Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 1st January 2021 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 1st January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 1st January 2021 episode starts with Swati insisting Devesh that she wish to go to her parents while he is bringing inside the room to calm her & Devi Polomi also follows them giving tablet to make her sleepy which is seen by Dev Rishi & tries to intimate Swati to not to take but she is unable to hear him & also all this is watched by Mata Santoshi. Devesh puts tablet in her mouth forcefully which makes her sleepy.
Dev Rishi complains Mata to see what all this is happening with your devotee Swati who is troubled by Devi Polomi as well as Devesh who is supporting Devi Polomi & only three days have left for marriage so please do something. Mata intimates Dev Rishi that we have to stop Indresh & Bubli’s marriage too.
Bubli opens the locker seeing so much wealth in it & remembers about Devesh’s as well as the culprit’s demand so steals some money from it thinking stealing from sea doesn’t make any difference.
Singhasan calls Swati to come soon while Lovely goes to see what she is doing & finds Swati hiding something hence asks her but she diverts her attention telling father in law is calling hence need to go.
Swati is waking up slowly while Dev Rishi is intimating Mata Santoshi that inspite Swati is given pills she is strongly helping herself to get up as she is powerful within but Devi Polomi & this human Devesh is harming her unknowingly while Mata Santoshi is getting wild & Dev Rishi calms Mata saying I know you Ushma iof anger is growing in yourself but be calm.
Swati goes slowly near Mata’s photo holding herself but her chain of Mata also falls from her neck unknowingly while Dev Rishi & Mata are watching her.
Dev Rishi intimates Mata to see Swati that she is not in her right state of mind as she isn’t aware your chain fallen from her neck also while Mata gets shocked.
Devesh’s sister in law comes to help Swati to get dressed up properly while Swati is feeling thirsty insisting her to bring water for her.
Singhasan is expressing his happiness to his son Indresh about this marriage ceremony which will be grand.
Lovely thinks Bubli is hiding something under her saree so tells Pinky about it & they go to see what she is hiding while Bubli understands & immediately hides the money under the plate as Pinky pulls her for photo’s to click but nothing falls from her saree hence Lovely’s attempt fails.
Devi Polomi is dancing in celebration place in front of all Devesh’s family as well as guests.
Mata Santoshi in anger pulls Devi Polomi after dance as Devi Polomi tells Mata why are you so angry which does not suit your image but Mata is warning her to not to trouble or play any trick towards her devotee or will face trouble while Devi Polomi tells her I do not have any powers also & see your devotee hasn’t light diya too in front of your photo but Mata tells her to not to worry about my devotee instead think about your behaviour or will face big trouble from me but Devi Polomi asks Mata that will you fight with a powerless person while Mata makes her remind of her wrong usage of powers due to which it were squeezed & Devi Polomi is mum.
Mata Santoshi is pampering Swati moving her hand from her head intimating her to try to remember past while she is feeling slowly better & Devi Polomi is getting bugged.
Mehndi maker asks Swati what name to write on your hands & she says Indresh while Indresh hears Swati calling him & gets shocked thinking how come I am feeling Swati called me but his sister Pinky tells him she is behind itself & he wonders if Swati is here than why am I feeling this way?
All are surprised & Devesh as well as his mother are shocked so Devesh’s mother interrupts saying instead Devesh she is saying Indresh but write Devesh & Mehndi maker also says I’ll write Devesh but again Swati says Indresh while Mata feels happy & Devi Polomi shocked.
Devesh gets up & slaps Swati by which she falls on Mata’s feet & Mata gets wild shouting Devesh as a fool & brings sword in her hands while Mata Paravati also intimates Prabhu Mahadev that human is acting weird towards women which is wrong & need to be punished as all Gods are also watching Mata Santoshi’s anger which is creating terror.
Mata Santoshi trying to hit Devesh with the sword but Devi Polomi interrupts to stop as Devesh feels he is stopped but she stops Mata saying you can’t do this in your God’s image which is wrong but Mata pushes Devi Polomi’s hands saying to stay away.


Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 2nd January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Devesh is forcing Swati that you are only mine & nobody else’s while Mata tells Brahmadev that now I can’t bear this any further but Prabhu Mahadev interrupts telling her that like Devi Polomi is facing her punishment Devesh will also get his punishment but only you have to control & also Brahmadev tells Mata that you can’t cross Gods rules & Mata says that I am ready to sacrifice my status of Devi if I am unable to help my devotee.

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Telecast Date:1st January 2021
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