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Sanjog 11th November 2022 Tara asks Amrita what surprise did you plan for me? Amrita says I called your favorite actor. Tara goes to check and thinks its Ranbir Kapoor. A man comes there in a mask, he starts dancing like Ranbir Kapoor. Tara enjoys that. His performance ends and the lights come back.

Tara sees that it’s actually Alok. Tara says why did you lie to me? You are a liar. She starts throwing things around. Rajeev and Maasa come there. Maasa says why did you upset her again? Anjali says what is all this? Amrita says I will answer everyone. She tells Tara that you must feel bad that I lied to you right?

Tara says yes. Amrita says I felt bad when you lied to me as well. I did this to show you that when you lie then it hurts your family. Tara says I am sorry for lying. All smile. Amrita says you have to call me mama first. Tara hugs her and says my mama. Rajeev says can I join also? Tara hugs them both. Gauri is angry seeing that.

Chanda and Tara are playing together when the lights go off suddenly. Tara is scared as someone attacks her.. it all turns out to be Amrita’s dream. She tries to drink water but she is scared. Rajeev asks her to stop disturbing him. Amrita says I will go and check on Tara. She goes to her room and sees her sleeping. She hugs her and smiles. She feels someone hiding and looks around. She doesn’t find anyone there and leaves.

In the morning, Amrita comes to Tara’s room but doesn’t find her there. Amrita gets scared and goes to search her.

Tara is locked in a box and is crying for Amrita. Gauri is filling the boxes. Amrita comes there and asks if they saw Tara? Gauri says no, we are packing our bags to leave. Amrita says I am worried about Tara. She leaves from there.

Amrita comes to Rajeev and the family. Maasa asks what happened? Amrita says I couldn’t find Tara in her room. Rajeev says what? They all get worried.

Alok comes there and tells the family that we will have to wait before searching for Tara officially. A letter arrives there which says that they have kidnapped Tara. A call comes and they ask for 20 crores ransom. Rajeev says just don’t hurt my daughter, I will give you the money. The kidnapper sends a video of Tara being locked in a box. Alok says I will try to find the kidnapper. Rajeev says I won’t take any risk, I will arrange the money, he tells Amrita that nothing will happen to Tara.

He leaves. Amrita cries and is worried about Tara. Maasa is crying. Amrita says I will find Tara. She goes to the mandir and says whoever did this with Tara would be punished by me. Maasa and Anjali pray with her. Amrita pleads with Mata to help her in finding Tara. She puts diya on her hand and burns herself. Maasa asks her to stop it. Amrita recalls her moments with Tara and cries. A flower falls from the mandir and goes near Gauri. Amrita sees that and thinks Gauri is behind all this. She takes Gauri from there.

Amrita grabs Gauri and says you kidnapped Tara? Gauri says I wouldn’t hurt her, she is my daughter too. Amrita says you are lying. She starts checking her boxes and doesn’t find Tara there.

Lakshita comes there and says Gauri wouldn’t kidnap Tara. I saw her sleeping last night so she didn’t kidnap her. Gauri says someone else is behind this. Amrita says who would kidnap her? Gauri says I am worried about Tara also. Amrita says I am sorry. Gauri says it’s okay. Amrita gets Alok’s call who says they will find Tara soon.

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Telecast Date:11th November 2022
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