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Sanjog 17th November 2022 Maasa tells Gauri that we have raised Tara and we love her a lot so she will stay here. Chanda is our blood so she will stay here. Gopal says no, Chanda is my life so you can’t just ask for her. Gauri says yes, she is our daughter. Anjali says why are you asking them? these people are thieves.

Rajeev says this is not needed, I don’t care about Chandini, I just want Tara to stay with us. Maasa slaps him hard and says she is our blood, you got this reputation because of our blood. Maasa tells Gauri and Gopal that you can’t give a lavish life to Chanda but we can raise her like our own, we will adopt her officially.

Tara and Chanda will stay here like sisters. Amrita tells Gopal that I don’t know about Gauri but I know you love Chanda a lot so please think about her future, you can meet her any time you want. Please agree to Maasa. Maasa requests them and says please do this favor on us. Gauri smirks and recalls how she told Gopal that we have to do a favor which would be priceless, they won’t be able to throw us out of the house then.

The flashback ends. Gauri says I will agree but I have some conditions. All look on. Amrita asks what conditions? Gauri says let’s sit and talk. Maasa asks them to take stool but Gauri sits on the dining table with them. Maasa is shocked but doesn’t say anything. Gauri says my first condition that we will stay in this house till we want. We won’t like servants, we will be equal to you people, we will get rooms in the house and eat what you people eat. Do you agree?

She is about to eat a fruit but Anjali stops her and says you are cheap, you have no standard to sit with us. Gauri says you are asking for my daughter but can’t accept one condition? Maasa stops Anjali and says we accept your condition. She tells Anjali that Gauri and her family will be equal to us from now on.

Gauri says we are all equal now. Amrita says God never differiantes between us so why should we? if I had known that you wanted this status then I would have tried to give it to you before, we accept your condition. Gauri says my second condition is that Tara and Chanda will be equal. They will get same clothes, same toys and everything. Rajeev says but..

Amrita says they will be equal and even your other kids will get everything in life. Gauri says my 3rd condition is that we will stay here and nobody can ask us to leave. Amrita thinks Gauri can try to hurt the family again. Rajeev says we should throw them out. Maasa asks him to calm down.

She tells Gauri that I accept your conditions. She says I will get the contract ready. Amrita stops them and says I have a condition against these 3 conditions. She says Tara and Chanda shouldn’t find about this truth as it can hurt them. Gauri says I accept. She shakes hands with Maasa and says Chanda is yours now. Amrita smiles.

Gauri is dancing around and asks Heera-Panna to dance with her. Gopal sits down sadly. Chanda comes there and asks Gopal to dance with them, he shakes his head. Gauri says you were our lottery, you are not even my daughter.

Amrita tells Rajeev that I am sorry for hiding things from you but our both daughters are with us now so can we forget everything? Rajeev says I have only one daughter and that’s Tara.

Chanda is shocked and asks what? Gauri says I mean.. you will be Amrita and Rajeev’s daughter from now on. Chanda cries and asks Gopal if he is not her father? Gopal hugs her.

Tara wakes up and recalls how Gauri said that Amrita asked her to take Tara away. Tara asks Rajeev to throw Chandini out of the house. Amrita says why are you saying that? she is your best friend? Tara says no, she took my mama from me, send her away. Amrita sits with her and asks her to count the stars.. Tara says I can’t. Amrita says the sky can hold all the stars and same way a mom can love unconditionally.

Gopal tells Chanda that I want you to have a family which can give you good upbringing. Gopal says you will live with Amrita’s family now.

Amrita tells Tara that Chandini will stay with you from now on. Tara shouts that I don’t want to live with Chandini.


Sanjog 18th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Tara says to Chandani don’t try to steal my family and you are so dirty even your parents don’t want you. Amrita scolds her for her behaviour. Chandani says, I don’t want your family, I consider you as my friend but you have no respect for anyone, I don’t want to be friend with you. Tara pushes Chandani and she falls down.

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Telecast Date:17th November 2022
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