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Sanjog 3rd November 2022 Gauri comes to Tara and says you have good hair. Tara says don’t touch me. Gauri says I got to know your birthday is coming. Tara asks her to clean her shoes. Gauri starts cleaning her shoes.

Gopal comes there and smiles at Tara. Gauri tells Tara I saw a dream in which Amrita is not your mother and actually I am your mother. What if I become your mother and not Amrita? Tara laughs and says you can’t be my mother, I am a princess so my mother should be a queen but you are just a servant.

Gopal is hurt hearing that and leaves. Gauri thinks she is my blood so her answers are like me only. Gauri tells a story about a princess to Tara and says the princess was tortured by her mother, her mother used to pester her with homework and used to scold her. Tara says my mama is not like that.

Gauri says I see her scolding you all the time. Amrita comes there and asks Tara to drink her milk. Tara drinks it. Gauri says I was cleaning the room. She starts leaving from there and smirks at Tara.

In the morning, Tara is leaving for the school. Maasa says we are preparing for your birthday. Rajeev says you can take an off for today. He asks Amrita to prepare for her dance performance.

Amrita and Tara are practicing dance. Gauri asks Chanda to go and learn dancing with them. Chanda tries to follow their steps. Amrita says you both are doing well. You both can work together. Tara says no, you always show love to her like she is your daughter. She goes to Gauri and asks if she can teach her dancing?

Gauri says your mother is superior. Tara says I am angry at her, I don’t want to dance with her. Chanda says we can choose our partners using chits. She gives one chit to Tara. Tara opens it and says Gauri’s name is written on the chit. Amrita says it doesn’t matter who is teaching you the dance but I know you will give the best performance.

Gauri takes Tara from there. Amrita looks at Chanda’s chit and actually Gauri’s name is written on it too. She stops Gauri and says why did both the chits have your name? Gauri says I don’t know how it happened, Chanda might have done a mistake. Amrita says you are lying.

She says Tara won’t learn the dance from you. Tara says no, I want to learn the dance from her only. Amrita says don’t be stubborn. Tara starts crying so Rajeev comes there and asks what happened? Tara says I don’t want to learn the dance from Amrita. Rajeev shouts at Amrita and says if she wants to learn the dance from Gauri then let her be. Gauri leaves with Tara.

Gauri is teaching the dance to Tara. She says you can’t make me learn it. Gauri says I don’t know much. Tara plays a song and asks Gauri to teach her steps. Gauri is teaching her. Tara is about to fall down but Amrita comes there and holds her. Gauri says don’t worry, I can take care of her.

Chanda brings water for Amrita and says I am sorry for my mistake. Amrita says it’s okay, at least we can practice the dance together. She starts dance with Chanda. Tara looks on and tries to copy them. Gauri asks Tara to go and rest. She leaves. Maasa comes there and asks what is going on? Why are you teaching the dance to this cheap girl Chanda? Gauri says she is right.

Chanda is a poor girl, I will tell her what her place is in this house. Maasa leaves. Gauri says I like seeing your defeated face. I told you Tara is my blood. Amrita says Chanda has my blood and Tara has my upbringing so you can’t win. Gauri says this is a warzone so your upbringing won’t win. Amrita says we will win and both of them will dance.

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