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Saavi Ki Savaari 8th November 2022 Episode starts with Dimpy and Himesh coming out of their room drunk. Dimpy asks him to give her car keys, and says she will drive on full speed. Himesh says we had saved last time, but if that same incident happened which happened 4 years ago, then we will land in jail.

Saavi comes there and says I shall not say, but this is very wrong. She tells that 4 years back, someone hit my Papa’s auto and changed our lives overnight. She says they had left my Papa and Mama on the road in pain. She tells that she lost her Papa and Mama lost his legs due to someone’s enjoyment.

She asks her to go to her room. Dimpy says my car is not like your cheap auto, it has 6 air bags and nothing will happen to me. Saavi asks her to think about others who don’t have luxuries and medical insurance, who walk on road, rides auto or bike. Himesh says I will not let her go anywhere and takes Dimpy to room. Saavi cries thinking about her father’s accident.

Nityam gets dream of his father’s death and blaming Raksham, while Vedika tries to pacify him. He takes Raksham’s name and Saavi hears him. She keeps her hand on his hand to calm him down. she thinks what is Raksham’s relation with Mr. Dalmia.

Shivam comes to Sonam and says why did you call me here urgently? Shivam says your Tillu Mama is Triloki Jain who had poisoned the food. Sonam asks what? Shivam asks what is his enmity with me, I don’t your Mami. Ratna hears them and gets shocked. Sonam asks him to calm down and asks how can you think that my Mami can do this.

Shivam says he doubts her. Sonam promises to get her punished if she is guilty and asks him to go for now. Ratna is shocked again. Shivam comes again and thanks Sonam. He goes. Ratna comes to Sonam and says you was promising to trap me. Sonam says I said just like that to make him leave. She asks her to ask Tillu to stay safe from Shivam.

Brijesh reads in a newspaper that someone meets with an accident. A guy informs him that it is good that the deceased person had done his insurance, now his family got insurance of 15 lakhs. Brijesh gets an idea and calls Saavi to know about his insurance papers. Saavi comes there and gives him papers. She asks why was he asking? She says she will renew it next month. Brijesh checks the papers.

Saavi tells them that she has talked to Razzak and will give Chattriprasad to him to ride. Nutan says ok. Saavi says she has brought Jalebi and kachori for them. Ratna says she dislikes this thing about her, she would have brought 20000 Rs rather than bringing this 30 rs stuff. Sonam says once I become Mrs. Dalmia then I will give you gold necklace. She asks Brijesh if he saw her passport.

She asks Sonam. Sonam says she had given her, but will check. Nutan asks about her honeymoon trip. Saavi says they will go when the time is right. Brijesh says don’t know when they will have it again. Saavi asks why is he saying this and says everything will be fine. Brijesh says yes, all our troubles will end now. He gives jalebi to Ratna, who take it unwillingly.

Saavi gives PUC and RC book to Razzak and tells him all the details. Razzak says I will take care of Chattriprasad like you. Saavi asks him to park Chattriprasad under shadow and not in direct sunlight etc. Razzak says I know it is not easy for you to handover Chattriprasad to someone. He gets a call from Nityam.

He picks the call. Nityam asks Razzak to come to office and meet technical team and gives his suggestions. Razzak says I was about to call you, when I got your call. Nityam asks what do you mean, you agreed yesterday. He asks did you get another job, your status will change overnight.

Razzak says without wasting your time, I want to tell you that I will ride auto again. He says bye and ends the call. Nityam gets angry and says surely Saavi must have lectured him about honesty, self respect etc. Saavi asks Razzak if everything is fine. Razzak asks her to give him best wishes so that Saavi ki Saawari goes on. Saavi breaks the coconut in front of the auto and asks Razzak to keep it safe.

Razzak leaves riding Chattriprasad. Saavi thinks Chattriprasad will make everything fine. Brijesh thinks to take a big step today. Saavi calls Brijesh. Brijesh says for the first time, you have handed over Chattriprasad to someone and asks if you are fine. Saavi says yes, very soon the situation will get better. Brijesh says I know that you will take care of house if I don’t stay. Saavi asks why are you saying this,

and says you never lost hope even after accident and asks if anything has happened. Nutan calls Saavi and asks her not to ask, as Brijesh and Ratna had an argument. She says she has brought Tulsi plant and asks her to do puja. Saavi keeps the plant in her bag and says she is leaving. Brijesh asks her for the hug and thinks he can’t hug her again, but prays that she shall stay happy always. Saavi hugs him.


Saavi Ki Savaari 9th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Brijesh tells Saavi that he will have the dish made by her and will have a peaceful sleep. He comes to the road on his wheel chair so that he die and his family can claim the insurance money. Saavi reaches there.

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Telecast Date:8th November 2022
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