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Sanjog 1st September 2022 Amrita is waiting for Rajeev in the hospital and says I should get discharged.

Rajeev is at Lakshita’s house and recalls everything. He writes a cheque and hides it. Lakshita comes there and hugs him, she says good morning baby, we had a good night together and I wish for more.

Rajeev gives her a blind cheque and says this is for you. You can start a new life and leave me now. Lakshita is shocked and asks what happened? Is this a joke? You were ready to divorce Amrita till yesterday for me and now saying this? Rajeev says I can’t do this anymore, I tried but I can’t leave Amrita.

Lakshita shouts at him that you can’t do this. Rajeev says this is a blank cheque so you can make a life you want but leave me now. Lakshita cries and says I love you, you are giving me money for losing 3 years of my life on you? The doorbell rings, Lakshita opens it to find Amrita there, she is shocked and says what are you doing here?

Amrita asks if it’s the wrong time? Lakshita says no and brings her inside the house. Amrita hugs her and says I got the blessings I wanted for years, I am pregnant, you are going to be an aunt. Lakshita is shocked and starts crying. Amrita asks what happened? Lakshita says I am just happy for you.

Amrita smiles and says don’t tell anyone but I had to tell you as you are my best friend. Lakshita says I have a surprise for you as well, come with me. Lakshita brings her in her room but Rajeev is gone from there. Lakshita looks around and is confused. Amrita asks what happened? what was the surprise?

Lakshita gives her a necklace that Rajeev gifted her, she says you got everything today, your love won and now you have a baby. Amrita thanks her and gets Rajeev’s call. She says I am at Lakshita’s house, I will come and meet you. She thanks Lakshita and leaves. Lakshita cries.

Rajeev and Amrita are in the car. Amrita says sorry I had to get discharged. Rajeev says you should have waited for me. Amrita says I went to meet Lakshita and tell her about the news. Rajeev thinks it’s good that I left from there in time. Amrita shows Lakshita’s gift, Rajeev recalls how he gifted to Lakshita and thinks she might have accepted the fate and would move on.

Scene 2
Alok gets Gopal and Gauri sketches ready to catch them.

Gopal is getting ready to go for a robbery. Gauri says I will come with you. Gopal says it can be dangerous. Gauri says robbing is in my blood so I am coming with you. Gopal pulls her closer and says we will be together for 7 lives. Gauri hugs him. His mother comes there and coughs. Gauri and Gopal leave from there.

Maasa prepares for Amrita’s welcome. Rajeev and Amrita come back home. Maasa stops her and says I will do your aarti for our heir. She asks Amrita to enter the house. Amrita nods and goes to the mandir. She prays to Mata Rani and says I will work on Rajeev’s complaints, this baby will change our lives.

Lakshita arrives at the police station and sees Alok leaving from there. She says I want to file a report. Alok comes back and says Lakshita? She gets nervous seeing him.

Rajeev looks at his and Lakshita’s photos. He burns them. Amrita is coming there so he throws them in the bin.

Alok asks Lakshita what report she wants to file? Lakshita says I want to file a report about cheating.

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Telecast Date:1st September 2022
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