signals Appu, they both get up with shock and amazement, Appu and Asha ask if he drank the entire bottle, Sargam asks what has happened when they explain that he accidently drank the bottle which was filled with alcohol, they are standing when Chedilal comes, Sargam hide the bottle of alcohol, Asha and Appu hide Asthik behind them.

Asthik however because of being high comes out asking who has arrived, he then takes his blessings in an unusual manner, Asha and Appu try to take him away but Asthik explains that he still has some things which he needs to talk with Chedilal about, he says to Chedilal that he said the Guru jee was not at all worthy and a foolish man but he is a great person because he said to Asthik that Chedilal is his father so he must not say anything however he is not his father so he said that Chedilal is himself a foolish man because he is the father of so many children so doesnot have the right to say anything and is even a coward, Asthik is still blaming,. Chedilal takes out water, Asthik exclaims that he should drown in it however Chedilal pours it over his face, Asthik runs away, he orders Alukik and Sargam to bring him back however they knock on the door but he doesnot come out, Sargam explains to Chedilal that he must have gone back to sleep so they would talk in the morning.

Asha and Alukik pours water over the face of Asthik and reveal the truth, Asthik sits while being nervous, Asha asks what would he do now, Asthik reveals that he would say the entire truth to Chedilal in the morning that he did not know who mixed the bottle of Alcohol, Asha says that he should not do it because they were the ones who mixed it, Asthik sis till adamant to reveal the truth, Asha says that they would then be thrown out of the house, Asthik says that they would come to meet him, and would now tell the truth to Chedilal before leaving.

Sargam reveals that Asthik said the right thing and they should have said the truth to Chedilal.

In the morning Asthik is apologizing while lying down in front of Chedilal explaining that he doesnot know how he drank the alcohol however Chedilal asks him to stand up as he knows the person responsible, Chedilal goes to Appu asking that when he refused to play the role, he asked Asthik to act as an alcoholic, they at first are not able to understand then Appu apologizes for doing such an act, they even stop Asthik when the tries to confess the truth.

Chedilal also exclaims that they would not sell the bottle but would do what was planned long ago, everyone gets worried.
Chedilal takes out the bottle and throws it in the dustbin when he gets a call from the alcoholic who offers to pay ten thousand rupees, however Chedilal refuses to sell at any price and tries to advise him however he ends the call, Chedilal says to Sargam that they should drink now, she gets worried however he replies that he is talking of tea but she should make just a little, they all also say the same thing then Sargam says they can drink it, everyone starts laughing.


Sargam Ki Sadhe Sati 14th April 2021 13th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Asthik asks Appu to be cautious of the buffalo, they are not able to stop and get into an accident, the person comes explaining that his buffalo has gotten into shock and is not eating anything, they should do something about it, Sargam prepares the food, Alukik is worried that the buffalo might die however she gets even mad.

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Telecast Date:13th April 2021
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