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Saavi Ki Savaari 24th November 2022 Episode starts with Saavi coming to the room. Nityam comes out of the bathroom and turns asking what is she doing here? He asks if she forgot the rules. She tells that he has broken the rule and not me, as this time is to go for jogging. Nityam says I have to change my clothes, you can’t use bathroom now.

Saavi says she is working as per the schedule as bharat milap paat is going to start. She needs to change fast. She asks him to change, and goes to bathroom. He finds his towel fallen down and covers himself with it.

The Pandit ji gives responsibility to other Pandit ji to do Bharat Milap Paat. Dimpy apologizes to Pandit ji and asks him to drink Shikanji for the strength. He drinks. Dimpy thinks it is jamal gutta and he will not come.

Vedika gets emotional. Saavi comes there and asks what happened. Vedika says did you come to tell something. Saavi says Mr. Dalmia is going to office. Vedika says today is the bharat milap adhayay. She says I know why he wants to go, but I will stop him and will let him go. Saavi says you seems to be very worried today, and tells that first rule for this paat that no fight shall happen at home. Vedika says I want him to hear the paat. Saavi says I have a way.

Pandit ji begins the Bharat Milap Paat. Everyone hears the paat. Saavi tells UD that she wants to talk to her. She says Mr. Dalmia is going to office today. UD says I felt. Saavi says Maa wants Dalmia ji to attend and hear Bharat Milap Paat. UD says you have understood this family well. Saavi says it is good. UD says it depends if this family will accept you or not. Shivam asks Sonam to wake up and asks if both are real sisters, Saavi is different and you are different. He asks Sonam to have food.

Sonam refuses. He tries to feed her food. She refuses. He forcefeed food in her mouth. She spits it. He says I thought to feed you food peacefully, before your peaceful life gets snatched. UD asks Nityam to sit for Bharat Milap Paat. Nityam tells that he has to go to office for important meeting. UD says you don’t agree to my sayings. Saavi asks him to stay back.

Sonam asks him to get her arrested and tells that she will be freed from his calls and messages. He says your aim was to marry a rich guy, so jail would be punishment for you. He says he will break her dream to marry a rich person. Sonam asks what he is going to do. He says I will go to that person’s house, whom you are dreaming to marry. He says I will tell you all about your evil doings.

Nityam comes ready in traditional clothes and sits for the paat. Pandit ji is telling the paat. Sonam says you will not do this. Shivam tells that he will lower her infront of Saavi’s husband. Sonam says whatever I said was in anger and it was not truthful, and calls him Shivu baby. Shivam says I have bear so much since childhood, and tells that this time Saavi and her sasural will see your truth.

He calls Saavi and tells that he has some work with her. Saavi asks him to come to her sasural. Shivam asks her to send the location. Sonam tries to stop him. Saavi thinks if Shivam wants to talk about sonam and his marriage. Vedika comes to Saavi and thanks her for convincing Nityam.

Saavi pretends to be upset. Vedika gets filmy and asks how will I return this favor. Saavi says by giving your phone as I want to send location to my friend. Vedika says my phone was on charging. She calls Nityam and asks for his phone. Nityam gives his phone. Vedika asks Saavi to send the phone. Nityam says I don’t give my phone and password to anyone. Saavi says its ok, I will use Tashu’s phone. Vedika asks her to send the location to her friend. Saavi goes with Nityam’s phone.

Nityam asks Vedika why she is upset since morning. Vedika says because of his arrogance, he will lose his loved ones. She comes back to hear the paat. Nityam also sits to hear the paat. Pandit ji tells that the person who does something without thinking is not right. Saavi thinks there is some connection between Shivam and Nityam.

She sends him location. Shivam locks the door and goes, while Sonam gets worried. She thinks to go through balcony, gets down using the cloth rope and sits in the auto to go home. Pandit ji tells that a big brother never leaves his younger brother in trouble, they trust each other. He says this chapter teaches us the love and trust between the brothers.

He says the elder brother takes all the trouble on himself to save his younger brother. He says the brother is very lucky who gets love and support of elder brother. Nityam recalls accusing Raksham of his father’s death and Raksham leaving the house. Nityam gets up and goes out. Shivam comes inside. The guard opens the gate. Shivam stops his bike and removes his helmet.


Saavi Ki Savaari 25th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shivam sees Vedika and Nityam and gets teary eyes. Vedika confronts Nityam. Shivam thinks my brother is Saavi’s husband. Saavi hears Nityam and Vedika. Nityam says I hate Raksham.

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Telecast Date:24th November 2022
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