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Saavi Ki Savaari 25th November 2022 Episode starts with Nityam coming out of the house, and recalls Pandit ji’s words. He recalls Raksham leaving the house. Vedika comes to Nityam and says it is not good to get up and come here. Nityam says did you do right, you make me sit for this adhayay intentionally.

Vedika says guests were about to come. Nityam says really. Vedika says Pandit ji told that they shall not fight today. He says Pandit ji told inside the house, they shall not argue. He asks what does she want? Vedika says she wants his heart to melt down hearing this chapter. Nityam says this chapter talks about sacrifice and love between the brothers, which we can never have.

Vedika says I am afraid and wants you to leave all this anger, fear etc. She asks him to leave behind his emotions. He says I will leave it, as he (Raksham) left the house and family and eloped. Vedika says the love doesn’t end, and he will return even after years. She says the love will bring him back. Shivam comes home. The guard opens the gate. Shivam gets down from his bike and thinks Saavi’s sasural is really rich, he feels pity on Sonam Goel.

He sees the open water tap and goes to close it. Nityam is walking in the lawn and stops. Vedika comes behind him. Shivam sees Vedika and says Maa. He recalls their moments and is about to go near her, when he hears Nityam that he has so much hatred for his brother, that no puja can end it. He says I just hate Raksham Bhaiyya. Shivam gets teary eyes and says Nityam, looking at him. Pagle tu mera bhai hai. He recalls tying his shoe lace and Nityam calling him brother.

Nityam says Shivam bhaiyya has ruined everything at one go. He says he didn’t think about us and destroyed our lives. He says since that day, not a moment have passed when I didn’t hate him. He says he came in this world and killed Papa. He says he killed Papa. Shivam goes and sits on the tree. He says Maa, tell that I was a child then and doesn’t know what I was doing.

Nityam tells that nothing can be fine with Akhand paat or by getting Saavi married to me. Shivam thinks Nityam is Saavi’s husband, and Sonam wanted to break his marriage and wanted to marry him. Pandit ji tells the Paat. Saavi hears the Paat and recalls Nityam’s dreams and UD’s words. She thinks something is bothering them.

Nityam says we will get peace when we accept that Raksham Bhai has broken our emotions, and we can never be happy. Shivam thinks tell him Maa, that I didn’t do a mistake. He asks didn’t you forgive me Maa. He says I was living with the thought that you will accept me. He says hope is fake, now I don’t have any hope left. He sits on his bike and Saavi. Saavi comes out and sees him going.

She calls him and tells Vedika that Majnu Bhaiyya, Shivam bhaiyya had come but went. She sits in the car and asks driver to follow him. Vedika tells Nityam that she is tired of his anger for his brother. She says she is tired of showing the world that her world starts with her and ends with her. She says she is tired. She says you want to jump in this fire. Nityam says I was broken because of Raksham Bhaiyya. Vedika says he was a kid then, and is punished by staying away from them.

She says you are punishing everyone. Nityam asks do you think that staying with me is punishment. She says yes, one son has gone away from me. Saavi is following Shivam and thinks what happened to him suddenly. Vedika says she is always restless thinking about Sonam. She says being a mother,

I left one and choose another. She says if you have taken out your anger then I would have get some peace. She asks him to see how she is staying with this pain, in this house with him. Nityam says you have so much hatred for me, in your heart. He promises her that he will search her elder son and then she can stay with him, and forgive him.

Vedika says yes, and calls him selfish. She says you will not end your pain, and knows well how to give pain to others. Nityam asks really. Pandit ji tells that bharat Milap ends now. He tells that we get learning that we shall not believe anything without knowing the truth and one wrong decision can destroy the family. Nityam goes inside then house. Vedika shouts sitting down and cries.

Moni Rakshas and his goon come in front of the car. Driver stops the car. The goon tells that Moni Rakshas is their Chacha. Saavi asks the driver to go out for 5 mins. The driver gets down. Moni Rakshas and the goon ask for the money. The goon starts driving the car. He says they shall sell the car. Moni says if Saavi doesn’t call her husband then they will seize the car.

Nutan asks Ratna to see where is Sonam. Sonam comes home, barefeet and calls Ratna. Ratna gets afraid. Sonam hugs Ratna and says my life is ruined and destroyed. She cries. Shivam goes to the PS and asks Inspector to arrest someone.


Saavi Ki Savaari 26th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pandit ji tells UD and others that the puja arrangements are not done, it seems they don’t want to complete the puja. UD says it was Saavi’s responsibility. Saavi calls Shivam. Inspector picks the call and tells that she can’t talk to him. The money lender catches Saavi and asks her to give the money.

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Telecast Date:25th November 2022
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