Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 19th August 2020 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 19th August 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 19th August 2020 episode starts with indresh starts hitting the person who has come to plead his father to give him some time to repay but indresh doing this in fit of anger to show swati due to polomi being entered in his body & creating this evil act. The person pleads & polomi leaves while indresh calms & walks away. Indresh’s father gives the person time & also warns swati saying this was only a trailer & if he wishes he can do anything more so beware & swati is shocked to see all this.
Indresh’s mother is preparing tea while her daughter comes telling that father wants tea urgently & while pouring tea falls down on indresh’s mother’s hands & gets burned while swati comes to pour water on her hand but she shouts her saying not to show any sympathy but swati asks her I’ll go & give tea but she again shouts her saying outsider is now allowed to interfere in our family matters & swati keeps quiet.
Indresh, his uncle & his father are discussing how to tackle woman’s & to not to make them to act liberally or else they become lose & dance on our heads so to keep them always tight while indresh’s mother brings tea & hears what they are talking about but keeps her mouth shut to not to react in front of them.
Dev rishi discussing this matter with mata santoshi asking what is this happening as how humans can act this way where at one side they do Pooja of woman’s & other side they curse too & also about indresh who was mahadev’s devotee so what has happened to him to act this way then santoshi mata replies it’s only because of devi polomi’s evil creations in indresh which has captured him by her powers so he is doing this way & as far as mahadev’s devotee is concerned we can’t differentiate between mahadev’s devotee & singhasan’s son & also tells dev rishi that it seems you are too attracted towards devi polomi’s evil powers so dev rishi understands & asks forgiveness from mata saying you are right. Mata santoshi says that we have to see what kind of development will arise in future within this family.
Swati is preparing tea for herself & her sister in law comes to shout her saying do it fast or leave from here joking about her too then swati says have I ever done anything to you earlier then indresh’s aunty advises swati they are not worth to talk with. Indresh’s mother comes to stop swati saying you have no rights on anything in this house so swati gets depressed & goes to ask indresh for some money but he asks he what money or ok & tells father to give her cheque of Rs. 50 lacs then swati replies I am not talking about divorce but for day to day expenses as you are my husband & it’s your duty towards your wife & he replies what kind of expenses when i do not accept you as my wife but swati says divorce papers are not given to anybody except husband or wife & takes out money from his purse & gives it to his father insulting swati & telling his father that this is your money so to take it & tells swati see I do not have any money. All are laughing on her but swati insists indresh to give money & warns saying if you do not give then I’ll sit on fast without having water too & he replies it’s good that if you do this then you’ll die & I’ll become free from you so hearing this swati gets more depressed & he leaves saying my would be bride has come to pick me so all too disburse.
Indresh is discussing with nidhi telling her that swati is harassing me now saying to earn for her or I’ll sit on fast but I too have told sit or die I don’t care so nidhi too says good you said but why are you upset then & he says not eaten anything & nidhi tells him I have brought paratha’s for you which you like & he appreciates her as they both are eating by each other’s hands while here swati is depressed thinking about her past life with indresh which was so happy & enjoying.
Indresh’s aunty comes in swati’s room to explain her how helpless a woman is & I have gone through in this family facing torture since so many years but swati tells her woman has never raised her voice for her rights that’s why this keeps on happening & indresh’s uncle comes cursing his wife as well as shouting swati to not to interfere in our matters but to look of your husband indresh who has left you now & enjoying with his lover nidhi & swati tells him to keep quiet, which she meant, not wishing to hear such things.
Swati sits depressing thinking of mata santoshi & asking for help while santoshi mata is watching her.
Swati sits for meditation of mata santoshi while devi polomi comes near her smiling & saying happily that nothing will happen good for you as here your torture will keep on happening & there indresh enjoying which will make your life worst more & more & she is spreading her evil powers around her smilingly while swati is chanting mantra of mata santoshi & santoshi mata is watching her.

Precap : 

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 20th August 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Indresh’s family members asking indresh as he arrives with nidhi, to what to do about swati as she is sitting on fast & has become pale without eating or drinking water too so nidhi says to throw her out of the house & indresh pulls her but she holds the chair tightly & all start pulling her but santoshi mata comes to help her hold tightly while devi polomi too comes to help nidhi to pull her. Santoshi mata & devi polomi are facing each other.

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Telecast Date:19th August 2020
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