Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 2nd October 2020 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 2nd October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 2nd October 2020 episode starts with dev rishi explaining mata santoshi the world will get to know your relations with swati which will last for years & years increasing your devotees also.
Ushma tells bubbly Pooja is done by pure heart & love not thinking about how you dress or look.
Bubbly blames indresh & nidhi due to which I lost all faith in mata santoshi that’s why I am angry with her, addressing her parents too while singhasan also supports her saying she is right or she was so much devoted to santoshi mata but now she has forgot her completely & his wife gives him looks.
Brahman says how can swati forget mata santoshi which is next to impossible while ushma supports brahman & says yes he is right as swati’s relations with mata santoshi was talk of this world which can’t ever end so tells bubbly to start Pooja.
Swati’s father tells everybody not to force my daughter & he asks her are you well & she says I am little tired so he advises her to give Pooja plate to mother & you just sing aarti because without your prayers mata also won’t impress & yes says ushma too thinking she fell in her own trap itself.
Dev rishi praises ushma when not in anger then looks good in her trick playing strategy so to see what kind of condition is of polomi’s devotee now.
Swati asks mata santoshi in santosh lok can I sing your prayers as not sung for long time & she allows her.
Dev reshi tells mata at one side swati is completely devoted through your prayers while there this girl gets bugged hearing to sing your prayers which is surprising.
Devi polomi & her birds are searching devraj indra but could not find so she complains guru but he tells her if not found then you’ll lose.
Bubbly refuses to sing prayers blaming indresh’s conditions happened due to mata santoshi but ushma tells her actually due to mata itself your indresh got better because of your devotion towards mata santoshi.
Ushma tells her to sing prayers now but bubbly gets bugged hearing aarti-aarti & finally say I won’t sing as I am not swati of are you happy with it & all are shocked while singhasan bends his neck.
Dev rishi praises ushma ultimately she did this to take out the truth of this girl.
Swati’s mother asks bubbly why are you doing this but ushma tells her now to believe that she isn’t original swati. Bubbly tries to leave but ushma stops her telling singhasan to accept this was your plan & I’ll keep doing such things daily with this girl like Pooja or fast or also make her climb long long steps of temple & also early morning bath with cold water & reading path too which bubbly dreams how it will be climbing so long steps of temple, having bath & reading path which’ll make me die in pain & she immediately changes her mind asking singhasan do I have to do all this & she tells ushma I was angry but I thought to sing prayers in temple then too not to worry as now I’ll sing prayers while ushma is shocked & bubbly thanks devraj indra for helping whom she had called through polomi’s powers for help & devraj indra helps her giving powers of payers to sing of mata santoshi applauding her it’s good you accepted becoming friend of devi santoshi & which should be sung through heart.
Aarti prayers begin in mata santoshi’s lok by swati & here by bubbly in singhasan’s house while ushma is surprised thinking how this has happened & mahadev with mata paravati are also watching surprisingly.
Bubbly tells ushma see I sang prayers but polomi leaves from her body as ushma realizes it.
Mata santoshi goes to meet polomi praising for singing her prayers & ask her any wish but polomi replies to not to show off but mata tells her I am mata of Santosh & if an evil person who sings prayers of Santosh he or she is firstly blessed while mata paravati also asks mahadev why santoshi thought to give her wish & mahadev explains her whatever santoshi said is right as per her status any evil prays for her is liable to get wish. Polomi refuses but mata santoshi tells her never mind but your wish will be pending from my side to you whenever you ask me.
All leave while bubbly thinks how I sang I am wondering while singhasan also asks her how this happened & she is expressing her doubt to him too but indresh’s mother blames her saying she is swati itself & both these sisters are trying to mend money from us.
Swati’s mother appreciates bubbly how nicely you sang prayers & tells her now let’s leave but ushma stops her saying not yet as Friday is last till I prove while singhasan also challenges her saying use how many Friday’s you wish but this will only be the truth.
Swati’s parents come out of the house crying in pain while ushma follows them asking what happened & swati’s mother tells her we have realized that this girl is not our daughter as she was not this way who was ultimate devotee more than me of mata santoshi but we kept quiet due to your work to be completed searching the truth behind our daughter & swati’s mother says if anything wrong mustn’t have happened to our swati but her father stops her from uttering any wrong about swati & she’ll be fine under blessings of mata santoshi. Ushma also calms them saying yes that mata santoshi will keep eyes on her I feel while she prays mata to help them returning their daughter anyhow.

Precap : 

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 3rd October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Locals come to complain singhasan about his daughter in law bubbly’s behavior who is having affair within our people & abusing her so singhasan tells them I knew this girl is bad & tells both sisters to leave this house but ushma slaps her saying we won’t leave this way but to blacken her face & make her roam around this village.

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Telecast Date:2nd October 2020
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