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Sanjog 4th November 2022 Chanda is doing home work alone. Tara comes there and says why are you sad? Chanda says Gauri said I can’t dance with you. Tara says will you be happy if we dance together?

Amrita tells Rajeev that you shouldn’t have stopped Chanda from dancing with Tara. Rajeev says Tara should be the center of attention in the party.

Tara comes there and requests if Chanda can dance with her? She is my best friend so I want to dance with her. Rajeev says okay she can dance with you. Amrita smiles and says I am proud of you. Tara says who will win between us? Amrita says it’s not a competition. Amrita thinks if Gauri is playing a game?

Tara comes to Gauri and says I did as you said, Chanda will lose right? Gauri says you are a princess so only you will win. Just keep practicing the dance that I taught you.

Maasa brings a dress for Tara. She changes in it. Maasa says you are looking like a princess. Amrita asks the designer to make another dress. She calls Chanda and says that dress will be for her. Chanda says I will get new clothes?

She hugs Amrita and thanks her. Tara mistakenly throws juice on it and says you can give this dress to Chanda. I want a new dress. Chanda says I like this dress so I will wear it. She thanks Tara for giving it to her. All look on. Maasa tells Tara that if that poor Chanda is getting Tara’s used dress then she should be thankful. Amrita thinks that Tara is becoming jealous of Chanda. I have to do something.

Chanda is practicing the dance. Gauri asks her to work hard and you have to win the comeptition. Chanda says but Tara is my friend and I don’t want to compete with her. Gauri says Amrita worked hard on you so you have to win the dance comeptition.

Gopal comes there and asks Chanda to work hard and go to sleep. She leaves. Gopal tells Gauri that you shouldn’t make the kids fight. Gauri says if they fight then Amrita will breakdown. We have to separate Tara and Amrita for our own benefit.

Gauri comes to Chanda in Tara’s room and wakes her. All family members come there and wish birthday to Tara. Amrita thinks its Chanda’s birthday too but I can’t celebrate with her. Rajeev brings a cake for Tara. She asks for a gift. Rajeev calls Gopal who brings all the gifts for Tara. Tara likes all the gifts. Anjali says you shouldn’t share it with anyone. Amrita says you can share them with your best friends.

Tara says I will sleep with my gifts tonight. Rajeev says you can do anything you want tonight. Gauri and Gopal smile. They leave. Chanda wishes birthday to Tara and gives her a handmade bracelet. Tara says this is eww, I don’t want it. Amrita says she made it only for you so it’s unique. She makes Tara wear it.

Amrita brings a cake for Chanda and says its for your birthday. Chanda says today is my birthday too? Amrita says yes, we can celebrate it today only. Gauri comes there and grabs Chanda. She says don’t give false hopes to my daughters.

Amrita says I will get all the happiness for Chandini. Gauri says I know she is your daughter.. I mean like your daughter. Maasa comes there and tells Amrita to stop doing everything for Chanda. You can’t compare Chanda with Tara. They are our servants so don’t interfere in their lives, you should apologize to Minakshi/Gauri. Amrita looks on.

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Telecast Date:4th November 2022
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