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Saavi Ki Savaari 2nd November 2022 Episode starts with Saavi leaving with Nityam and Vedika. Vedika asks Nityam if she has given the donation. Vedika says yes, she has already given. Dimpy sees the idols taken by the Servants, and comes to know from Himesh that Vedika wants Saavi and Nityam to do the puja tonight.

Nityam gets down from the car and makes a call. Tashu comes to Dimpy and asks her to calm down, and says it seems smoke will come out now, and you will blast. Himesh tells Dimpy that Tashu is right and says you are angry as you didn’t get this right. Dimpy tells that she will bring darkness in Saavi’s life on Diwali night. Himesh smiles.

Brijesh calls everyone and tells that Saavi made all the agarbattis in night, while we had slept. Nutan gets emotional and praises her. Brijesh says she cares for maayka even after going to sasural, and says people says wrong that daughters are paraya dhan. Ratna says if she would have been ours, then she would have let us take money from Nityam.

She says they will get just 500 with this agarbatti. Just then a guy comes there and gives them a big order to make agarbattis and gives a huge sum of money. He says they are supplying agarbattis so that there shall be no compromise on quality. They all get very happy to get a big order.

Vedika wishes all her employees, happy diwali. She says she is bringing change this year and says her bahu will give them gifts. Saavi gives them gifts. Vedika asks Saavi to make beautiful rangoli on main door. Saavi gives gifts to all the staff. Dimpy says you might be sad that your family doesn’t have money to celebrate Diwali, and here 1000’s Rs gifts are given to Servants.

Saavi says she feels happy seeing the gifts given to the Staff, and tells that they shall thank them for working with them all year around, this is basic. Dimpy gets upset and calls someone ordering crackers, and thinks this time everyone will see Diwali.

Kiran tells Nityam that they can’t upset media again and again. Nityam says you want my private affair to be public affair so that damage control can be done which happened on my marriage date. Kiran says yes. Nityam says ok, invite Divya etc and make arrangements for gifts and vouchers, they shall know that I am best host. Kiran gets happy.

Nutan calls Saavi and tells that they got 5 lakhs agarbatti order. Ananya says they will have kaju katli. Saavi asks about the order which they got from Lakshmi Narayan trust. She recalls that it is the same trust Vedika has given donation, and thinks Nityam helped her family without hurting their self respect.

She ends the call and makes rangoli. Kiran appreciates Saavi for the rangoli which she has made. Nityam asks Kiran, why he didn’t bring professional artiste. Saavi tells that the family member shall welcome goddess. She finds them gone. Vedika hears and appreciates Saavi. Saavi asks do you know what he has done. Vedika says I know, and asks her not to feel that it is a favor. She asks her to come, as she wants to show her something.

UD tells Tashu about their customs. Vedika comes there and asks if everything is ready, she asks them to go and see rangoli made by Saavi. UD goes. Dimpy says I will go and see, but before that you shall take the photo of this area, and send it to your family. Saavi says she doesn’t have the smart phone, and she is happy with her basic mobile.

Razak bhai is taking Chattriprasad to her sasural. Other driver stops him and says you shall take not it. Razak says Saavi is like my sister. The auto driver self invite himself and asks others to come with them. Vedika shows the idols to Saavi and says Nityam’s Papa used to do puja and then Nityam. Saavi says these idols must mean a lot to them. Vedika says he doesn’t believe, but he does puja as his Papa used to do this puja. She tells Saavi that it is sparkling less.

Nityam is with the reporters, when Saavi comes there and keeps the snacks plate. She asks them to take it. Nityam asks what you are doing here? Saavi says when you can do your duty well, then why can’t I? The reporter asks Saavi, how she is feeling? Saavi says she is excited for the evening as Mr. Dalmia will do puja. Nityam asks Saavi if she is acting to thank him for the agarbatti order.

Saavi says you didn’t ask me not to be happy. The reporter praises Saavi and says your wife is very charming. Just then auto drivers come there with Razak and start dancing. Nityam hears the band baja sound. Saavi excuses herself and goes out. She sees the auto drivers and Chattriprasad. She hugs Chattriprasad.

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Telecast Date:2nd November 2022
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