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Saavi Ki Savaari 23rd November 2022 Episode starts with Shivam telling Sonam that he will tell her truth to her innocent Sister Saavi. Just then Saavi calls him. He says Saavi’s age is long. Sonam says if you tell her anything then you will land in trouble, as there is no truth in this. He picks the call and asks who has called.

Saavi says she is worried sister, and asks when he is marrying her sister. Shivam says very soon, our love story is at the last stage. Saavi asks if he is freed from the case. He says very soon. She gets happy. He says he will talk to her later and ends the call. Sonam looks at Shivam. He says I will talk to you when I get the proofs. Sonam says there is no proof then how it will come.

Door bell rings. Sonam thinks Ratna came. Shivam tells Sonam that proof came here himself. Sonam thinks how did he come here? Tillu sits on the sofa and tells that Sonam had bribed canteen guy Paras to add poison in the food, and then asked me to close Paras’s mouth so that you don’t prove your innocence.

He says Sonam is bewafa, bewafa, bewafa. Sonam says he is lying and asks Tillu why is he saying this. Shivam asks him to tell this in the camera. Tillu gives the same statement while Shivam records it. Shivam asks him to leave. Tillu leaves.

Ratna comes to her room and recalls seeking Tillu’s help. She asks him to go to Prince lodge and take Sonam’s name in the incident, and says don’t take my name. Tillu says it was your idea and you are trapping Sonam. Ratna says you will get whatever you want. Tillu says ok. Ratna thinks today she is thinking as a mother and not as Mami. She feels apologetic to her.

Sonam tells Shivam that she had poisoned the food in the canteen, so that she don’t have any hurdle in her marriage. She says I wanted to get rid of you, and my age girls see happily ever after dreams and if I had married you, then I would have get stamped as forever sad. She says you don’t have home, money or surname. She says you was never my future, was just my timepass to gain popularity in college, you was puppy for me who used to shaken up his tail on my tunes.

She tells that I never imagined my life partner like you, and I wanted partner like Saavi’s husband, who was handsome and rich, praises him. She says I would have married him, but Saavi and you have ruined me. She says Saavi snatched my destiny and I was left with you. She says you couldn’t know in 3 years, how much I hate you. She says what you said that you loved me every moment, but I hate you in all moments. She says when you longed for me, I laughed at you and your foolishness. She asks how did you take so much time to know that Sonam is bewafa.

She says you are emotional fool, nobody can come between me and my aim. She says my goal is Saavi’s husband and I will get him. Shivam gets angry and tells that how can you snatch her husband from her. Sonam tels that she will snatch Nityam from Saavi. Shivam says you don’t love him. Sonam says but I love money. She says you will not understand as you are poor since childhood.

She says one day they will love each other. Shivam says how you can do this. Sonam tells that she had done so much to get Saavi’s husband, and tells that he is everything to her. She says Saavi doesn’t value his reputation, money and lifestyle and says saavi will be punished. He holds Sonam’s neck, but leaves her. Sonam holds his neck and asks shall I kill you? Seh says you are useless, you couldn’t kill me. She says you are very coward. Shivam is shocked.

Pandit ji asks Dimpy to get up and get water in the pot, and tell everyone that Bharat Milap paat is going to start. Himesh says I will call everyone. Pandit ji asks him to sit. Dimpy thinks why Sonam is not picking the call, if she went behind Saavi or not. She calls Nutan and says Sonam is not picking the call, and tells that she wanted to ask her, where she has kept gangajal. Nutan says Sonam is sleeping and calls her. Ananya says Sonam di is not in her room. Brijesh says Dimpy ji called.

Nutan says yes. Ratna wakes up and looks for Ananya. She calls her and asks if she is fine. Ananya says she is fine and asks where is Sonam? Ratna gets worried for Sonam and thinks if Shivam kidnapped her. She pretends to call Sonam. Ratna takes mobile from Nutan and disconnects the call.

Nutan says Dimpy wanted to talk to Sonam. Ratna asks where is Sonam? Ananya says you both were talking to each other. Nutan says she don’t go out early morning. Ratna says she has gone for interview, in international company. She says pray that she gets the job. She calls Dimpy and tells her everything. Dimpy asks where did he take her and says bye. Saavi comes home and goes inside.

Dimpy doesn’t see her. She thinks they have ruined her plan due to third class people’s boyfriend issues. UD comes to Dimpy and asks if she had done Pandit ji’s work. Dimpy says she had taken care of God well and asks if she saw Saavi? UD says she must be here, and tells that everyone shall attend Bharat Milap Adhayay. Dimpy says Saavi goes missing, we shall make a call and tell. Saavi comes there and tells that it is a crime to report wrong. She says today is the important bharat milap chapter.

UD asks Dimpy to stop doubting her. She says Saavi has proved herself. She says Pandit ji complained that you was on call all night. Himesh comes there and tells that Saavi had come with wet hair. Dimpy tells him that Saavi had wet her hair and washed her face to get rid of sleep. She tells that she will expose her tonight and Saavi will admit where she used to go all night.

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