Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 5th February 2021 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 5th February 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 5th February 2021  episode starts with Indresh moving towards court hurriedly but some goons catch hold of him tricking his way.
Mata Santoshi is explained by Prabhu Mahadev in front of all Gods that you have to clear this exam properly by which you’ll achieve your goal towards your devotee & she assures him accordingly. Dev Rishi also intimate Mata that this will be very difficult exam for you but Mata tells him that I can do anything for my devotee.
Indresh’s mother is praying Mata Santoshi for well-being of her son who hasn’t arrived still while Singhasan arrives & she is expressing her depression towards Indresh as well as Swati but he tries to calm her.
Devi Polomi asks Devesh that if Indresh finds proof then & he tells her that’s why I have already tighten him so that he won’t reach to court but she again wonders asking that if Swati gets time & he says that I do not wish to put her in jail instead to teach lesson to Indresh so that he accepts my proposal of Swati & Devi Polomi appreciates his thinking.
Swati is taken to court by police while Singhasan & his family also leave to court but does not find Indresh hence wonders but his brother tells him we’ll search him if he has arrived near but you watch how Devesh is ready for Swati’s punishment to decide.
Abhay is searching Indresh but dashes with Laila whom he realizes but she hides herself & somebody diverts his attention taking Laila away & that person tells Laila still I am having that clip & she feels it means still I have my cards ready.
Brahmadev tells Mata Santoshi to take seat for getting ready to face exam & accordingly she is moving to take her seat.
Devi Polomi arrives in court intimating Devesh while Swati too arrives in court praying Mata Santoshi but Devi Polomi uses her trick to make her fall thinking her Mata will get disturbed while Mata Santoshi hears her devotee’s voice & stops & Swati also keeps calling name of Indresh wondering where he can be.
Indresh is running from the goons to reach court urgently but they follow him while someone comes on bike & starts hitting Indresh trying to make him injured.
Laila also arrives in court hiding herself in burkha.
Prabhu Narayan tells Mata Santoshi that to keep your devotee’s thoughts aside but instead she tells him that I can’t due to we are because of our devotee’s itself & he appreciates her thoughts. Brahmadev asks her his first query of exam which she answers positively getting accolades from them.
The court proceedings begin while Devesh defends his case telling to judge that this is case of my wife hence I have to fight for her justice. The lawyer of Swati says that due to her health conditions she has to be given bail immediately but Devesh says against his request that this is death case & all proofs are against her showing the gun which was used hence to decide punishment & Swati is crying & pleading that she hasn’t killed Bubli while her lawyer proposes judge to provide next date which will provide us some time to search proofs because still all the things aren’t cleared in this case.
Swati collapses pleading judge as well as calling Indresh while her mother in law gets emotional towards her & Indresh is confronting with the goons attacking them but one of them warns showing gun point towards him while he stops.
Devi Polomi feels very happy thinking Devi Santoshi will get disturbed now while Mata is feeling pained towards her devotee’s cry.

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Telecast Date:5th February 2021
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