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Saavi Ki Savaari 7th November 2022  Episode starts with Saavi coming out of the house recalling Ananya and Brijesh’s words. She tells Chattriprasad that since they got separated, a big storm have come which is not resolving.

She wishes that they would have arranged the money, like she had arranged when Ratna got unwell. She says how to make everything fine and asks God to be with her. Razzak calls her and says I heard that you have come home. Saavi says yes. He asks her to come and meet him at hanuman gali gate. Saavi says ok.

She thinks he is worried, and his Ammi is worried. She thinks he is not having auto, and thinks if she gives Chattriprasad to Razzak, then she can find solution for the problem. She says they will share the money equally and Razzak Bhai also loves you a lot like me. Ratna and Sonam are sitting in front of the burnt passport.

Sonam asks why are you helping me? Ratna says I don’t have any enmity with saavi, I had hopes with her, which she will not fulfill due to her rules. She says I don’t want to live poor life. She says you was engaged in that house and you had given me diamond necklace, and here my mother’s necklace was snatched from me. She says my mother had made it for me, which I couldn’t do for Ananya.

She says I will do what is right and in my sight, you are right. She says only you deserve to be Mrs. Dalmia. She tells that Saavi said that she is happy here and the new relation is a burden for her, so I am unburdening her. Sonam thanks her and says once I become Dalmia Bahu, our situation will improve, specially Ananya and you.

Saavi meets Razzak and tells that she needs his help. He says he has a good news to share with her and asks her to tell first. Saavi asks him to ride Chattriprasad and give them half earnings. She says you might be thinking how house will run. Razzak recalls Nityam’s words. He says you have married a rich guy.

Saavi says few things are not like it appear and asks him to give this gift on Bhai Dooj. Razzak agrees. Saavi asks him to give the good news. Razzak says there is nothing to me than my sister’s happiness. He asks for keys. Saavi gives the keys to Razzak and recalls riding it.

Nityam is in the visa office. The guy asks Nityam when his wife will come. Nityam says may be she will not come and asks him to cancel the trip. The guy says you will suffer losses. Nityam says it is for my advantage. Saavi comes there and says sorry for being late. The guy asks for address proof and Id card details. Saavi gives. He asks for the passport. Saavi says it was in this folder.

The guy says then your trip has to be cancelled. Nityam smiles. He calls Vedika and tells that he has to cancel the trip as Saavi forgot to bring her passport. Tashu says we will plan some other package and will send them next month, till then they will be comfortable. Nityam tells Saavi that her careless worked for him, and he can’t share room with her, how he would be there with her. He says he wants to have party. Saavi thinks how the passport go missing.

Brijesh asks Ratna to stop it. Ratna says you made me mortaged my mother’s necklace. He says he got it mortgaged to return the debt and not to drink wine. He asks her not to talk like stupid person. Ratna says thank god, we have ancestral house, else dont know what could have happen.

She says he wants to spend everything on his relatives. Brijesh says I don’t know that she has so much poison in her. He says he will sell her to free her necklace and curses the person who did his accident and made him helpless and made his sister a widow.

Vedika looks at her husband’s photo and Shivam/Raksham’s pic. She gets teary eyes. Saavi says she really wanted to go, don’t know where did the passport go? Vedika says I was not thinking like this, and tells that Bittu is alone since Raksham went. Saavi asks who is Raksham and what is his relation with Mr. Dalmia. Vedika says I didn’t say anything and asks her to freshen up. Saavi thinks what is the secret which everyone is hiding, what is the pain which is hurting everyone.

In the night, Nityam comes to his room and says for the first time, he is happy and she is upset. He says you couldn’t go on a luxury holiday. He says he can sponsor her luxury trip if she wants to go on a solo trip. He says he does many charity. Saavi tells that she is not upset about honeymoon, but is upset due to her family. Nityam says I have solved their problem. Saavi thinks it has become big, you didn’t know.


Saavi Ki Savaari 8th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Brijesh reads a newspaper and calls Saavi. he tells her that she shall not worry about her family. He meets with an accident. Saavi shouts Mama ji.

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Telecast Date:7th November 2022
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