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Sanjog 8th November 2022 Tara celebrates her birthday. Gauri says some people get everything in life unlike us, don’t you feel bad that Tara has everything? Chanda says Tara is very nice, she even gave me her dress and I have my family with me so I am happy. Gauri says she can’t be mine, how can she be happy after losing.

Gopal comes to Amrita and asks if she can come with him for Chanda? He brings her to Chanda and she finds a cake there. Amrita says we are celebrating her birthday? Chanda says my wish is to make my parents proud. Gopal says we are already proud. Chanda cuts the cake, Gauri looks on. Chanda feeds the cake to Gopal and Amrita. She offers it to Gauri but she leaves.

Gauri says I have to separate Tara and Amrita to fulfill my dream. She finds someone under the stairs in the dark. Its Rajeev and Lakshita romancing. Gauri is about to see them but they hide from her. Rajeev comIt’ses to her and says what are you doing here? Gauri says I was just cleaning the house. Rajeev leaves. Gauri says what was he doing here at night? She looks around and finds an earring there. She says I have to find out what’s going on.

In the morning, Gauri is serving food to Rajeev, Lakshita and the family. He asks her to clean the table. Amrita comes there and serves to Rajeev. Gauri sees Lakshita wearing the other earring and smirks. She offers it to her and says it’s yours? Lakshita gets scared. Amrita says where did you get it from? Gauri says I found it in the hall, she might have dropped it. Lakshita takes it back and is stressed. Gauri smirks.

Gauri comes to the kitchen and says if I can use Lakshita then I will.

Tara comes back from school and asks Amrita for the gift. Chanda shows her report card to Amrita and she praises her. Chanda says Tara got very less marks so she is sad. Tara hears that and angrily leaves. Gauri says this is my chance.

Tara looks at her report card and is scared that Amrita will scold her. Gauri comes there and says Chanda was telling me wrong colors. Tara says how? Gauri says her teacher might have taught her wrong, these teachers can’t define everything for us. If you don’t like the marks then you can change it as you are a princess.

Tara brings her report card to Amrita and she is surprised to see 80/100 marks. Amrita says Chandini told me that you had6/100 so are you lying? Tara says you don’t trust me? Amrita says it’s okay if you got less marks but you shouldn’t lie.

Tara says Chandini is lying. Maasa comes there and says you trust a servant’s daughter more than your own? She scolds Chanda. Amrita says Tara changed her reports. Gopal brings the gift for Tara but Amrita says you won’t get this gift till you tell the truth. Tara angrily leaves. Maasa says I will inform Rajeev about this. Amrita leaves. Gauri comes there and says I will take food for Tara.

Gauri brings food for Tara. She shouts that my mother scolded me because of you. Gauri controls her anger and says your mother was wrong. Tara says I want my gift. Gauri says Amrita gave it to Chanda as she had better marks. Tara is angry.

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Telecast Date:8th November 2022
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