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Sanjog 15th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sanjog 15th September 2022 Amrita and Alok come to the officers, one officer says they ran away, and the kid was with them. Amrita cries and says I have to find my daughter Chanda. Alok says we will reunite you with her.

Tara is sitting alone in the room and cries for her mother. Manju comes there and says your mom will be back soon, just eat something. Tara throws it away and says I want my mom, I don’t want food. She starts shouting at her and throws things around.

Maasa hears that and rushes to her. Tara has a panic attack. Maasa c.omes there and asks where is Amrita? Manju says she went to meet Alok. Maasa takes her asthma pump and leaves from there.

Gopal, Gauri and her family come to an old hut. Gauri says we have to pack our stuff, she takes Amrita’s photo and says let’s run away.

Maasa calls Rajeev and says Tara had a panic attack but Amrita is not at home. Rajeev gets worried and calls Amrita but she doesn’t pick up. Manju tries to call Amrita but Maasa stops her and asks her to not interfere in their family matters. Tara is fighting for breaths.

Gauri is packing her stuff with Gopal. Chanda says I want to take my beads. Gauri asks her to stop it and just pack her bags. Chanda says I can’t find my beads box. Gopal says I will bring a bigger box for you, just pack your stuff for now.

Rajeev comes back home, Rajini says Amrita left without caring for her. She had an attack. Rajeev calls a doctor. Tara is shivering and have a panic attack.

Amrita arrives at Gauri’s house but they are all gone from there.

Gopal, Gauri and the family are running away but the gang leader stops them. He says the police can come here and arrest us all because of Gopal. Gauri asks him to get lost. The gang memeber asks him to stop her. Gopal says you never came to try to free me from the jail so I will listen to my wife. He slaps him hard.

Tara is crying in pain as the doctor gives her injection. Rajeev says she didn’t need an injection, you all should calm her down when she has a panic attack. Rajini says her mother should be here but she is not. Rajeev stops her. He hugs Tara and looks on.

Gopal tells the gang leader that I won’t listen to you anymore. The gang leader leaves from there.

Amrita is running in the village to find Chanda, she screams for her. Chanda hears it and looks around. Gopal holds her hand and takes her from there.

The police arrive in the village and start looking for Gopal. Gopal sees them and says we have to run. They all run from there but Chanda doesn’t.

Rajini tells Rajeev that Amrita should take care of her daughter. Maasa says she didn’t even tell me before leaving. Rajeev says if she can’t take care of the baby then why did she pray for all this? She has to realize that she can’t put my daughter in trouble, she has to know what should be important to her.

Gopal and Gauri are running away. He asks where is Chanda? Gauri says let’s run away, you will be jailed. Gopal says that’s my daughter, I will find her at any cost.

Chanda comes back to her house and looks for her box. She finds it in a corner and opens it to find some beads inside. Amrita arrives outside the house and calls out to Chanda. Chanda is about to see her.

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Telecast Date:15th September 2022
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