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Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 1st October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 1st October 2020 episode starts with bubbly sees an expensive watch & tries to steal but a goon comes seeing him stealing & shouts thief-thief & all come running asking who thief but bubbly says this goon but he blames her instead saying this woman was stealing & ushma understands he said “this woman” so she asks the goon how come you are saying woman it means you do not know swati but he remembers & singhasan interferes saying she is our daughter in law swati while ushma says so she is a thief but bubbly refuses asking ushma why don’t you believe me then ushma says singhasan’s person is saying you were stealing so whom to believe while indresh’s mother also says swati is a thief because firstly she stole our son then entered into our house & now this but ushma says my swati was never a thief instead she was devotee of mata santoshi while singhasan slaps goon who gets angry but controls & tells him to leave & appreciates of swati’s devotion towards mata santoshi who was never a thief.
Dev rishi praises about singhasan ultimately appreciated swati atleast to mata santoshi & mata explains him when a person isn’t around then he reminds about good habits of that person & appreciates & when a person appreciating the other person when he is around then that person too appreciates him or her so one time will come when singhasan will accept swati as his daughter in law while swati comes playing & hears all this so asks who singhasan & dev rishi gets surprised but mata tells her you don’t bother about it.
Singhasan comes to calm goons saying to use brains & one gets wild on him flowing snake on him unknowingly to singhasan & ushma smells some asoors powers around while polomi comes to stop them & shouts them explaining that this girl is brought by me itself through singhasan & ushma asks help from mata so mata tells her it might be due to powers of polomi being spread across but ushma says this was something abnormal like asoor & not usual power smell then too I’ll search & she leaves on terrace where polomi is discussing with goons of future plans as ushma nears & bubbly comes out from hidden saree on terrace as polomi also comes near bubbly & ushma sees polomi understanding that this girl is brought by polomi itself while goons also come out of the room from terrace & ushma gets shocked asking them you all are here & they tell her we do not wish to talk with you as this is our owner’s house. Ushma plans to make this girl bubbly do that thing which will be impossible for her.
Ushma arranges aarti celebration in house calling everybody including swati’s parents with temple brahman too & she is forcing bubbly to do aarti while her parents also force her to sing that song of prayers which she use to sing always of mata but bubbly is confused thinking where I have stuck which I never did so what to do now as singhasan & all are too surprised.
Dev rishi praises solution of ushma to search the truth wherein devi polomi also can’t help in this as she never did your aarti too due to her ego.
Devi polomi is shocked how come santoshi devi’s aarti planned & tarangni asks her now what’ll happen.
Bubbly is confused what to do while swati’s mother is insisting her to start soon & brahman sees bubbly worn chappals so tells her which is to be taken out first while ushma thinks addressing singhasan that once her truth comes out then I’ll take out truth from you too of swati.
Devi polomi asks help from gurudev & he suggests her you are married to god indra so to remember him for help as it’ll help you immediately & she calls him but he does not come then guru tells her to do it fast or santoshi’s plan will succeed.
Ushma tells bubbly to start quickly as all are waiting but instead she takes excuse from her saying I’ll wear new saree as this is worn for whole day now which does not look good in front of performing aarti of goddess but ushma tells her to not to worry as Pooja is done by pure heart & not by good clothes.
Dev rishi discussing with mata about devotion to god is done by heart & not by showing off & mata too puts example of an old poor woman too who was devoted for prabhu ram & only arranged flowers lovingly by which she was blessed by prabhu ram for emerging for her on her flower bed walking towards her & she getting so delighted telling ram that I am blessed & arranges seat as well as food for shri ram.
Mata explains dev rishi devotion is happiness which happens through heart only & nothing is expected by god than love.
Swati brings fruits for mata santoshi & also the old poor woman brings fruits offering to shri Ram who takes & eats lovingly while mata santoshi also eating fruits offered by swati.

Precap : 

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 2nd October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Bubbly plays trick sitting in front of indresh saying so much Pooja i use to do but see what mata santoshi did & ushma tells her it’s because of mata santoshi indresh is saved but bubbly says i have lost faith so what i should do then ushma says don’t sing but only read & bubbly shouts saying i do want to do aarti & i am not swati is it ok for you while singhasan, indresh & polomi are shocked & santoshi mata smiles.

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Telecast Date:1st October 2020
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