Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 10th February 2021 Written Episode Update


Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 10th February 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Santoshi Maa Sunayein Vrat Kathayein 10th February 2021  episode starts with Swati getting very bright light in front of her but her Santoshi Didi emerges & she emotionally asks her it’s you or I thought Mata Santoshi itself came to me but her Didi says think the same that your Mata has come. Swati hugs her crying & expressing her conditions due to Indresh being arrested but she calms her while Dev Rishi also arrive in same Brahman form to tell her that you have to do havan tomorrow due to being auspicious day without eating, drinking or talking so your problems will get resolved & she prays Mata Santoshi’s idol.
Devi Polomi comes to tell Devi Santoshi that whatever you do is right & if I do its wrong but Mata tells her I just show right path to my devotee but you instead teach evil tricks which is wrong & Devi Polomi says that’s your way the same like my way which is allowed in war hence you can’t come to stop me to give advice to my devotee also & leaves.
Swati tells her Didi that I will do this havan with fast anyhow while her mother in law comes to temple to take her away as her Didi tells her she is fine now.
Devesh completes Bubli’s funeral process along with Devi Polomi while Bubli’s mother is crying praying to God & Devesh is calming her. Devi Polomi intimates Devesh that Laila must be having the actual proof & he decides to compromise with Laila.
Singhasan warns Laila pointing gun that to say whatever I am telling you that Swati is actual killer so that my son will get released & she will be arrested but Laila asks him you wish to kill your daughter in law also & he says yes as I do not bother what happens to her but my son should get released & she accepts his advice.
Indresh reminding about Devesh’s warning to him hence thinks that I won’t allow Swati to happen anything as she is safe with my parent’s.
Singhasan along with his lawyer comes to meet Indresh in jail & asks him the truth about why he did this by changing the proofs & he tells him the truth everything what he did while Singhasan was recording his statement, that all he did was only to save Swati, which was enough for them to prove that Indresh is safe.
Swati arrives with her mother in law & tells her she will be doing havan tomorrow along with fast so that all problems will be resolved while she is taking good care of her. Pinky comes to call her mother due to her father has arrived. Indresh’s mother is asking him what happened while he is silent & she tells him about Swati’s conditions but hearing her name he gets wild saying that because of her all this has happened while Indresh’s mother trying to calm him but then too wildly he says that if she wouldn’t had heard of Bubli then all this could not had happened but Swati hears him & he also tells Indresh’s mother that if Swati wouldn’t had my son’s wife then I would killed her on the road itself & Swati gets shocked hearing this while her mother in law sees her & intimates Singhasan.
Swati goes inside crying while her mother in law follows her & she tells her that whatever father said is right due to me all this has happened hence I’ll do anything to release Indresh now.
Singhasan arranges a rope for Swati’s suicide to happen & informs his lawyer about it while his lawyer intimates him to be alert & handover that suicide note to Swati which he has arranged in her handwriting same to same.
Devi Polomi appreciates Singhasan’s deed saying that it seems he has come into his original evil form again which will help a lot for torturing Devi Santoshi’s devotee.

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Telecast Date:10th February 2021
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