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Saavi Ki Savaari 2nd September 2022 Episode starts with Brijesh packing the incense sticks. Nutan calls Brijesh and says Saavi haven’t come till now. Brijesh says you should have pink cloth for birthday gift. Ratna says it was 150 Rs more,

and if she had come to know then would have got upset. Ananya says if we haven’t told her, then how did she know? Saavi comes there and takes Nutan’s blessings. Nutan says you are looking beautiful. Saavi says I am wearing the clothes gifted by Mama and Mami. Saavi asks if she is not looking good and touches Ratna and Brijesh’s feet. Brijesh says that pink cloth was good.

Saavi says it was 150 Rs more. Nutan hopes that Saavi finds the match soon, hoping that the other difficult kundali matches with her kundali. She asks where is Sonam, we have to keep sweets from her side for Nityam.

Ananya says Sonam is sleeping and was snoring all night. They go the temple. Ratna says there is so much crowd in the temple, and gives the laddoo plate to Saavi. Saavi takes it and goes inside the temple. She prays to the God. The Pandit ji picks Saavi’s imperfect laddoo and keeps it near the Shivling.

Vedika comes there with Nityam. She gives chain and pendant to Pandit ji. Pandit ji keeps the chain and pendant near Saavi laddoo infront of the Shivling. And then gives the laddoo to Vedika. Vedika comes out and makes Nityam have the laddoo. They come home.

Nityam tells Vedika that he was thinking to make a call to Sonam and wish her happy birthday. Vedika calls her. Sonam thinks it is Shivam’s call and says hello baby. Vedika says she is baby’s mother. Sonam gets up from sleep. Vedika wishes her happy birthday and says she saw the birth date on the kundali.

Sonam thinks she has forgotten to change the birth date. Vedika says she thought to keep party for her and they will talk too. She asks about Nutan. Sonam says she went to the temple. Nityam takes the call and says happy birthday sonam.

It seems you woke up just now. Sonam says I was making laddoo and then was studying, so slept late. He says ok, we will meet in the party. Vedika takes the call and says Nityam send cake and flowers for you. Sonam thanks her and says I will see, may be they have arrived. Vedika teases Nityam.

Sonam goes downstairs. Brijesh tells Sonam that her inlaws sent cake and flowers for her. Sonam says it is birthday so they have sent. She says she had told them about Saavi’s birthday. Mama ji says it is difficult to understand you. He checks the cake and finds Sonam’s name written. Sonam says may be he thought about me and ordered the cake. She wipes her name and just leave S on the cake.

Ratna, Nutan and Ananya come back home. Ratna tells that Vedika had called them for Saavi’s birthday party and told that they will talk about marriage. Sonam goes to kitchen to get the knife. Nutan asks her to thank everyone and also of Nityam. Sonam calls Nityam and insists to meet him. Nityam says ok, and tells that he will send the car. Ratna calls Sonam and says knife is with the cake.

Saavi cuts the cake and is about to make her mother have it. Nutan signs her to make Brijesh have it first. Brijesh says first make your mother have it. Saavi convinces him and promises not to break his trust. Mama ji asks him to make him have big piece, and first you have it. He makes her have it first. Saavi makes everyone taste the cake. Sonam thinks to talk to Nityam and end this party drama. Dimpy comes to Nityam’s office and calls all the employees, says she wants to make an important announcement. Himesh gets worried.

Sonam comes out of the house. Saavi asks where is she going? Sonam says to meet my 4th boyfriend. Saavi offers to drop her. Sonam says my status and car have upgraded and you will only fit in your Chattriprasad. She goes in Nityam’s car. Saavi says bye and thinks your smile is the big gift for me.

Dimpy tells the employees that today is the birth day of would be Mrs. Dalmia. She says you might be wondering who is that lucky girl. So I thought, before the media gives you wrong info, I shall tell you all. She says she is Sonam Goel, and stays in hanuman gali. She says Sonam has a younger sister, who rides auto, if anyone wants to go somewhere,

then can call her. She says they have their own manufacturing business of incense sticks. She gets the incense sticks distributed. The employee says her sister had come here. Other employee says dalmia group will make agarbattis now. Sonam comes there and the employee gives her agarbattis. Dimpy says I am talking about the devil and the devil has arrived. She says so she is our…

.Nityam comes there and says wait everyone, soon to be Mrs. Sonam Dalmia. Dimpy asks everyone to clap. Nityam Dalmia told about my would be wife’s past and now I will tell you about her future. She says she will be the CEO of the Dalmia Industries, Mrs. Sonam Dalmia. Sonam gets surprised. He takes her to her cabin, where Sonam Dalmia is written with her name plate. He makes her sit on the chair. Sonam gets gratreful.

Dimpy recalls thanking Nityam and recalls it was her dream. She is in the car. Himesh is in the car with her and asks her to drive slow. Dimpy recalls Nityam throwing her out of office, for duping crores of Rs in the office.

Dimpy tells that she will make a start today with Sonam’s birthday party. Sonam is happy to sit on then chair and swirls. Nityam is on call. He then asks what she wants to talk. Sonam says can we cancel this birthday party, as it is like wasting the time and money. Nityam gets a call and says cancel the deal.

He says this kundali and stars, I don’t believe in all this, but there might be something that our kundali matched. She gets worried and says kundali. She thinks Saavi’s birthday might splash water on my dreams.


Saavi Ki Savaari 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Saavi asks Sonam to go to the birthday party and says they are your would be family and vedika ji has invited you personally. Sonam comes there. Later Saavi comes with her family. Nityam makes Saavi wear the chain. Saavi says not me. Nityam asks what she is doing here?

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Telecast Date:2nd September 2022
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