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Sanjog 9th November 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sanjog 9th November 2022 Rajeev shouts at Amrita and says why did you scold Tara? Tara locks Chanda in a room in anger. Amrita rushes there and brings Chanda out of the room. Chanda says she locked me inside. Tara says I didn’t. Amrita says don’t lie. Gauri comes there and says I locked the room mistakenly, it was not Tara.

Amrita tells Tara to tell the truth to her. Tara says you are trusting her more than me? Tell me if you trust me or Chandini? Rajeev shouts how dare you give Tara’s gift to Chandini? He brings it to Tara. Tara says I really like this. Rajeev tells Amrita to stay away from Tara for some days. Gauri smirks. Amrita sadly leaves.

Amrita comes to the mandir and prays for Tara. Chanda prays with her. Amrita thinks I just want Tara and Chanda to love each other like sisters.

Gauri comes to Gopal and says our plan is working. Gopal says I got to know that Tara is our daughter but I can’t even hug her, I can’t do this anymore. Gauri says then we can give up Chanda? Gopal says no, I love them both. Gauri says we have 4 kids now. Tara is ours too but we have to get money to do their upbringing so just trust me. I will have 4 kids with us soon. Gopal says I trust you. Gauri hugs him, she hears something and leaves.

Lakshita is walking in the lounge when Gauri follows her. Lakshita comes to Rajeev’s room and hugs him. Gauri hides and sees them. She makes their video. Rajeev tells Lakshita that I can’t wait to make you mine officially, he leaves. Gauri enters the room and smirks.

Amrita brings food for Tara but she ignores him. Rajeev tells Amrita that he will get some food for her. He leaves with her. Amrita says I will pecify Tara soon.

Gauri tells Lakshita that I have proof against your affair. Lakshita shouts what are you doing here? Gauri says I saw you breaking your friend’s relationship. Lakshita tries to slap her but Gauri stops her and says I am not a cheapster like you. Lakshita says what do you want? Gauri says don’t tell about this to Rajeev, you will do as I say. She leaves from there.

Amrita is cooking in the kitchen. Maasa comes there and asks Gauri what is going on? Gauri says Amrita is making pancakes. Maasa leaves. Amrita says I will bake a cake for Tara. Gauri smirks and thinks of an idea.

Amrita leaves from there. She messes up her cake and spikes her water, she leaves. Amrita comes back in the kitchen and checks her cake. She puts it in the box and drinks water. She becomes dizzy and goes to sleep.


Sanjog 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Tara, outside school, says, Papa told Mumma to come to pick me, but still she didn’t come. Chandani asks Amrita when will Tara come home. Amrita comes in shock, she starts running to bring Tara. Tara gets scared of lightning.

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Telecast Date:9th November 2022
Distributed By :Zee Tv And Zee5


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