Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 19th February 2021 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 19th February 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 19th February 2021  episode starts with Singhasan lights body of Indresh with fire & Swati is pleading Abhay & Indresh’s uncle to leave her while Devi Polomi & Devesh watching this are enjoying death of Indresh including trouble of Swati.
Swati runs towards Indresh’s body to enter into fire but she is stopped by Mata Santoshi while Swati sees her & asks when Indresh was getting lit by fire where were you & now why you are stopping me while Mata tells her that you can’t stop fate written in human’s life but you still have life & explains her showing Indresh’s face that to see Indresh who sacrificed life for your safety hence will you waist your Indresh’s sacrifice instead to fight in life for him & bid him to leave this world happily in his future journey & Swati remembering about her happier days with Indresh breaks crying in deep emotions seeing Indresh’s face.
Tridev Gods also arrive along with Dev Rishi while Mata Santoshi is surprised to see them at funeral spot. They tell her that you have passed your this test also without using your powers to explain your human devotee ethics of human life & she surprisingly asks them is it that Indresh is alive & Prabhu Narayan tell her that Indresh is alive which was a trick played by Brahmadev itself to test you & Mata feels happy while everything returns at its place as Indresh is in jail. They also appreciate Mata’s devotee who performed her fast nicely giving them food prepared by her own hands.
Swati is in hospital thinking of Raja who must recover while she thinks that Gangajal is finished hence how to help Indresh now & Mata in disguise of her Didi watching her asking permission from Tridev’s that can she help her devotee now & they allow her hence comes to ask Swati what happened & Swati tells what all happened with her on the way about accident of the person who seems to know something about Bubli’s case & Didi tells her I had told you that you will get the fruits of your fast.
They come to see Raja who wakes up after Didi touching his head & Mata Santoshi Didi tells Swati that see if he tells you everything & leaves. Swati asks him what were you going to tell me & he tells her everything that he has a recording which will turn the case & help you find the actual killer while Indresh will get released from this crime hence she asks him to show the recording & he is showing her.
Singhasan along with his lawyer register police case of Swati absconding after his son got jailed due to she was broke thinking she won’t allow her punishment to happen to her husband & advises to search her soon or she might do something weird & Inspector assures him about her search will resume immediately.
Singhasan’s lawyer appreciates his brains which he has well planned so that Swati might get killed & after her death nobody can prove he has killed Bubli & also Laila is on his side to prove that Indresh is not the actual killer & he also assures lawyer that Laila won’t turn her back on him.
Laila is bribed by Devesh along with Devi Polomi & she assures him that she will become witness for him but Devesh tells her to first show the proof & she thinks addressing Singhasan that you thought I am a fool after breaking my mobile but I had already saved another copy of the recording & picks the phone to show him but instead Mata Santoshi sees & uses her powers to disturb the recording & no recording runs shocking Laila.
Swati is shocked to see the recording of Singhasan talking with Laila about the case & asks Raja why he was there with Laila & he tells her that he knew her since earlier because he offered her the house where Laila is staying while Swati wonders.
Dev Rishi appreciates Tridev’s about all the incidences happened of Swati meeting this person Raja & also making you to meet him hence finally Swati & Indresh may reunite but Mata tells him that Devi Polomi won’t allow this to happen of Singhasan’s truth to come out.
Swati watching the recording thinks that father is also involved in Bubli’s death but asks Raja to tell complete truth & he tells her to find complete truth you need to go to Laila.
Devesh curses Laila saying that by lying you thought you’ll take away the money fooling me but Laila insisting him that she had proof but do not know why this video isn’t running.
Devi Polomi intimates Mata Santoshi that you started your powers to use this way now but Mata tells her you started it & now I’ll end this because you never understood the fate written in human’s life as my devotee’s devotion won’t go waist.
Devesh snatches phone from Laila’s hands & throws away which goes towards legs of Swati who arrives there & video starts running which shocks her watching the recording saying that Bubli was killed by Father Singhasan while all are too shocked to see Swati.

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Telecast Date:19th February 2021
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