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Episode starts with Saavi recalling Nityam’s words and says I wish I could become part of relations by participating in rituals. Vedika asks if Nityam said something. Saavi says no, if he says anything then I will complain to you. She gives her the flour dough and goes. Vedika asks Tashu to do something for Nityam and Saavi today on Bhai Dooj. She says Saavi’s love will be in Nityam’s life for forever. Tashu gets an idea. Vedika says she understood. Ratna asks Vedika to ask Saavi to get new order for us, and this order is ruined. Nutan says we can’t hope to get this help from them. Ratna says we will be hungry if you think of respect. Brijesh says anyone from Saavi’s sasural shall not know. He asks Ananya to go to Saavi’s sasural to celebrate Bhai Dooj, but don’t tell her. Ananya promises. Ratna and Nutan sweeps and wipes the floor. Ananya asks Ratna to give gold necklace to her. Ratna refuses. Nutan asks her to give and says Ananya wears it only once in a year. Ratna refuses.

Ananya comes to Saavi’s house and tells that she had walked after auto stopped and came here. Saavi says you would have taken another auto. Ananya is about to say, when Tashvi takes her away from there. Nityam and Saavi sit for the Ritual. Vedika says she is seeing Behen Dooj for the first time. She tells UD that Nityam and Saavi have so much similarities with each other. Tashvi and Ananya do the rituals. UD tells that they are different and far from each other. She says you have bind yourself with the misunderstanding.

Sonam comes to meet Dimpy and gives her table mats, saying she came with this excuse. Dimpy gives her 2250 Rs and says her family is very calculative about the money. Dimpy throws the table mats. Sonam gets a call from the agency asking her to come there for honeymoon visa. Sonam says wrong number. Dimpy tells her that Nityam had planned honeymoon with her, but will now go with Saavi. She tells her the details. Sonam keeps hand on her ears and determines to stop Saavi. Nityam tells that Bhai Dooj’s food was really awesome. He asks Ananya to say. Ananya says she had so much food and feeling sleepy. Nityam asks Tashu and Vedika to come. Saavi tells Ananya that she has brought gift for her. UD is taking food on the trolley. Saavi asks if someone is coming. UD asks her not to ask and tells that in every family, there are some secrets which are hidden and can never come out.

Shivam eats noodles and gets teary eyes. Nityam gives the gifts to Tashu. Ananya says she never got so many gifts on her birthday. Nityam says one gift is left from Ilalian designer. Tashu asks him to cancel it. Nityam refuses and goes. Saavi gives a gift to Ananya. Ananya opens it and finds painting. Saavi says she has drawn it like every year. Vedika looks at the painting and appreciates Saavi for her art. Ananya tells Saavi that neither the painting nor the moment was special. Saavi goes behind Ananya. Ananya says painting was good, and says our destiny was bad. Saavi says the circumstances are going to change with the agarbatti order. Ananya tells her everything. Dimpy tells Tashu that she is excited to see gifts. Nityam comes back and asks her to open the gift. Tashu says she wants something else. He asks her to say. Tashu says I wish you and Saavi bhabhi to go for your honeymoon. Dimpy says what a brilliant idea. She says already honeymoon package and planning was done, just have to change the bride’s name. Nityam refuses and says he is sharing room with Saavi with much difficulty. Tashu says you have promised. Saavi comes back and asks Vedika if she shall go and drop Ananya. Dimpy asks her to bring passport. Saavi says she has, but. Vedika says you will know tomorrow. Nityam goes to change. Saavi gets worried. Sonam burns Saavi’s passport.

Precap: Brijesh and Ratna argue with each other. Saavi tells that she will do something and will help, but Brijesh refuses to take her help.

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Telecast Date:4th November 2022
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