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Sanjog 10th November 2022 Tara is outside the school, she asks her friend to play with her but she says you never allowed to play with toys before so I am leaving. She leaves. Tara is waiting for Amrita. Gauri and Gopal hide to keep an eye on her. Otherside Amrita is sleeping because of Gauri’s medicine. Tara keeps waiting and the night is here. Tara gets scared and is crying.

Chanda comes to Amrita and wakes her up. She says when is Tara coming home? Amrita is shocked to see the time and starts to leave. Rajeev comes there with Tara who is crying. Gopal and Gauri are there too. Amrita says sorry to Tara but she pushes her away. Gauri says she was alone outside the school at night time,

I saw you sleeping so I went to the school to pick her up. Rajeev shouts at Amrita and says why are you careless with her? Amrita says I don’t know how I couldn’t wake up. Maasa says because you keep your focus on Chanda only, you are a useless mother maybe that’s why you didn’t have a kid for years, you don’t deserve to be a mother. She tells Gauri that you have to take care of Tara from now on,

you have won our trust so I know you will take good care of her. Gauri smirks and says sure. Amrita cries and says sorry to Tara, she says you must be scared but I am here, I even cooked your favorite cake. She brings it but Tara pushes it away. She cries and says you only love Chandini, I will not talk to you. You only think Chanda is nice and you keep scolding me. You are not my mother anymore, I will call you an aunt from now on. Amrita is shocked and falls down. Gauri whispers that this is what I wanted.

Amrita is crying in her room, Chanda comes there and cries for her. Amrita says don’t cry. Chanda says I am crying because you are crying. Amrita says you can smile. Chanda says Gauri sent me to the store room and I saw Tara locking me in there but Gauri lied to you. Amrita thinks someone is trying to separate Tara from me. Amrita hugs Chanda and cries.

Gauri talks to herself and says I am not a servant anymore, I will just take care of Tara from now on. Amrita comes there and glares at her. She throws plates on the floor. Gauri asks if she has gone crazy? Amrita says these plates didn’t break and my relationship with Tara is ubreakable too,

you tried to separate me from Tara? How could you make Tara lie? You are blinded by money. She gives her a blank cheque and says you can take as much money as you want but you have to sign the papers which says you will have no relationship with Tara and Chanda. You can take the money and leave from here. She leaves from there. Gauri looks on.

Chanda is studying, Gauri comes there and says you like to study? Chanda says yes, Amrita says we should become educated. Gauri says you cheated me for her? She is about to tear her books but Gopal stops her. He says don’t take out anger on her. Gauri says I have to take care of Amrita now.

Amrita comes to Tara and says I called your favorite actor for you. Tara gets excited and goes to check.

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Telecast Date:10th November 2022
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