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Saavi Ki Savaari 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Saavi Ki Savaari 27th September 2022 Episode starts with Sonam getting mehendi applied on her hand while the song and dance is going on. Dimpy’s friend tells that the decoration is middle class. Dimpy says they have ruined everything.

Saavi tells that the mehendi shall be special like my Didi. Dimpy’s friends come to Sonam and compliment her. Sonam thanks her. They look at Saavi. Sonam sends Saavi from there to get lemon water and sugar. Dimpy’s friends divert Sonam’s attention while mehendi is applied to her hand. Dimpy gets happy.

Vedika asks Nityam to get S written on his hand with mehendi. Nityam asks Kiran did you get mehendi applied. Kiran says you gave me just 2 hours, to get marry fast. Vedika asks Nityam to let her apply else she will become complaint box. She applies S on his hand and then says what to do with the remaining mehendi.

Saavi serves the drinks to the guests. The guests ask her to show tantrums. Brijesh jokes. Saavi is about to go to Sonam. Dimpy asks Saavi if she forgotten about yesterday’s incident. She says she made her friends’ understand and now you people are rich by heart. Her friends sign that the work is done.

Vedika comes to Saavi. Saavi asks if she has headache. Vedika asks why she doesn’t have mehendi on her hand. She applies a small design on Saavi’s hand. Saavi insists to apply design on Vedika’s hand. Vedika says she don’t apply mehendi after Nityam’s father left. Saavi says if you apply it, then you will feel that he is with you.

Dada ji shows his mehendi to Yudi. Dimpy and her friend hide Sonam and Nityam’s hands with the cloth. Tashu asks Nityam to show his mehendi with Sonam’s initial. Nityam shows his hand. The photographer clicks the photos. Ananya asks Sonam to show Nityam’s N letter mehendi. Sonam shows the mehendi.

Dimpy acts to be shocked and says R instead of Nityam’s N. Sonam gets shocked. The photographers click the pics as Dimpy holds her hand. Nityam thinks R is for Radhe Shyam and asks what rubbish is this, who has done this cheap joke, and asks where is that mehendi designer who wrote R on her hand. Dimpy shouts and asks where is that mehendi designer?

Someone says she left. Tashu says you have called her. Dimpy says she didn’t call. Sonam says she was called by Saavi and was telling her about the designs. Saavi says why will I ask her to write that. Nityam gets angry on Saavi and calls off the mehendi function. He tells Kiran that no photo shall be released to the media.

Nutan asks Sonam if you didn’t see what was written on your hand. Vedika gets worried. Saavi goes behind Nityam and tells that she didn’t do anything, why did he get angry on her. Nityam says you did this deliberately, as only you and I know about Radhe Shyam who gives trauma to Sonam.

He blames Saavi for ruining his marriage and talking sweet to his mother. He says when I preponed this wedding, I should have kept this condition that you shall not attend my marriage. He says you want to snatch all happiness of own sister, and asks how can anyone be so jealous, and asks her to get lost. Dimpy and her friends hear them and enjoy.

Dimpy comes to Saavi and says Nityam hates you so much, and says it is like a dent to be related to auto wali. She asks if Sonam has come connection with R letter. Saavi thinks she has understood what to do, to stop any hurdle coming in the marriage.

She says I can do anything for my Didi’s happiness, and says the right thing shall happen. She sits in Chattriprasad and is about to leave, when she sees mehendi designer and asks why did you write R instead of N. She asks her to tell the truth and asks her not to be disloyal with her work.

She says you are like me, who works so much for small amount of money. The designer says when someone gave me so much money, then why will I refuse? Saavi asks who gave you money? The designer says Dimpy Dalmia. She then leaves from there.


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Telecast Date:27th September 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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