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Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 3rd September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 3rd September 2020  episode starts with indresh watching make-up materials after having bath in his house remembering about swati & his aunty comes asking him are you remembering swati & he says do not be in assumptions while she is asking him you were coming out of your evils towards swati then how come again you started torturing her as you had lots of love between each other? & he tells her you do not bother about it & throws away the make-up kit & leaves. Polomi is harming kunti aunty as she is shocked asking who is it but finds nobody & runs away from the room while polomi says when will these human understand I don’t know & whoever comes in my way will be killed.
Swati is keeping on crying while her parents are trying to console her as her father brings tea for her & she remembers earlier days with indresh having tea together. Parents are trying to explain her to start life again with fresh face but she refuses saying I cannot as this mangalsutra & sindoor cannot be neglected but her mother shouts her saying we will go away from here but she gain refuses & walks away while her brother tries to stop her but his father tells him she must have gone to temple of mata santoshi & she’ll only look after her now.
Swati is praying in temple pleading mata for making indresh remember that I had loved him purely.
An old woman enters indresh’s house compound asking if anybody is there & indresh comes out so she asks him can you give something to eat & he refuses saying nothing is here but she says I heard there is marriages celebration here so please give something so that god will bless you.
Dev rishi praises saying mata paravati itelf has gone is disguise which is really appreciable while mata santoshi says it’s because she too wants to save love in this world so dev rishi also says that she also do not wish to destroy devotion of hartalika fast which blesses woman.
Indresh goes to bring food for her while mahadev asks mata why you had to do this so she tells him once you had tried helping your devotee so now it’s my turn & duty too to help your devotee.
Mata santoshi tells dev rishi that once indresh gives food to mata paravati then his negative thoughts will disappear from his minds with powers of mahadev & also polomi’s negative energy will end from indresh’s mind & body so dev rishi says yes i too wish the same so that swati’s life will again get filled with love.
Mata paravati comes in her original form as polomi watches her & all over the place lights glow while dev rishi praises mata’s powers which spreads positive vibes everywhere. Indresh brings food & mata tells him I do not eat without putting bhog so whoever you pray to please put bhog for that god & then I’ll eat while polomi is shocked as dev rishi praises saying if indresh puts bhog to mahadev then swati’s life will become stable again.
Swati is crying & praying mata santoshi asking her I haven’t married wrong person then how come he has become wrong? & she is banging her head on legs of mata santoshi saying he had done meditation for you along with me then how come he has forgot all.
Polomi says thinking if mata paravati stops any further on earth then my powers will get destroyed.
Indresh tells her I do not have any god so take it but she tells him seeing your face you are bholenath’s devotee i guess so give it to him & he’ll bless you forever but he again refuses shouting her why are you forcing me when I told you I have no god & he throws the plate of food which makes paravai mata depressed while mahadev gets wild & dev rishi tells santoshi mata that now mahadev will get angry by which no idea what’ll happen. Stormy weather started flowing everywhere as mata paravati prays mahadev to calm while swati too feeling trouble & prays mahadev to save my indresh as I have his mangalsutra on me & mahadev shouts calling santoshi mata & tells her paravati mata as well as your devotee prayed me so I am calming but this won’t happen always.
Mata paravati tells indresh you have done wrong as this will disturb your life but indresh calls guard to take her away saying since arrived here only giving lecture.
Mata paravati is wondering while devi polomi comes to apply salt on her experiment which could not succeed & mata paravati explains her saying whatever you are doing is wrong telling her you are trying to give another’s husband to another person but polomi tells her I am just helping my devotee & santoshi mata intervenes saying you should look about your husband first then polomi says you do not have to bother about my husband as he is busy in his work & Santoshi says it’s because he doesn’t know about your deeds. Polomi explains them this is only because of helping devotees & see my devotees are increasing on earth but you just look after your devotee & she leaves.
Mata santoshi explains mata paravati to not to bother much as till swati’s faith is alive nothing will happen to indresh.
Swati watches broken star in the sky at night from the temple & feels to wish from broken star which gets fulfilled it was heard so she wishes praying mata santoshi to return indresh to me & convert his love for me in his heart again & she gets call from indresh making her very excited thinking I knew he cannot stay away for long from me & she picks telling him I was waiting for your call only but he asks why or do not think I’ll come to your house to plead you but called you only to ask you the password to unlock the locker & why you took away as all are waiting here to perform sangeet for which family jewelry is required & swati becomes depressed asking him so you called for jewelry only & yes he says so tell what is the password & she tells him the date when we had met first time & cuts the phone.
Nidhi asks him did she give the password & he says not yet but only answering in riddles.

Precap : 

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 4th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Devi polomi is dancing in sangeet celebration of indresh & nidhi while swati comes pushing the door of indresh’s house. Swati claps as polomi pushes her & holds her neck tight saying how much pain she has given to my devotee the same way I’ll give to devi santoshi’s devotee while indresh & also mata santoshi are watching polomi what she is upto.

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Telecast Date:3rd September 2020
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