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Sanjog 23rd November 2022 Amrita asks Chanda why are you dressed like a joker? The flashback shows how Chanda told Tara that I don’t want a new family, I want my Bappu only. Tara says how can you have two families? The family is one and if you become part of my family then your father will become your uncle.

Chanda says I Don’t want that. Tara says then you have to push Amrita away and I will help you. The flashback ends and Chanda tells Amrita that I am not your daughter, I rather be a joker than be your daughter. Gauri takes Chanda away and threatens her, Chanda says I don’t want to be Amrita’s daughter.

Gauri says if you don’t listen to me then we will leave you here. Chanda says no. Gauri says then do as I say. She brings her back to the party and says she was just worried about her family but I convinced her, she will go and change now. Maasa taunts Amrita that you can’t be a good mother to either of them.

The lawyer makes Rajeev-Amrita and Gauri-Gopal sign the papers. Maasa says Chanda is our grand-daughter now. All clap. Gauri cries and says I never thought we will lose our daughter but she will have a good life now. Amrita prays to be a good mother to both of them.

After the party, Rajeev tells Amrita that I will change my bedroom from now on. All are shocked. Amrita says what? don’t you care about our relationship at all? you are separating us without any thinking? I know I broke your trust but we can talk about them. Maasa says you are his wife and a mother but you have failed all the tests of being a good wife or a good mother.

Even Gauri is a better mother than you, you couldn’t handle one kid. Rajeev is hurt because you didn’t tell about Chanda to him, you have failed as a wife too. You have no right to stop him, you have to prove that you are a good wife. You have 7 days to prove that you deserve to be with him.

Amrita cries and tells Rajeev that I gave my life to this house and I still have to prove my love? Rajeev says I know you have done a lot for the family but you have hurt me. Amrita says you want me to prove my duty as a wife? I will take up a challenge, I will fulfill all my marriage promises in these 7 days. Maasa blesses Amrita and leaves.

Lakshita comes to Gauri and hugs her. she says thank you for putting Amrita in this situation. Gauri says don’t think you have won, we still have a match to play. Lakshita says what do you mean? Gauri says you have to work hard, you have to prove to Rajeev and Maasa that you can be a good mother and a good wife. Lakshita says I will do as you say. Gauri smirks.

Maasa comes to Chanda and sees her sleeping. She says you are our blood, I will give you so much love, you are just like me. She goes and caresses Tara too. Tara is awake and I am like you right? Maasa asks her to sleep. She leaves. Amrita stops her and says you shouldn’t talk about all this in front of Tara. Maasa says I can’t love my Chanda because of Tara? She is our real blood.

Tara hears that and leaves. Amrita prays for her kids’ happiness. Tara thinks I won’t let Chanda get my happiness. She pushes her out of the bed and says I won’t let you snatch my family, your own family disowned you. Chanda asks her to stop it. tara gives her a bowl and says my family did a charity on you, you are just a beggar. Chanda is hurt hearing all that.

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Telecast Date:23rd November 2022
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