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Sanjog 15th November 2022 All family members are praying, Gopal is worried so Anjali asks what happened? Gauri says he is just worried about Tara and Amrita.

The goon separates Amrita and Tara. They take Tara from there. The goon throws a smoke bomb near Amrita and leaves from there. She coughs and looks around for Tara but they are all gone. Outside the den, Rajeev is fighting with the goons. Amrita cries looking at Tara’s clothes and screams for her.

Rajeev comes there and asks where is Tara? Amrita says they took her away, we have lost her. Alok comes there and says I knew they would do something like this so I had put a tracker in the money bag, lets go and find them. Rajeev, Amrita and Alok are in the car. They start following a truck in which kidnappers are taking Tara away.

The goon mistakenly drops the traker from the truck. Rajeev’s car gets stuck in the taffic so Amrita runs out and jumps on the trucks. Rajeev runs behind her too. The goons see her and drive away before she could stop them. Rajeev rushes to her. Alok finds the tracker on the groung.

Rajeev and Amrita come back home. Alok says we have to take the police help now. Amrita says no, nothing will happen to Tara, we should call the police. Lakshita comes there and says if inform the police then they might hurt Tara. Alok says we will not let them hurt her. Rajeev says I will give 20 crores to anyone who can find my Tara.

Amrita says nothing will happen to our Tara. Alok and Rajeev leave. Amrita recalls how Tara used to ask her for bed time stories. She rushes to her room and hugs her pillow. She cries for Tara and says please don’t be scared, I will find you soon. She plays Tara’s video again and finds a clue. She hears the mandir and train in the background.

Gopal tells Gauri that we can earn 20 crores, that’s more than enough for us. Gauri says think big, if we are able to do what I want to do then we will become part of this family. If we do a favor on them then Amrita can’t throw us out of here.

Amrita checks the map for a mandir near the train station. She comes to the mandir and sees Chanda praying for Tara. Amrita hugs her and says the kidnappers must have kept Tara near a mandir which has a railway station nearby. Chanda says I know a mandir like that. Amrita says can you take me there? She nods.

Gauri and Gopal come to meet the goons. They find Tara sleeping. Gopal talks to the goon.

Amrita and Chanda come to the mandir which has a railway station nearby. Amrita asks Chanda to stay in the mandir only, she starts searching around.

Gauri looks at sleeping Tara and says I can’t be poor all our lives. She takes glass bottle and breaks it on her head. She says now everyone will believe that I saved you by putting my life in danger. She takes Tara from there.

Amrita finds the truck which had taken Tara away. She hides in the truck as it drives away. The truck is stopped outside the den and Amrita finds Gauri taking an unconscious Tara from there. She is shocked and says Gauri was behind all this?

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Telecast Date:15th November 2022
Distributed By :Zee Tv And Zee5


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