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Sanjog 14th November 2022 Lakshita lies to Amrita and saves Gauri. Amrita leaves from there. Lakshita asks if she kidnapped Tara? Where is she? The flashback shows how Gauri kidnapped Tara and took her away. She gave it to her man who locked Tara in a box.

Rajeev arranges the money, Maasa cries and says my daughter must be in trouble, I am so worried. She prays to Mata Rani. Amrita cries hearing all that. Maasa says I won’t eat or drink anything till Tara comes back. Rajeev says don’t do that, Maasa says no.

Gauri talks to Gopal and says you will soon understand why I am doing all this.

Alok calls Amrita and says we couldn’t trace the number but I am trying. She ends the call and goes to the mandir. She cries for Tara. Rajeev cries and prays for her too. Amrita hugs him and says our daughter is strong so you have to be brave. Rajeev says I am worried about her. Amrita says I always told Tara to hold my invisible kit when she is in trouble and then she can fight in any situation. She says Tara will become super after wearing it. Rajeev smiles.

Tara is locked in a box and the kidnapper mistakenly puts a phone on the hole and leaves. Tara starts feeling suffocated. She recalls about Amrita’s magic kit and tries to fight back. She phone drops and Tara can start breathing agian. She finds a hole in the box.

The kidnapper calls Rajeev and says keep inspector Alok away from this case otherwise we will kill your daughter. I will send you the location and you have to send Amrita with money alone, he ends the call. Rajeev says that will be dangerous. Amrita says I will fight anyone for my duaghter. She tells Alok to not go anything as it might put Tara’s life in danger. Alok silently puts a tracker in the money back.

Maasa blesses Amrita and asks her to bring Tara back. Rajeev goes with her. All look on. Maasa and Anjali go to pray in the mandir.

Rajeev brings Amrita to the site and gives her the money bag. Amrita goes to the kidnappers’ den. She looks around for Tara and asks if anyone is here? The kidnapper calls Gopal and says Amrita is here.

Gopal says just do as I said. He ends the call and goes to Amrita. He points the gun at her and says leave the bag here and go away, Tara will reach home. Amrita says what? The kidnapper says don’t argue with me. Amrita says I am not scared of your threats, she shouts for her daughter and says I can do anything for my daughter. The kidnapper says you won’t listen like this?

He fires near her. Rajeev is outside and gets scared. He tries to go inside, some goons catch him but he beats them. The kidnappers bring Tara there. Amrita says please don’t hurt her. We have already given you money.

The kidnapper says we will send your daughter back so just leave. Amrita tells Tara that you will be back with us soon. Tara cries and says don’t leave me here. She bites the goon’s hand and tries to run to Amrita. The kidnapper shoots at Tara but Amrita pushes her away in time.

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Telecast Date:14th November 2022
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