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Saavi Ki Savaari 9th November 2022 Episode starts with Brijesh asking Saavi to go carefully. Saavi says I am not going far and will come to you, if you call me. Brijesh thinks I am going far from you. He recalls his moments with Saavi.

Saavi goes. Ratna cuts the vegetables. Nutan tells Ratna that when Saavi came, she felt as if everything is going to be fine. Ratna says their situation will improve with money and tells that they are not good dishes. Saavi asks Vedika to have her medicines. Vedika tells that she can give tough competition to Nityam.

Saavi tells that no mother in law praises their daughter in law in hanuman gali. Vedika acts. She then tells Saavi that she thought she will have a daughter during her second pregnancy, but Bittu was born. Saavi says I thought he is your only child. Vedika changes the topic and tells that she will make food today as UD doesn’t like food made by Giridhar and Cook is not here. Saavi says she will make Mama ji special dal bafle.

Vedika likes it and asks her to bring Matri next time. brijesh tells Nutan and Ratna that he will make dal bafle. But Ratna talks to him arrogantly saying they don’ t have the ingredients.

Kiran informs Nityam and tells that he talked to Razzak in detail and came to know that he took Chattriprasad on rent, now will ride it. Nityam says he rejected my offer to ride Saavi’s auto. He thinks Saavi shall answer him today. Vedika asks Nityam how was his day? And asks about the project. Nityam says that project was going well, but stopped due to someone. He asks about Saavi. Vedika says she is in kitchen. Nityam goes to his room. Saavi is in kitchen and grinds chutney.

Vedika tastes it and tells that Nityam asked about her. Saavi thinks surely there is something. She asks her to serve chutney and she will take the flour. Nityam comes there and asks Vedika to have medicine. Vedika says you are late. Nityam asks Vedika to rest and says he will do the work. Vedika goes.

Nityam takes knife and cuts the onion. He tells Saavi if she knows how the lower middle class people lives ends like that and tells that their thinking is narrow minded. Saavi says I don’t know what you are talking about. She asks him not to cut onion into small pieces. Nityam chops the onion fast and cuts his finger. Saavi holds his hand, takes turmeric and applies it on his injured finger. Vedika looks at them and smiles. Nakdeekiyan song plays…

Nityam tells Saavi that he was trying to help him for saving his family, and wanted to change his life, but he wants to be in the pit. Saavi asks what you are talking about? Nityam asks what did she do that he changed his decision. He says he will get 10 Razzaks like him, but he will not get Nityam Dalmia, who was making him part of 15000 Crores project. Saavi recalls Razzak’s words.

He says Razzak is interested to ride Chattriprasad rather than job of a good salary. Saavi says I don’t know why he did this, but you shall not hurt yourself being so much angry. Tashu asks Nityam if he had gone to help Saavi and says romantic. Nityam asks her to stop watching romantic films. Saavi calls Razzak and asks why he didn’t tell her about Nityam’s offer. Razzak says he is happy to ride Chattriprasad.

Nutan gives dal bafle sent by Saavi through driver. Brijesh gets emotional and teary eyes. Nutan calls Saavi. Brijesh tells her that he wanted to eat it since morning and says it is tasty. She says I have learnt from you so it will be good. He says he will have a peaceful sleep and don’t regret if he don’t wake up. Saavi asks what happened to you and asks him not to say such things, else she will not talk to him. He says I will not talk such things. He eats dal bafle and cries.

Ratna asks Ananya to bring something for her Tulsi puja. Razzak comes there. Brijesh says he is going to get the raw materials. Ananya says we get it delivered at home. Brijesh says we are taking it as loan. Ratna asks what about my puja, I kept fast for your long life. Razzak says I will bring him safely. He gives first earnings of Chattriprasad. Brijesh thinks Saavi will handle everything. Saavi keeps the things in her aarti plate to do Tulsi puja and looks at the paper. She reads the news and gets worried.


Saavi Ki Savaari 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Saavi asks Nutan to give call to Brijesh. Nutan says he went with Razzak. Brijesh gets down from Razzak’s auto. Saavi runs to save him.

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Telecast Date:9th November 2022
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